Vacuum Cleaner Of The Month February 2018 & Shark Ion Flex Results

I have been using the Shark Duo Clean Cordless as my only vacuum for the month of January and in this video I give you my verdict on the cleaner and show you everything it has picked up. I also unveil February’s vacuum of the month.

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Nate J says:

That shark is the most annoying sounding one yet.

The Vac Mat says:

Do you prefer this or your dyson currently ?


Favorite 2 stick cordless vacuums these days?

Irene Lyons says:

shark vacuums are better than other vacuums

Said Rashahid says:

The corded and cordless
Version of this in the us have
Removable bins

number 1 n&w 1218 fan says:

Next do the Kirby after February

Qasim Mir says:

I do like how the wand bends in the middle. Quite innovative.

Bruno Pereira says:

what washing machine do you have at the moment? The Lg was silver and that one at 00:00 is white!

MadAboutHoovers says:

Do you still have that Dyson V8 Absolute Roger? Was wondering if you are going to feature it anytime soon?

blakaeg says:

The Shark cordless looks very good.

Glyn Roberts says:

I was hoping you had a bagged vacuum for this month, but at least I can see if your dyson is better than the one beko 1987 is using. Good luck because I think you might need to shampoo your carpets soon. Haha.

Vacuum Cleaner Collector/Fixer says:

Will March’s Vacuum poll include a Vintage Machine??

Tarek Jundi says:

I have 2 questions.

1- What do you mean the vacuum of the month? Did you use only this battery operated vacuum cleaner? Didn’t use any of corded vacuum cleaner?

2- How often do you usually vacuum your home? Daily or weekly?


Disney Zombies says:


majasmagic says:

I have used one for 2 years now. Pro: Pick up is super on carpet and hard floor for usual dirt. The dirt container fit a lot of dirt. Cons: not fab on picking up dog kibble, mud clumps or mini twigs (the dogs bring in) I have just had to call out the engineer to repair it as power went off. It is super heavy, I am short 5’2″ and have shoulder movement issues, especially in the cold. I sometimes struggle. I also have narrow stairs of a 30’s house it is impossible to clean those in one go, I have to unplug and lug the Dyson up to the top to do the last third. Also I find it very loud. Pricey.

Luke Davies says:

Nice choice. I used the Cinetic Big Ball for a couple of weeks and it did a great job. I hope you enjoy using it

The Vac Mat says:

What was the weight of this mess ?? So we can compare it to the v7

Bruce Solomon says:

I’m facinated by the Cinitic Ball. No filters! You may need to fill the bag instead of allowing the dust bin to accumulate because I think it will fill quite quickly being corded, and much more powerful than a cordless. I’ll bet that for the first four uses it fills in one use picking up what the cordless left behind.

Daniel Knott says:

3:30 roger those scissors are for cooking not document shredding lol

я просто играю в игры действительно says:

I hate battery vacs because the older it gets the battery will get worn and a new one cost lots of money $100

Adrian worthington says:

That surprised me because I know you are not a big fan of dyson.


buenos dias . cual es mejor o mas potente éste aspirador o la dyson v8 . gracias pór responder . saludos desde Colombia

vacuum nut says:

Love your channel. Personally, I have given up on bagless vacuums. Bagged vacuums are so much easier. Just ordered a Lindhaus Health Care Eco Pro Multifunction. Looks very versitile from their video. Keep up the good work.

ms security says:

I would like the v6 cordless next do some voting

Amistech1995 says:

I’m doing vac of the month but unfortunately I don’t have enough for the whole year so I’m doing it for 6 months instead, this month I’m using a dyson dc04

panda says:

Please, What’s the best stick vacuum, I had mainly laminate and no pets but three kids. I don’t want to spend a load but I’d really like a corded so I don’t have to keep charging it. What can you recommend?

sam says:

I have a mains one on shark and for me being a kid it is tiring

Kevin Ping says:

This is why I stick with Dyson. They have a much morw efficient cyclonic technology to separate dirt. I have not been washing my main filter on my V7 for 5 months now and it still looks brand new to me.

Hyper Dog says:

0:07 He got weed.

enzyme20056 says:

Subbed to you side channels. Love all your content and humour. You make me laugh, Ha

Silent Lucidity ASMR says:

I enjoy this vac as my main and only vac. It is so easy to maintain but I agree it would be better if the bin removed. I take a duster to the inside of it and the filter after removing and it gets it ok.

ms security says:

Poor filtration

2wheelspy says:

Nice home!

Val h-c says:

I’m really liking this new “Vacuum of the month” feature! I like that you are going to save the dirt and compare. I subscribed to your other channels. I might not watch them, but that doesn’t matter, correct?

Beko1987 says:

That’s going to pick up lots of fine dust compared to the shark! Be interesting to see how big and clunky you find it after a month!

Elmira Flower says:

I found your channel today and I watched some of your videos, I find your in-depth reviews very helpful. I’m thinking of getting one of the Shark vacuums based on your videos and I was JUST wondering about the Ion Flex when I saw that you just uploaded this video which was funny timing.

Rodolfo Miraval says:

Dyson has a new vacuum the

ms security says:

Just ignore the rude and bad comments roger don’t let them get to you that’s what bully’s want

Nigel Hill says:

good review,have used many makes and have two at the is a vax ultimate which is the best machine i have had that is corded.but it is heavy to use.for everyday i use a gtech for pets,both upright and handheld.really great pickup for everyday.dyson for me are great looking but non i have had picked up like my gtech or vax.would love to see you try out gtech in the future.

Drummer Mark says:

I’ve owned this 2 battery shark cordless pet version now for over for 4 months Before that I’ve owned since the 90s a Kirby G4 but became a little heavy and went on to using Orecks until the shark arrived which I think are great upright vacuums very light with good suction . Then I recently wanted to try and go the cordless way for quickness etc so I saw and read all the reviews available at that time of various cordless vacuums and settled with the shark and I’m So glad I did as its blown me away with its power and usability . Before I used it I went over the carpets with the Kirby which was working fine and recently serviced and also tried the oreck and the shark still managed to pick up more dirt unbelievable I know but true ..ibaisac must hava an incredibly clean home because my shark triples the amount he got for a month

I have two dogs and just by doing just a couple rooms I can fill the dust collector bin which annoys me sometimes because it’s too small which I agree also it should be detachable to clean and I wish it was larger to hold more meaning less trips to the bin .The filters do need cleaning once a month as they do get blocked up fairly quickly as you tend to hear more air sound coming from the exhaust filter when it’s dew to be cleaned . long hair that gets in your carpets can be annoying at times getting tangled up on the brush roller but it’s easily removed but it eats up my dogs hair brilliantly . The only thing I’m worried about is the Life of it but it comes with a 5 year warranty and I normally replace every 6-7 years anyway as my last 2 orecks roughly lasted that .The shark now has become my main vacuum cleaner and the others have been made redundant because the shark does everything i need it to do …I’m also short as well but don’t have any problems with the height of the shark but like ibaisac says it can be a little top-heavy at times … with saying what I’ve said I wouldn’t be without this little vacuum cleaner now …The shark cordless is a fantastic little vacuum …a good tip as ibaisac says get the 2 battery model …The batteries are not cheap and there only guaranteed for two years .

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