Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Robot Review and Teardown

This 1. generation vacuum: https://goo.gl/EFFQEg
2. generation vacuum now cheaper: https://goo.gl/Mh679r
3. generation Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/marcoreps

In this video I’m showing my experiences with the first generation Xiaomi Mi vacuum robot. I have nothing to compare it to but I am very impressed with its performance and reliability. To find out what makes it work so well I’ll disassemble it and look closely at the motors, battery, blower, sensors and mainboard.


rookieno1 says:

Charles is like: they took urrr jobs!!!

Piet Muijs says:

Don’t get these vacuum robots. A task someone could do in like 10 minutes or so.
The suction power is even with the most expensive ones pretty poor.

Arend Mookhoek says:

Its these small youtubers that i live for

Sebastian Wyngaard says:


gonise says:

This has more in depth information about how it works.

terwarf says:

Have you seen this talk on 34c3?
It looks like the same device to me 😉

nukularpictures says:

Hey Marco, Ive just wanted to tell you, you can acces the laser much more easily. Just remove the top part and you can get it out easily 🙂 Also if you want to try the sensor and keep the vaccum running, just buy a repalcement for approx 100 usd.
Here a link to it: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/LDS-for-Xiaomi-Mi-Robot-Vacuum-Cleaner/32812717039.html

John Smith says:

Another awsome review .. and yup, dust get’s into everything any working/living area should be vacuum cleaned every single month if possible. Those with CNC or other work machines should be vacuum cleaned every week at least (ideally every day after suing such machines).

Swan Donovan says:

i remember my first time interfacing with a lidar unit

adrenochrome25 says:

Video seems to be badly tagged/detected for the auto-transcription language, “German(auto-generated)” instead of english

wooo weee says:

Like Dyson before, Roomba their premium prices will be reduced to just a brand name.

BluntForceTrauma666 says:

Another interesting aspect is the behavior of the dock. _Dog?_
No, the dock. _Dawg?_

shinevision sv says:


trupen gohil says:

nice video

I3urnHard says:

aw yis, oldie but golgie 3CCD Canon camcorder. top marks for that beauty

James Newton says:

Nearly identical to the Roomba in the physical parts. But the LIDAR, WiFi, and processor are a serious upgrade.

bdpa kaknox says:

Always a pleasure when you upload, looking forward to seeing more about this device.

marcluer says:

Nice shoes 🙂

DarkIzo says:

my god
can you please send me raw footage of that clip from 3:10 to 3:20 ?
i wanna make a screenshot of it
bitte bitte bitte 😀

Mayitzin says:

2:29 Where the hell is the reflection of your camera or yourself? Are you a vampire?

Ilan Avramov says:

4:30 hahaha what you did there , with the pitch, do re mi …

Denver Ramsey says:

The brush head is where these things usually fail. The gears fill with crap and deform.

I W says:

As I can see, main MCU on this board is Allwinner R16 not stm32f103. R16 is pretty fast, though, and capable to run Android actually

Dekkia says:

There was a talk about this Robot at 34C3. They explained how they got an ssh connection to the installed Linux-OS (Ubuntu I think it was). Maybe you could interface with the Hardware in this device using the OS. That way you could still use it inbetween tinkering with it.

Andy says:

You might want to check out this talk from the 34C3 where some people hacked this thing, gave themselves root access and optionally removed all the cloud stuff: https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9147-unleash_your_smart-home_devices_vacuum_cleaning_robot_hacking

james palmer says:

DANG! $700 ?

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