Shark Rocket Duo Clean Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

In this video I test the new Shark Rocket with Duo Clean technology on a variety of surfaces around my home including hard floor, carpet, upholstery and stairs. I test the Shark’s ability to pick up larger particles without snowplouging the dirt, see how effective it is at removing pet hair and demonstrate the mini motorised head.

This cleaner will be initially available direct from Shark UK from Monday 28th November 2016.


Adam Pope says:

wood this vacuum good for bungelos like for the main vac

Plamen Marinov says:

But why wouldn’t clean the dog’s fur

michael finney says:

sorry to  bother you there I have just 1 off the web site the duo pet clean 1  here was that  the 1  you had there ? I  have just oder it for going away with when I  go in holday flats  here would  you say its  ok with that  as  I seen from 1 of  the vidos you did  a  difrent 1 on  holday  would this do  the same  work or better ?

Rosa Davis says:

What are the tools for the car

Tac81 says:

Why is it when they do the “Camera Overview” the vacuum goes past the cameras point of view and comes back… I know this vacuum wont snowplow, but it would be nice to see the whole freaking path start to end.

james t Smith says:

saw the unboxing, and fell in love. Haven’t bought a brand new vac in years. Watched the Shark full length ad. Went to Target (here in the U.S.) and bought it, $249. Had it for 3 days, returned it. Seems to reverse snowplow on bare floors, my dogs have very short (but stubborn) hair, wouldn’t pick it up, just pile it up and like you say, the dust cup is small. Have a Shark navigator, its loud, but it works

Yankee Gaming 26 says:

Great thanks you are awsome!

Yankee Gaming 26 says:

-I got a shark the same as that one

tiredrummertube says:

Shark needs to make a pet version of this or make a different back brush for pet hair.

jen k says:

very helpful thank you!

Andrew Eslick says:

Great review like always.

william Smith says:

Shark seem to bring out the wonderful machine that nobody before has thought of. The problem is they don’t seem to grasp the concept that this machine is great on hard floors but total shit on carpets, just think if you had the previous model the hv320 you could go right up to your skirting boards with the hard brush, now you are losing 2 inches of cleaning power because of this soft brush. If you don’t understand what I am saying the previous model would go up to the skirting board with the hard brush but now if you get to the skirting board all you have is the soft brush which doesn’t remove hairs. Much like the Shark pocket steam mop, it has this feature that you can turn the mop to the other side when the one side gets dirty, which would be brilliant if the steam that is supposed to clean the floor is not wafting into the air because the head just pumps steam out of both sides. Yes Shark are brilliant at advertising and making their products look like something from a fairground they do make some good products, but I think they need to look at what they are doing to their market.

ezequiel chaparro says:

if they sell the car detail brushes, why the Manuel says you can’t use an extension cord. It says the use of an extension cord is NOT recommended. So why sell the parts for it. Do you know if it’s ok to do so?

xxl michael says:

Thank you dude for the wonderful demonstration. I would like to choose my first vacuum cleaner between miele C3 and this shark duo clean. I mainly use in home and sometimes in car , like the miele have many accessories that can be clean different things like bed, sheet ,table etc , the shark is lighter ,more portable , but I don’t know the watt , wether the fliter is good enough cause I care about the power,fliter too .would you give me some suggestions? Thanks again.

Alexandra OConnor says:

Thanks for the great review. I am in Australia and was wondering if you knew of any differences with the machine down here. You mentioned the larger hose attachment in the US, do you know of anything for here. I am finding it hard to get this sort of detail. Thanks.

hutchcraftcp says:

Does the booklet say if the soft roller brush is washable?

Eric Soto says:

I’ve been on the hunt for a secondary vac and decided to go with the US version of this one after seeing you put it through its paces. Thanks Roger!

DFC says:

in your opnion from what you have tested whats the best stick vacum

Mary Crumpton says:

I just purchased this vacuum and the quick start guide lists “Hair-Removal Tool (located above brushroll). What is this and where is it located? I’m not seeing it. Thanks for a great demo!

Ted says:

At the beginning of your carpet big mess test (around 10:35), it looked like the front brush roll was stirring up a lot of dust. Is that only because of the extreme test (and full bin), or is it a concern?

Ada Encarnacion says:

I like the vacuum I believe if you go just a little bit slower it will do a better job

Warren1974 says:

I think the pet hair test did very well, considering that it was the furminator hair, rubbed into the rug. I am not sure that it would require so much effort in normal circumstances. Good review!

liQUID BLUE says:


Kevin and anh vlog says:

Lol looks fabulous I wish I could have that vacuum

Colin Johnston says:

good job

billybobtanner says:

Do you know anyone who sells this to be delivered in time for Xmas? Shark’s site doesn’t have it available.

Rosa Lourenço says:

Forget the vac! I want a Daisy and a Molly for Christmas! Lovely, lovely dogs!
(I already have two Shark uprights anyway…)

Erik Victoria says:

I have an older shark that I love for carpet but is a bit of a pain to use on all my hard floor areas… This looks like it’s the perfect ticket for my tile areas, thank you!

Gionani Penate says:

I wonder if this vacuum still works like that a year or two later..maybe we can have another video.

dominodon81 says:

What on earth do you use on your floors. Soooo Frikin shiny

dekzan says:

Might be better to remove the front roll fir carpet cleaning, the roll seems to the press dirt. Just my impression.

Gymichelle says:

One of the best reviews! i just bought one.

Brian Torobin says:

Thank you for this video Roger. I wonder if the second roller brush in the front of the large power nozzle is actually making it more difficult to remove pet hair from carpets. Physics can be a mysterious thing, and much of the “magic” of removing dirt from carpet fibres depends on an understanding of physics. Therefore, I wonder if that extra roller is actually pushing the pet hair into the carpet, thus entangling it more into the fibres on the surface of the nap. Would be interesting to see if pet hair removal would be improved if the front roller was removed. 🙂

Scott Sheldon says:


V Scott says:

+ibaisaic ive always loved your videos, and the amount of editing and work you put into them. i love this one as well. are you going to do a review on the dyson v8 animal or absolute? thanks

akaredcrossbow says:

Great video!! I bought this vacuum to clean just to clean up on hard surfaces, and it has done its job very well. It also does a good job on carpet! Thank you

_Ofenkartoffel_ says:

Can you actually replace or clean the soft roll? I can’t see being all that hygienic when you use the machine for longer periods of time.

Pamela Kelly says:

Thanks so much for making and posting this excellent video…. just what I was looking for!!! I really appreciate your time…..

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