Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the Best

We did a review on 3 Robot Vacuum Cleaners and now we’ll compare to see which one is the best. The Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are the Ecovacs Deebot N79S, the Proscenic 811GB Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and the Vanigo Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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What is the Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner? We liked the Deebot N79S by Ecovacs Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for its cleaning and maneuvering over objects. The Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with a mopping feature and is our choice if you require this. If you only require a robot vacuum to clean with a dust bin then we recommend the Deebot N79S.

You can see the individual videos on each robot vacuum cleaner below
Deebot N79S Video https://youtu.be/pXpXJxdseJw
Proscenic 811GB Video https://youtu.be/IN6-C4Nk3NA
Vanigo Robot Video https://youtu.be/mDQxz_BqbtU

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All these robot vacuum cleaners did a great job in cleaning our floors. If you are looking for the best budget robot vacuum cleaner with App at an affordable price then watch this video. These robotic vacuum cleaners have Alexa integration and smart phone control.

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Bruce Hunsaker says:

Great test they seem to all have their advantages. Awesome!

Dean Cory says:

Are any of these controllable through the google home?

Tom Rafter says:

But if the battery dies I can’t put in a new one. 🙁

joey miller says:

You are super beyond Beautiful.love you reviews.

MrRedeie23 says:

And There off. Bot Races. For a superior clean use all three at once. Thanks Anika again. Deebot #1- Have 2 others in mind I looking at.

Sui G says:


Herbert Wingfield says:

5:36 My wife told me there are many kinds of women. Some like men for good looks, nice body, money, and then there are a few women that like *POWER*

Dean Cory says:

Do you feel the mopping feature is worth the cost?

JACK says:

Really good video, bollywood presentation ✨❤️✨

911musicmania says:

Anika your hair is so beautiful

Gaby Rich says:

🙂 Hello !!

Paul Menard says:

GREAT job Anika! You are STILL the most beautiful girl in Canada!

Renzogmg says:

That dress

Case White says:

make a solid video of all 3 in action cleaning up lots of different stuff and post to facebook groups should get some views

すぴっつ says:

04:28 Did not you detour by remote control?

AppleTechLikes says:

Your voice is like a Angel and your body keeps on getting smarter and elegant. Love your tech video

Jessica Vincent says:

Everyone wants attention

Jon McCombs says:

Great job!

Tolqar says:

Can you review the ecovac that empties its own tray next? Lol i want a reason to be more lazy

RoboRope says:

Honestly I don’t care…I here for myself.

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