Shark Rocket Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Stair and Upholstery Cleaning Review & Demo

In part two of the Shark Rocket demonstration, I show how you can use the cleaner on stairs, upholstery and above floor cleaning.

After all the demos, I open up the vacuum cleaner and show how dirty the filters are.

Finally I sum up the Shark Rocket and give my opinion on the vacuum cleaner.

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RustySkull Productions says:

That seems like a nice little cleaner, great video 😉

Janine Green says:

did you clean filters ?

Tim Tupaea says:

I have shark rotater powered lift away , it’s a amazing , roger I know you’ll love. It

Adrian ellis says:

Do a update on Henry

Barry Musgrove says:

so can this be turned into a stick vacuum you just buy the handheld part? e70 + I want the shark up right as well NV680uk

Vacuum Cleaner Collector/Fixer says:

Do you vacuum your bed

Jimi Wills says:

I like your jumper!

Andre Washington says:

why do you dust youre hands off to put them in it again

Charlene H says:


David Malinovsky says:

Great demo and great tip on vacuuming the mattress. Currently only have a suction only Riccar canister and an old Hoover upright. You’ve convinced me that if I need a small handheld vacuum to go with a corded model like the Rocket over the Dyson.

Vax man says:

Hi roger can you do a dc01 video please?

Charlene H says:

cracks me up! says no loss of suction….. yeh maybe for 3-6 months then NOOO MORE SUCTION

Huw Clements says:

Don’t move daisy out the way

4Fonthill says:

THANKS for a terrific and thorough demo and review. =)

rungnapa mcarthur says:

Which would you ultimately recommend, the Shark Rocket deluxe pro or the Powered lift away. Is there a difference in the suction power between the two?

connor says:

whats the name of the collor the vacuum is in

countryprincess97 says:

When you emptied the contents of what you had picked up was that all from the couch or from the couch and stairs? Also I was wondering about when you emptied out the bin on a piece of white paper if you were able to see any of your dead skin cells nd if so how much? I know that other people when doing a video of vacuuming their furniture or mattress they empty out the contents of the bin on top of a black or colored paper backdrop, whatever it may be. Just so that it’s easier to see just exactly how much skin was in the furniture or mattress. Usually you are able to see a pretty good amount of dead skin that they were able to pick up. So I was just curious about what you saw. Lol.I know you posted this in August of 2015 and that this is old but just wanted to make sure that you know there’s a newer rocket out now, same vacuum but upgraded. It has stronger suction, headlights, removable and larger dust cup, cord is still 30 feet long. I don’t know if there are any new attachments though. Still comes with the dust away hard floor cleaner head. I’m sure you know this already, But I don’t really ever like to assume.

gabby says:

Cup of cofe??? are you brtish or american

Nellie4644whitton Whitton says:

l am mite be going a dyson dc 34

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