Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) . LINK to Shark Rotator:
Micro Attachment Kit:
The vacuum is 45.7 inches tall by 13.4 inches wide and 12.2 inches deep. The unit weighs 15.5 pounds.The cord length is 30 feet and wraps around this upper hook and this lower hook, it is not retractable. The cleaning path is 9.5 inches.

Included are 3 filters. The foam and felt filter should be rinsed with water every 3 months. You can regularly tap the foam filters to get dust off. The HEPA filter should be rinsed with water once a year. Don’t use soap when cleaning. There are also attachments that come with this unit, crevice tool, dusting brush, premium pet power brush, straight suction nozzle, wide upholstery tool. An instruction manual is included as well as a caddy.

The power button is clearly marked here. All the parts click into place and there are big red buttons which make it easy to figure out where all the parts go. It’s well thought out. Press the buttons with the unlock picture to release parts. If you want to clean carpet, turn on the brush roll. If you’re cleaning bare floors, leave the brush roll off.

I’m using the Pet power brush on a cat tree. You can see the cat hair on the brush. There is some cat hair left on the cat tree. I’ll try the regular dust brush, it’s good for small spots. Now there is no hair left. This is gorilla munch cereal, they are balls. Brush roll is off and I’ll try vacuuming these up. Since these are bigger, we’ll use the wand to suck them up. That worked well. Here is some flour that I’ll try to vacuum up. That didn’t work. I’ll try the crevice tool, wand. My Hoover Linx worked well. The straight suction nozzle, that seems to work well on flour. You can choose bare floor or carpet with this attachment.

Crumbled up goldfish crackers. Straight suction nozzle worked well. The floor nozzle did a decent job as well. The super fine crumbs were not picked up. Cat hair. Dry leaves with the brush roll off. The bigger leaves are left behind. I’ll turn the brush roll on – that worked well. My hair with the brush roll on, sucked it right up. Granola on hardwood floors – everything was picked up. Steps with the wide upholstery tool. The canister was not too heavy to hold but it is not lightweight either. A really good job of cleaning the steps. It sucked up all the hair and small particles. Dry leaves on the carpet with the brush roll on. All the leaves are gone. Pet hair – that’s all gone. Granola, all sucked up. The transition from carpet to hardwood floors is not great and the vacuum did miss some crumbs on the hardwood floor.

The dust cup looks large but the filter takes up some here. I have very little carpet and mostly hardwood floors and the dust cup is already a third full. If you have a house full of carpet, you may have to empty the canister more often. The vacuum has a lot of suction power and seems to get deep into the carpet to get all the dirt so that also contributes to more dirt in the canister.

Overall, I think this Shark Rotator is great for carpet. With the attachments, it’s good on hardwood floors. Don’t expect it to be lightweight and glide across hardwood floors like stick vacuums.
If you have mostly carpet and pets, I would give this Shark a try since it is powerful and gets deep into carpet.
As always, I hope you found this review useful. Subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching 🙂


pnutbutrncrackers says:

I like the way they’ve redesigned the dust brush — one of the few imperfections in the previous iteration of the Rotator.

Lacey Martin says:

Awesome review. I have five shark products. Can’t go wrong.

KineticR says:

bkr u r good. Excellent, fair, comprehensive, real world & efficient review. Thank u.

Jimmy Jay06 says:

I just upload a video of my vacuum collection if you guys want to see it.

Kimberly Lowman says:

It’s a really nice vacuum, but when something goes wrong with it, like a broken switch, vacuum cleaner repair stores won’t repair it! So you can’t get it fixed and you have to toss the whole thing and buy and new vacuum!

Eric Walker says:

I’ve had this vacuum for almost 3 years now, love it. The newer model they just came out with looks even better.

Maggie Triplett says:

On the flour test for the bare floor area, did you turn on the brush and also did you try to adjust the suction power? I’m curious because I am thinking about purchasing this vacuum today. And one my issues with any type of vacuum is how well they work on floors. In my experience they don’t work as well on bare floors. Last question, do you recommend any vacuums that transitions well from carpet to floor? Thanks.

Dorothea Arnold says:

Thank you!

Matt Butler says:

My original post was to say THANK YOU for this video. This is exactly what I needed to help make up my mind and I couldn’t find anyone with a review like this. Thank you!!

I went ahead and subbed too because you used the other vacuum cleaner to get up what this one missed and replied to another poster with the review for that too! You seem to know exactly what people are looking for when trying to decide on a purchase.

Steve Barnes says:

I have had mine for about 1-1/2 years and it has always worked great. Thanks for another nice review. I have been one of your subscribers for quite a while.

Ro'ber Harpane' says:

Very nice professional sounding review. It’s very confusing with all the different models “Shark” has to choose from so this review was helpful in an attempt to pick one out for my g/f’s b’day. We have mixed carpeted & vinyl areas with a stairway so this model seems like it might be ok for our needs.

I’m assuming you do this as an independent free of corporate bias when videoing equipment such as this? Sorry,, first timer here & you come off so clear sounding it almost sounds scripted,, take that as a compliment,, you sound very professional in your delivery.

Walmart now advertises these as model NV400 with the Shark Rotator “Lift Away” Professional listed as an NV500 model costing about $75 more in price than the NV400. Do you know if there’s that big a difference in the two models?

Thanks again,, nice review.

tkrenato says:

Good review. Congratulations.

Nancy Horne says:

i wouldn’t buy that. can’t pick up big pieces. i bet can’t pick up dog foods.

Jens Tori says:

hi I have parquet floor throughout the whole house what do you recommend?

joshua hanifen says:

This vacuum is the only vacuum I’ve had for 2+years in a commercial cleaning industry, there is NO vacuum that does the same job. Sure , I’ve had to use Plastic glue on a couple parts but it’s beginning to die now and I can’t be more happy. This vacuum has entered more than 1k homes and is our dust pan as well and has assisted us in making 300+k in revenue. Shark is the best hands down. Even with age catching up to it it beats eletrloux, horrid meile vacuums, and definitely any p.o.s dyson

Wendy Van says:

I always loved my Shark.

Daniel da Boss says:

I had my shark for 6 years and it work strong

Jimmy Jay06 says:

I have the same Shark vacuum but mine is in purple and its really quiet.

Jimmy Jay06 says:

I had mine for almost 4 months and it still works great. I enjoy watching you videos

Derek Bond says:

mine just got dropped off by UPS because I have a large dog I need it for the pet hair since the other vacuum doesn’t work that great

Chris Martin says:

You should note that the Shark will NOT work on shag or thick carpet. The brush shuts off automatically. There is no way to raise the height of the vacuum like on most models. This a major flaw and I think makes it pretty much
worthless as it does not work on an entire category of carpeting. The manual states “it works on ALL carpets” that is completely false.

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