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I have three vacuum cleaners and I would like to share with you what I think of them. I hope that this quick review helps if you are shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum’s mentioned

Shark Navigator Lightweight Upright Vacuum, Silver (NV22S)
Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition – Corded

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Jens Happy Home says:

Please share in the comments what vacuum you find to be most reliable.

Miele USA says:

PS: All our canister vacuums come with a Parking system for storage either in back or on the side of the vacuum (newer models on both sides.)   For your model it is actually located in the back.

Miele USA says:

Hi Jen,Thank you for including us in your personal review of vacuums. We just wanted to let you know your pronunciation of our name was spot on at 9:26.  🙂 Happy vacuuming!

FanOfVacuums2 says:

I often refer to Dyson as the Apple of vacuum cleaners. They make a nice looking product with a high price tag, but it’s mostly a novelty due to the lack of cleaning performance. This is actually a common opinion among people who service vacuum cleaners. One can pay a little more for a highly functional and well-made unit made by Miele, Riccar, Kirby, Aerus (formerly Electrolux), and so forth.

Rob says:

Great work Jen, bought the Miele after a Dyson DC54. Bagless indeed! Trouble is the filter around the motor inevitably clogs up reducing suction. Cheers!

Danny Toney says:

we have a rainbow vacuum. i love being able to get under all my furniture amd not have to move it. we had a kirby before and it was so dagon heavy that i couldnt use it anymore. plus having to stop and reconfigure tye whole thing just wasnt something i wamted to do just to be able to use the attatchments or the shampooer. some pepole love the rainbow like i do and some hate it. personally i love looking in the water anf being able to see what all i picked up. its totally discusting but so gratifying to ser that it isnt in my house anymore

Madeline Alexander says:

A hoover

Ginny Sharon says:

I have had the days on and the shark vac. I loved my days on but when I tried the shark I was sold.I currently have 4 sharks.I have 2 robots and love them.I also have the shark navigator and the shark lift away.I have a house cleaning business so I know my vac.

Heather Feather says:

I also dislike my Dyson. The electrical cord is too short and the hose is also so short that when I try to do hardwood floors I have to hunch over and it is uncomfortable…and I’m just average height and have a small house. I thought when I invested money in the Dyson vacuuming would be easier….nope. Everytime I vacuum with it I just am so perplexed as too why making a cord and hose a little bit longer would have been so hard….did they not test out their products first!? I don’t have a problem getting the hose out like you do, but I find putting it back in much more cumbersome than other machines I see people on You tube using.

Having a retractable cord seems like heaven. I think I will try the cannisters vac next. Thanks for the review.

Barry Cohen says:

URGENT! Don’t get ripped off purchasing cheap, low-quality Miele leaky Chinese, YES LEAKY HEPA vacuum cleaners from big box stores! For great information on the best, 100 % sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners (Made In The USA) for true dust and allergy control, see the website at

TravelonBags says:

Hi! we would love to send you some organization/travel products to test out. Email directly at Thanks!

Steven Rooney says:

I have a Miele I love it. I notice that your not using the pole extended you can adjust it to suit tall or short people. Also you can slot the wand in at both sides of the vacuum.

pauljosse says:

meile is garbage, they dont last and my experience is with the ones still made in germany, useless.

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