Unboxing, In Depth Review & Demo of the Bissell Zing Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Showing what’s in the box, the parts, controls and how well it performs as a vacuum cleaner.


Claude A Bonjour says:

Hi there, how do I unclog the hose at the top….. its blocked and am not sure what to do

Created Film says:

good review, im buying it,..thanks

Max Green says:

Very useful and informative!

Hostile Hessian says:

How does it do with pet hair. On one hand, it seems like a motorized cleaning head would do better, but on the other hand, it seems like the motorized brush head always breaks down first. We have several pets so I wondered how you thought this model would perform on carpets.

sen1arnab says:

This is how a review should be done! Excellent job, much appreciated.

Joy Neal says:

Where did you buy the vacuum from? Great view btw i was looking on Amazonia but could not find it for 49.99

M0D60 says:

I’ve watched 10 youtube videos. This is first video actually explaining/showing Vaccum Performance! “Whew,” thanx.

joe w says:

it was set for rugs not floors!!!!

Debra Stanich says:

great review,all I needed to know, thanks

Andrea Luna says:

Thank you for the informative video

neomaggi says:

A detail review. Thanks!

Cory Barrington says:

I owned the bagged version and the brushes were used on my kitchen floor not carpet

Gavin redeemed says:

Very helpful. Appreciated.

joe w says:

you extend the brush for floors

Heather Feather says:

Thank you for a very quality review. You were concise and thorough…so many videos on you tube one has to suffer through to get information that may or may not be there.

I want this vacuum to dust my hardwood floors but the brush on it seems to be pushing the dirt in front of it and you can only pick things up only on the backstroke. Do you think it was because the items were too big? Now that you have had it awhile do you have any follow up concerns? Thanks

Kavvy says:

the brush actually goes out for hard floors

damienski says:

Very well done. I will be purchasing this based on your review. Thank You.

saraam465 says:

very nice review! I was unable to decide whether to buy this product or not based on the other reviews online. All my doubts have been cleared here! so I am buying it right away!

rvsd44 says:

I’ve been using it at least 3X a week for a year. I’d give it two thumbs way up!!!

Sherwood Larkin says:

Excellent review!

Larry Koziol says:

My biggest complaint is on the bagless Zing you have a plastic wand, and it doesn’t lock to the head unit or the separate rods. I have read several reviews where users have problems with the wand and head unit separating primarily on carpet.

Dinesh Sharma says:


Sue Doe says:

just got a new filter for mine….its a great little vacumm.

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