What’s the best vacuum cleaner?


Is it a Sebo, Riccar, Miele, Dyson?

Hi everybody, Steve Cain here from Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center. Today we are going to discuss what’s the best vacuum cleaner? It’s the question we asked all the time. In 38 years that’s the one I get asked the most. The best vacuum cleaner is depended upon your cleaning needs are truly. Do you have carpet and floors? Do you have steps? Do you have all hard surface flooring? Do you have pets? Allergies? Those types of things need to figure in on your in on your decision but I can tell you this in today’s world best vacuum cleaners made, are made in Germany. That is the brands Miele and Sebo they are without doubt the overall best vacuum cleaners and customer reviews prove that out. In the upright vacuum cleaners, Miele and Sebo both make their tremendous uprights in the difference being you know there’s multiple ways you can now use a vacuum cleaner and all can’t come down to your own personal preference. How do you like the way one works? One feels better than the other? It’s all about getting it in your hand testing and that’s why we have the big showroom that we do. So you can run it. They both make excellent canisters too as you can see here. We had to Sebo canister as well as the Miele, unique canister again they are the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the industry and the best built. I’ll talk about a couple other best though if you don’t like the idea you want as a buying you know outside the US that’s fine too. You can get a really, really good American-made vacuum cleaner and that’s the Riccar, and that’s this model over here. This is the Riccar Radiance. Two motor vacuum cleaner system that is made very well in Saint James, Missouri just outside Saint Louis. And they are the best American-made vacuum cleaner my opinion. It’ll do your floors, it’ll do your carpets. It has the attachments like all of these do. Kinda depends what you want to be comfortable with buying and where it comes from. Now let’s talk about bagless, there’s only one bagless as machine in my opinion that’s worth buying and that’s a Dyson. This is the Dyson, the brand new DC 65 Upright. It’s the Animal Ball. They make the best bagless vacuum cleaner. We tell everybody that walks in our store and says I want something bagless. As a matter fact, we won’t even sell another brand a bagless vacuum cleaner. There’s no sense in buying it Dirt Devil, or Bissell or Hoover bagless. You’re kind of just renting that vacuum cleaner for a little over a year and you can buy it again. So if you got to have bagless you wanna Dyson. One question I was get asked though is a Dyson better than the other ones that I just recommended? The answer to that is no. It’s the best bagless machine but when it comes to overall cleaning ability, durability, serviceability, it doesn’t rank very close again in my opinion to Miele and Sebo and Riccar so you can go with the best vacuum cleaner overall. It’s going to be German-made, the best American vacuum Riccar. The best bagless vacuum cleaner, made in Malaysia by the way, that’s the Dyson. That’s the best vacuum cleaners. Your cleaning needs dictate which one you should get. Come on in to Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center. We’ll put your hand and let you try it out, and we’ll go from there.

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Bette Gregory says:

Has this guy watched any other videos?

Colin D says:

This guy totally avoids displaying or mentioning a Kirby even by name.

Marcin Dzikus says:

great info. thanks

RC Jr says:

Kirby is # 1!

Noel Marres-Ascot says:

Sorry for busting your balls, Dyson, but there is one other bagless vacuum that could be worth buying: LG “Kompressor” LUV300 and similar. I have the LUV300 and it works great.

Jeremy Miller says:

Electrolux are best by design.

Susan Wooden says:

*Easy to move around the house and keep handy for all those messes, along with regular cleaning>>>**t.co/Ymq1gDEA3i**   Quiet enough to continue a conversation. Goes under furniture no problem.*

Mason says:

If you have to go with canister, go with eureka.

Shaikh Saif says:

Visit http://www.agorabox.org/top-8-best-vacuum-cleaners/ for best vacuum cleaners 2018.

Dragon Steel says:

How I judge a vacuum:
– Average life span and the performance loss over that lifespan.
– Amount of average service needed.
– Does it chew up carpet fibers or keep them in-tact.
– How deep does it truly clean in one pass.
– How clean the the air coming out.
– What type of contact do you have with the dirt.
– An how comfortable is it to use.
– Does it handle the impacts of life without cracking.
– Under a deep seal to a carpet, how many CFM of air will it still move.

Steven Louis Paul Goss says:

Water Filtration vacuums are the best. Like Rainbow, Hyla, Sirena or Ritello, they don’t clog up easily. Pus it has enough power to clean up your house.

Karina Fletcher says:

Own 4 Miele’s (1 bagless 2 powerhead) and one sebo x4 extra and a Dyson DC24 and the miele with the powerhead just beats everything on carpets by a mile.

Steven Damron says:

I have the rainbow se & the Kirby Sentria II. I like them both. & they are made in American

Antoine vacuum demo tips corner says:

im sorry ill keep MY ELECTROLUX AP 200 screw dyson its a pos

zmanifest says:

Riccar Rad told me that he did a test between his Dyson DC65 and Miele S7 Upright and guess what, the Dyson surprisingly outperformed the Miele. The only thing that the Dyson will never outperform here is the Riccar Raidiance. Overall the Dyson is Bagless and Bagless is my preference! Conversation Finished!

nytom4info says:


unjust2u says:

If German Vacuums are Anything like German Cars, good luck if something breaks. The parts are probably 10 times more expensive as well. I own a Dyson and a Kirby, Kirby blows Dyson out of the water! If money is the deal breaker, buy a used Kirby. Dyson beats Kirby in one way and that is weight because it is all plastic.

William Albert says:

Quick, sweet, and to the point. Well done!

Adeel Cyril says:

Solid video! Honest and the facts….just what I need. Thank u

handsupbud says:

Dyson isn’t the best bagless. I owned one for ten years and it was terrible. Brand new it wouldn’t pick up very good on medium pile carpet. The suction from the wand is great but the brush head is absolutely pitiful. I would buy a $60 Walmart special before I’d buy another Dyson.

Buff Barnaby says:

DieSoons are junk.

Kris Wiens says:

Thank you! Very helpful!

Harold Acevedo says:


zmanifest says:

The Miele and Sebo may outperform the Dyson on thick shag pile carpets, but the Dyson will outperform both the Miele and the Sebo on shorter pile carpets! The performance of a vacuum really depends on what type of carpet you have. When you move to different carpet heights it becomes a performance switch a roo!


The Royal is up there with the kirby as best in the world

Antoine vacuum demo tips corner says:

il keep my Compact IEC C9 and Electrolux ap 200 i tried kenmore bagless whata peice of sh…….

zmanifest says:

Most of the information here is false! He’s telling you that the Miele and the Sebo are the best vacuums because their bagged and they get the dirt you don’t see, and the Dyson can’t get deep down because it’s bagless which is a load of Bullshit! The Dyson in reality has stronger and thicker brushroll bristles than the Miele and actually outperforms both the Miele and the Sebo! The only thing that the Dyson will not outperform is the Riccar Raidiance!

born yesterday says:

and I already know times are bad when people are arguing over vacuum cleaners.

daycinvac says:

Steve has some great products sold in northern Kentucky. See Steve for best vacuums in your area!

Roland Davis says:

What about a simplicity compared to the other American brand?

B T says:

Would have to respectfully disagree with your best “American” vacuum. The metal Royal commercial/home vacuum is the best American made, especially for the price. Don’t know anything about the German made, I’m sure they’re great too. I’ve had my Royal for almost 20 years and never had one problem with it and it picks up everything it rolls over. And for the price, the best money you’ll ever spend on a vacuum. Much better than Kirby, for 1/4 of the cost. Anyway, good video…

rehab aziz says:

Thank you..Honest man ..please tell me karcher sv 7or Miele home care or Bosch

Aris Sharif says:


TheRandom Man says:


Levi Stone says:

Miele is a great brand. I have one of the canisters. But honestly for what you pay, it’s only useful if you have asthma or allergy problems. I have a PILE of vacuums at my house, and I love comparing them. The Riccar I have isn’t anything special. It’s just as good as my oreck. I have a Oreck dealer right down the road so it’s easier for me to get parts for it than the Riccar. They sell parts for my Kirby too! Which is in my opinion is probably THE best Vacuum cleaner than is!

The Screaming Reviewer says:

Best vacuum

TheRandom Man says:

Dyson sucks at sucking up dirt

A C says:

I can not stand smelling a Vacuum Cleaner Bag (nothing worse than smelling that after you clean your floors) .. I love the Bagless.. No smell..


Kirby vaccums have been proven to be the most powerful and best vacuum in the world.

zmanifest says:

The Dyson will definitely be outperformed by the Riccar Raidiance, but not by the Miele and the Sebo. The Miele and Sebo don’t have that great of agitation and airflow compared to the Riccar Raidiance. The truth is the Riccar Raidiance is the only machine here that the Dyson won’t outperform, the Dyson will however outperform both the Miele and the Sebo. Here’s a video that will explain that. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=324s&v=xxY7F8HMT8o

Janet Stone says:

Thank you for this info, however, what about those of us who can barely afford A BASIC vacuum cleaner vs these Cadillac’s you just discussed. For example, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Bissell, etc. Thanks.

david kelly says:

thankyou……all made sence

Brad Knight says:

The moment you promote Dyson, you lose all credibilty.

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