Shark Powered Lift Away Speed Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

In this video I demonstrate the Shark Powered Lift Away on carpet, hard floor and my stairs. I also demonstrate the pet hair turbo brush and show all the main features of this cleaner including the innovative powered lift away feature.

Details below from Shark’s website.

The Shark® Powered Lift Away™ NV680UK has been officially accredited by the Good Housekeeping Institute and is a Which? Best Buy.

Featuring the patented Shark Powered Lift-Away. This means the pod can be detatched but the brush in the head continues to rotate, so now you can reach right under the trickiest furniture for carpet cleaning in Lift-Away™ mode where traditional uprights may struggle.

Featuring anti-allergen complete seal technology that captures and holds over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum not back into the air you breathe. And, it’s certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

Plus, the Shark NV680UK includes the Shark Dust-Away attachment which picks up large debris and fine dust in one easy step.

Key Features

Powered motorised brush roll even in Lift-Away mode
Shark Lift-Away technology, lightweight detachable pod
Anti-allergen complete seal technology:captures and holds over 99.9%* of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
No loss of suction*
Includes Exclusive Dust Away attachment for hard floor cleaning
LED lights to help you spot concealed dust lurking under your furniture
Advanced swivel steering allowing you to manoeuvre in, around and under furniture in your home with ease and control
One touch finger tip control, so you can move easily between carpet and hard floor cleaning modes with just a flick of a switch
On board accessory storage
Ergonomic designed handle with rubberised grip for more control
No touch dustcup for quick and hygienic emptying of the dustcup with no direct contact.

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Tamara Eades says:


Sandy Twyon says:

How does the vaccum fit on to the canister?

mSk m says:

lovely review my friend, Daisy is beautiful

Gemma Long says:

Great review. Thanks. Off to persuade the husband to buy me one!

Rebecca blahblah says:

great video

y2ktube says:

I have this same Shark Rotator model (Bought new). After only 2 weeks of light use, the beater bar motor stopped spinning (Bar spins freely and belt is OK). Will try to make contact with Amazon seller or the manufacture. Not impressed…

ShrinkDavid 1982 says:

Roger, you really should get a job in a vacuum store. You would be an excellent sales person. Or, if you could own a store, even better.

Peter Carrington says:

Excellent testing and review which answered many questions for me. Now to buy a Shark to replace my terrible ball Dyson!!

craigsclocks says:

Ok Roger. I am so impressed with this vacuum that i just keep scratching my about it. I do wonder if it is picking up lots of dirt or maybe some of the carpet fibers as well. Thoughts?

Marc Tubb says:

Thank you for such an informative and detailed review Roger. After being loyal to Dyson for years and never even entertaining the thought of trying another brand, I was brave enough to replace my ageing Dyson machine with one of these. After just over a week of ownership and I absolutely LOVE it! None of the carpets in my home are especially old, but the Shark has given them a new lease of life and I have also been amazed at how much dirt and dust it has pulled out of them (considering I am very fussy with cleanliness of my home) It’s certainly made me realise how long my Dyson must have been underperforming despite it having a thorough clean and MOT recently. With having a lot of furniture that is low to the ground, I love the fact that I am now able to get underneath it due to the flexibility that this machine offers as well. Thank you again!

LuckyLucy says:

Did you hear why the vacuum cleaner salesman got fired? he sucked.

Rusty Andres says:

I have one of these and absolutely LOVE it. I love the lift away and the canister caddy on the wheels. I was always against bagless vacs before, but this one really does not leak. We have a dog and two cats, and hubby has cat allergies. It works wonderfully. I wish I could stay home from work and vacuum all day like the happy homemaker housewife I deserve to be. (LOL!)

GemMummy says:

Very thorough review. Excellent. This will definitely be my next purchase.

Ricky Tovar says:

I love shark and kirby

Tamara Eades says:

should I get one

Michael Morris says:

Loved your review! I’m currently deciding on the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright 1650A model. I can’t quiet figure out which one is the one I want. Do you have any knowledge on the difference between the two?

dave sandy says:

Well Roger! My Friend bought a Shark Liftaway today to replace an old dysonDC04.   She says it’s addictive!

MrLee4jc says:

Love the video. Have you cleaned the HEPA filter? I own a Shark and love it. I thought the HEPA filter had to be replaced, that you couldn’t wash them. Thanks so much.

Shay Knox says:

great review. brilliant detail. I want to buy a NV680 but I don’t understand the difference between the models 680uk, 680 ukt and 680 ukv.

John Buckle says:

Excellent review – I’ve just been out & bought one! It is far superior and versatile compared to my Dyson DC14 Allergy.

Tim Yandow says:

watching people clean is so much more fun than cleaning.

nativesun says:

Great review.

craigsclocks says:

Hi Roger, I vacuumed my carpets with my Sebo and also with my. Meila . I to the shark rotator powered lift a way and re-vacuumed the carpets. WOW The dust cup is full to the top. I am thinking about all the money that I’ve spent on the Sebo and Meila. Well i do love vacuum cleaners so i can just play a round with them. We just moved into a new house with a Electrolux central vac system. I will let you know what i think of it after i give it a run about. Thanks as always for all your work and videos.

Luke Win says:

Hi there seems to be some conflicting views on the weight of this vacuum. On one site (shop) it states 6.63 and on another it states 6.3. Can you clarify please? Also as my wife wants it as light as poss what is the weight of the cylinder alone (when carrying to vacuum stairs). Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hoover Boy says:

Hi where did you Shaka left away from

nomebear says:

I bought this model as a gift for a friend. He’s most impressed with that fact that its not only powerful but also light weight.

Tamara Eades says:

is it light

Codenamebravo says:

Awesome is what ill say about it. I used to own those well known brands but I won’t mention. Shark ate those other ones, now its shark forever. THANKS SHARK for a brilliant product.

Sharklover 95 says:

You should do a big mess test with this one!

vacuum nut says:

Roger, thank you for all of your wonderful videos. It is such a pleasure watching whatever machine you have to review. I was wondering what tool you would use with the Shark Rotator to clean around the toilet?

Jessica Green says:

Great review. Helped me make my decision. Off to purchase!

Simon Measday says:

I have a Shark steam cleaner and it’s fantastic. Thanks for the review and demonstration. Off to buy a vacuum now. And yes it’s this one. Thanks again.

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