The Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner of 2018 – Awards! – Upright – Cordless – Budget

Best Overall Shark Vacuum:
#1 Shark Apex with Zero M
Our Review:
#2 Shark Powered Lift Away Speed Duoclean
Our Review:

Best Budget Shark Vacuum
#1 Shark Lift Away Speed Duoclean NV771
Our Review:

Best Cordless Shark Vacuum
#1 Shark Ion P50 Duoclean
Our Review:
#2 Shark Multiflex F80 Duoclean
Our Review:

We just got done testing and reviewing the new lineup of Shark Vacuums for late 2018 early 2019 and so this video will summarize those results and give our picks for the best Shark vacuums. We will also conclude this video with a deep clean test of all these Sharks.

With the best overall I have to give it to the brand new Shark Apex with Zero M, It’s the most powerful Shark ever, and is almost certainly the most powerful bagless vacuum on the market. It has every bell and whistle that Shark offers including Duoclean which I should go ahead and say is our favorite feature as it can pick up just about anything from pet hair to extra large debris and is at the same time its one of the best vacuums for super fine debris, basically dusting the floors as it cleans. But the 2nd brush on the Duoclean head is there for carpet agitation where it has the same uncommonly good pickup ability as it does for hard floors as well as very good carpet deep cleaning performance.

We use Duocleans with our cleaning business, and I honestly think once you try a Shark with Duoclean you will probably never own another type of vacuum, and spoiler alert all of my favorite Shark vacuums in this video will have DuoClean.

But the new Shark Apex also has Zero M technology which reduces or even eliminates the cleaning of hair on the brushroll, our tests showed Zero M really does work and along with the upgrade to the wheels on the new Apex version, it makes the new Shark Apex with Zero M the best Shark on the market in our opinion. However its also the most expensive and the heaviest Shark at 17 lbs but the powered lift away feature where you can essentially use it like a stick vacuum mitigates the weight issue.

If weight is an issue you should try the next step down the Shark Powered lift away speed 800 series which is our # 2 pick for the premium Shark category, its lighter and cheaper, its not quite as powerful as the Apex but its still got a more power than you really need, It has duoclean and is a powered lift away but it does not come with the Zero M technology at this time.

So lets move on to the best budget vacuum, For the best budget vacuum I am including the old style navigator 300 series plus the new navigator with Zero M, also the Nv771 with Duoclean and the Nv200 series with Duoclean.

This one was easy since although I love the navigators, I love Duoclean more, and since they don’t have it, they are out, of the other 2 the clean winner is the Nv771 which I just got done reviewing and despite its cheap price it is extremely powerful with a much better build quality than the previous budget duoclean upright the Nv200 series. The main negative is that although it is a lift away, it is not a powered lift away meaning you cant use like a stick vacuum, like you can with the apex or the 800 series mentioned before. See our full review for all it has to offer but yeah the best budget vacuum is the Nv771.

Moving on to the Cordless vacuums,
So Shark has had the Ionflex out for a while which we have reviewed but the newcomers are the Ion F80 which is the new version of the Ionflex 2x which has two batteries and the Ion P50 which is a totally new cordless design, all of which have duoclean technology.

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Gilitar says:

If Shark had Dyson’s cyclone tech it would be the perfect vacuum. The downside is that Shark’s filters clog too quickly. I’m going to try a Dyson cord free with the soft roller head and compare to my IonFlex.

Dominic's Curiosity says:

I like dyson

John Doe says:

IDK how this channel doesn’t have more views. Love this channel. You guys do a great job!

Donna Gerudah says:

I’m getting my Shark Powered Lift Away Speed Duoclean next week! I might even put up a video of me using the canister conversion kit 😀

David Heath says:

Which companies make the various vacuums, e.g. is Vax made by the same company as shark.

Mason Rasmanson says:

I love your channel and your analysis can you do overall best upright vacuum among all brands

Daniel da Boss says:


IR says:

I guess that this solves my question. The navigator clearly has the most carpet agitation than all the other sharks, so that should mean that it deep cleans the best right?

Vinny Ferrara says:

Have you tested the Shark DuoClean Slim? (NV202) Seems to be the cheapest DuoClean which I found for $169.99 at Walmart. Was wondering about the specs and information on that. Thanks!

ssclassof2000 says:

Will shark come out with one of the light stick vacs or cordless ones, that feature the zero m and duo clean combined. It looks like on their site they only offer the one or the other?

Jerome Cure says:

Congrats on a high quality video. Informative. Will have to listen a few more times to be able to absorb the commentary. Easily done. Is there a way to adjust the speed of the video? Thanks for your fine work.

Scott Strausberger says:

Question for “Vacuum Wars”….when the Apex series was originally marketed it was said to be “quieter”. Did you notice any differences with the Apex series?

Enoch Finley 1st says:

At my dad’s house I put 16 cups of water in the vacuum cleaner

Angel Rios says:

What is your top favorite vacuum cleaner and why?

FireHorse says:

How do you have all those models?
Is it just from collecting over the years?

Vacuum Wars says:

New videos from Vacuum Wars every Tuesday and Friday at 4 pm est, 1 pm pacific, or 8 pm Greenwich Mean Time

Buka Okafor says:

Nice video. Good comparison. I found it helpful.

Aaron John says:

Sorry i was late my Wi-Fi went out. 🙁

Allison Leigh Says says:

I have the purple navigator and so does my mother (after having the chance to use mine) and they are the best vacuums we’ve had. Even if I suck something up (like a sock) that gets clogged, it’s so easy to take apart and clean it. Love my shark products!

tammy faloon says:

I’m getting the NV351 series because thats all I can afford. Is that a pretty good vacuum and does it come with the long crevice tool. What about belts. Like other brand vacuums such as bissel where belts get worn with normal usage and need to be replaced; don’t these belts because how is it possible that a vacuum never ever needs a belt replaced during normal usage. Because belts snap too. And where can you by replacement belts just in case.

The plebe potato French fries says:

Ok so is the shark apex zero m pick up all the sand deep into the carpet.Also is it good as the dyson ball animal 2 carpet deep cleaning

Sextus Empiricus says:

I have a Navigator DLX. By far for the money the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. No bag! Cost a little over $100.00.

bmonoire says:

Can you please do a review of the shark ion x40? I cant see the big differences in the x40 and the f80 except the multiflex feature is gone and the x40 doesnt come with two batteries.

The plebe potato French fries says:

What’s the new carpet cleaner comin* next

Jesi Taylor says:

AWESOME video. Very helpful.

BTSwarm says:

Yeah with the under appliance attachment and rush shipping I just paid $520 for this vacuum. I love affirm tho. I pay $44/month for 12 months at 0% interest and bam I can easily afford this vacuum. SO EXCITED TO GET IT. Also got it through shark directly so it comes with a Lifetime VIP Warranty. The VIP warranty covers EVERYTHING on the vacuum for LIFE! The other warranties only cover the motor, and other vacuums only have 1/3/5/7 year vip warranties. So consider buying it from them directly as they won’t honor the warranty as easily if you buy it from amazon or kohls for example.

Grandmaster Oh says:

Great channel! I am hunting for new vacuum cleaner, but struggling to find the right one. Didn’t know there are so many different types of vacuum cleaners and it’s making it hard to fine the right one. I used to own dyson cordless but the battery life was terrible. Now I have Shark Rocket and love how light it is and easy to maneuver, but not as strong do I have to go back and forth many times to pick up dog hairs. What would you recommend for 4500 sq house with 4 dogs and a child. Have to vacuum everyday with dog hairs. Would you recommend shark apex or something else? Thank you so much for your advice

James Way says:


Kaylee Dills says:

Does the Apex perform well on shag carpet?

jtctdmb says:

I currently have the maroon shark from Samsclub from 2 years ago. Powered liftaway. Do you think the apex zero m is worth the upgrade?

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