Should You Buy a ROBOT Vacuum Cleaner? (Roomba 980 Review) | The Tech Chap

Should You Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? – I’m testing the £899 iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner to find out how it works and if it’s worth buying. US: | UK:


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Denver Naicker says:

i have one, these are gimmicky

Stephen Carr says:

Does “Steve” take a tipple from the drinks cabinet while you’re out?

Adhito says:

is it powered with 980 Ti ??

Taimat CR says:

Is there a 980 ti model?

Amit Mangat says:

Does it do stairs ?

Ravikanth Simpiger says:

Go watch Lagaan.

Sergio Carreto says:

What a nice pet

craigr98 says:

I want one. And by the way already subscribed.

RiscutBiscut says:

Bro, you need a friend for Steve…like a dog. Think of all the dog related tech you could cover!

Болгарский Мужик says:

I use napalm to clean the hard to reach surfaces.

edwin k says:

You must say it is sponsored on your videos.

En Sabah Nur says:

You look like Thor’s brother, Loki

tristancliffe says:

My Neato is called Alan.

Dave Bailey says:

For £899 I would fly over and vacuum your place.

Y M says:

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is much better looking

PCTechHub says:

Love the intro. Anything that makes my life a little easier at home is worth it.

Smokey Stoner says:

£890.00 lol

Amithkumar BG says:

But bad gadget

Josh says:

Steve haha yes very cool!

kpatrickm says:

Nice intro. But I dont care how good it is for 1k I will pass

G says:

I don’t even remember how I found your channel but I’m so glad I did

Chris Walker says:

Haha, Naked Gun!

Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant says:

It’s similarly priced to a flagship smartphone, so not so bad for the convenience it offers. i’m so pleased Tech Chap is doing so well, and exploring tech more broadly. Big Love oxo

bublebuble2004 says:

whats it like with long dog hair ?

EliTheWolf says:

Good luck with the 200k subs! You deserve it 😀 I own both the Roomba 980 and Xiaomi vacuum, the Xiaomi easily wins it for me. It’s faster, quieter, and much smarter at navigating, all for a third of the price of the 980! Would love to see you do a comparison of both

Loch Ness Biker says:

pointless product …. and video ……

II TANFi3LD II says:

These will never be mainstream/popular because the mums have to know about them… And just a guess, I don’t think they watch tech channels on YouTube. Or YouTube in general…

SJW’s. Calm… Calm… Calm…. please… Chill… Ffs

Harry Trueman says:

Love the intro

cayden luchinger says:

instead off buying a $875.00 roomba buy a htc vive and play robot vacuum simulator

nick woodward says:

i’ve got this one covered:


kernow22 says:

Is it worth buying? No its fucking not.

Guilherme Lopes says:

Top video…. as always

NumaticVacuum says:

Nothing will ever replace a Hoover Junior. It Beats – As It Sweeps – As It Cleans.

Robbert van der Eem says:

Xiaomi is the only one that can have my money. The rest is crap. And yes, I have 3 now.

Rob Crook says:

That discoloured mark on the stairs bothered me, is that from a knot in the wood?

harvinsky says:

why Steve?

Jervin says:

It’s not worth it people they’re too expensive

Unless you have a cat…

missdiva421 says:

Nice gadget but definitely not worth the price. Great presentation as always. Thank you.

Wolf Maniac says:

nice gaf mate… and intro

Piyush kumar ANIME says:

Nice vedio , but can it clean marble floor

Nihil0s says:

Could you please do some inexpensive laptop reviews or comparisons, like under $600?

Steve ldnuk says:

I was wondering about these now that Samsung has one coming out now. Thanks for the great review!

Jans Cholo Chua says:

Linus tech tips did a review on a vacuum bot too earlier o.O

aaron4820 says:

I was gifted a Xiaomi robot vacuum, which I was incredibly skeptical at first, however the thing happens to live (and charge) under my sofa, so it’s entirely out of sight, no harm I thought. However, now I’m about 6 months into owning it I can’t quite imagine going back to not having one, it’s like before and after a dishwasher. Upon sending it off to do its first job, I was super impressed by the fact that a floor plan (and cleaning path) was generated showing where it had been and the coverage in sq/m, and any skepticism was blown away once I opened the dust compartment for the first time to show just how useless I am as a human vacuum cleaner compared to it. We call ours Mochi…

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

Nice intro, I’m old enough to know.

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