VACUUM whiteheads right out your FACE!!!! Vacuum CLEANER for your pores!

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hasna x says:

Interesting though

Aaryahmsp says:

My stupid self didn’t read the instructions and just put it on my face and instead of leaving in of eat part of my nose i moved it around all over my face now I have red marks and it looks like I got the shit beat out of me….

Angela Macias says:

I have this machine, you need keep the towel hot and keep applying for a while. I recommend steaming your face. Also I use the diamond blade.

juicy boi says:

Ahw that sucks..

mizzomiz says:

This is a bruising machine and does not suck of the dirt from one’s skin. On the left side on your check there is a minor tiny pimple which I think was good enough so that the sucking thingy could have popped it right off, I think. Annoying to watch :3
This device sucks though it really doesn’t.

DiabeticRebecca09 says:

Use it after you get out of the shower

Sophie Hawley says:

Possibly you just need to exfoliate more for it to ‘catch’ them rather that just sucking them out? x

Meekee Me says:

I believe this needs to be used after a facial steamer, at least then the pores are open

Bettina D. says:

Seems tedious to use. I can’t see anyone using this all the time!

Strai Kat says:

It’s gotta be warm water

Shay Smith says:

obviously your pores should be open by steaming for at least 10 to 15 mins

Fx World says:

Cool video!!

Ray V says:

maybe if you slide it in the opposite direction and gently tug your skin at the same time.

Ella Kaminski says:

What is this called and what website can I get it from?

hasna x says:


AYEONE CLARK 574 says:

2:24 she came

MF Blaziken says:

Use s vacume

thunder0ne100 says:

use after a hot shower when your pores are open

Shark Bait says:

“Oh my it is really sucking…”

Polish Momma says:

Your skin is supposed to be damp from everything I’ve read.

Ozi Diptongo says:

I have one of these (looks exactly the same as yours)
They really do work, but you definitely need to read the instructions before using it
1-You need to use it after a hot shower or after steaming your face
2-You should try lowest speed at first. And it recommends testing on your hand before you try it on your face
3-Your skin should be moist/wet when using it
4-You are not supposed to leave it on one spot. You should slide it across your skin. All you get from leaving it on one spot is terrible bruising (even on lowest speed)
5-The larger tip creates more suction. The smaller one is better for first-time users, since it is gentler. The one tip meant for fine wrinkles is the oval one.

I have been using mine for about 3 months now. Always after showering, never going above speed 2 and with the small tip. I’m always amazed at the amount of dirt that it removes from my face. I had some very mild bruising on my temples after the first use (it pulls the skin harder on certain areas of your face. Temples and right above eyebrows were notoriously harder for me) Anyway the bruising went away in a couples of hours, and I have been extra careful when doing those areas since.

So yeah, just make sure you read your instructions (there’s even tons of helpful comments on Amazon, where I got it from)

Juniper Hall says:

No, no, no, please don’t use this! You’re gonna break the delicate capillaries on your face and left with permanent bruising

Lorilynn Morrow says:

I’m a Nurse for a group dermatologists (in a single office) But here are a few tips for successful pore cleansing and blackhead removal with suction. The problem that’s happening with your use of the device (they all have the same basic method and the devices don’t vary much) you did steam your face, but not nearly as long as you should have. When I’m prepping a patient for pore cleansing (the machine we use in our office is more adjustable for strength and length of time it’s being applied on patients skin) But again, same basic methods. The main goal is obvious and really good for your skin and especially your

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