Which Vacuum Sucks The Most? (TEST)

Is a Dyson or a Dirt Devil the more superior vacuum when sucking up nutmeg on a white couch? We test a handful of vacuums to find out! GMM #1331.1
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The Brickhead says:

Plot twist those are the ashes of the avengers

Finntastic99 // FT99 says:

Both Sucks: Sucks The Most Stuff and It Sucks Because Terribleness. Technically The Same Definition

superdevil gt says:

Link ur getting older I can see the white hair

Lexi C says:

Why is nobody talking about the pillow joke?? That absolutely slayed me!

Karina Fedorov says:

YAYYY!!!! I own a dyson!

Meme Machine says:

I actually have the dirt devil right next to me

Leafy Greens says:

So where did you get those “””couch cushions”””? LOL

Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez says:

It would behoover me to make a vacuum joke,but since it would probably suck I won’t.

chairya2 says:

In holland that exact miele vacuum costs just 120€ new from the store.. (i have bought it over a year ago)

Charles Davila says:

PLZ DO PRANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Conner04 04 says:

We’re those actual ashes if they were that’s straight up mean

Terry Lin says:

So one sucks the least, and another will also suck the least

Critch says:

this video sucks

PixelMan47 Gaming says:

Sponsered by Dyson

Lets hit 3k subs with no videos! says:

Lol my moms is like €30 and it is the best vacuum I’ve ever used

Darius Payton says:

Its not human ash. Its not HUMAN ash, but it is ash of a creature?

Everything Machine says:

The Miele vacuum has a different head and it’s designated for much more than uncle Randy’s nutmeg,
Rhett had the head that was built for wood floor and massaged the dirt making it not stick and pull up easily,
He should have had the head that just pulled up and would not push the nutmeg into the couch.

Madi says:

They really just put a vacuum on donuts to get the powered sugar off

Sophia's Cover says:

I have that dyson at home

Myles Harris says:

Never in my life did I think I’d be watching a vacuum tournament and actually start rooting for one of them

Dark devil Demon says:

Pfffft Rhett said *suck it*

The spotted quoll says:

Omg seriously I have the Dyson and omg it does nothing how did the Dyson win

Q մ ɑ ɾ Ե Z - Ƙ մ ղ says:

My mouth is the best vacuum…

for food..

Cloudy Drawsfurs says:

“I ain’t stupid” Link you just ate a donut of the ground.

Cole Whitworth says:

this test is so dum

Asna Akram says:

Guess everyone is going to go get a bissle

Serpenox 3.0 says:

Your mom

sara rhodes says:

This is a Dyson ad and I don’t mind bc I have a Dyson

kenton kyuubi ninefox says:

I think Uncle Randy is the same as that cotton candy Randy.

hunter daggett says:

I’m going to be deaf for the rest of my life…

TheUnicorn SoccerClub says:

I have a dyson vavume

Tianli LU says:

This is probably will it vacuumed/suck but BETTER

Kidstwo Hoffman says:

what the crap are you gonna do with all those vacuums?!

Xander Grembka says:

are they really ashes

Lets hit 3k subs with no videos! says:

For one episode you should record it like normal but put a GoPro on one of the crew members head

Ethan S says:


Louis Samuel says:

We filled her up. -Rhett

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