Shark Powered Lift Away Duo Clean NV800UKT Vacuum Cleaner Review

Within the video, I test out the new Shark Powered Lift Away Duo Clean NV800UKT Vacuum Cleaner. I test it out on different surfaces such as hard floors, carpets, stairs, curtains, and under furniture. I test how well the Duo Clean technology works. In addition to that, I demonstrate how well it moves around and underneath furniture.

The Powered Lift-Away Duo Clean technology is for both hard floors and carpets. On floors direct engagement with the Soft Roller removes large particles, small particles, and stuck-on dust. On carpets the Soft Roller pulls in large particles, while the deep-cleaning bristle brush removes the embedded fine dirt.

Available now from Shark UK.


NeelamBfd says:

Great review very informative.

Fiorella Zevallos says:

Great review!

The Real Prince Club says:

I use antibacterial hand wipes on everything.

Simy Ahmed says:

great job grumpy man
definatley a good enough review to decide before buying
keep it up

Natalie Gracee says:

thumbs up!

Farooq Khan says:

Excellent review very good vacuum like the lights at the front

Eric Walker says:

Great video review! I own an almost 3 year old shark rotator and while I won’t be upgrading soon because it still works great, I’m already looking forward to buying my next shark. It seems like almost all of my complaints have been addressed with this model.

NaturaLLy BeautifuL says:

Great review

Amy Doyle says:

Thank you for the review. I only question the durability which only time would show.



Davna Films says:

I currently have a shark and I luv it!

digital india with all Indian says:

I like your video and i will subscribed your channel hope u do same back

Jim Bob says:

Have to say that the carpet cleaning doesn’t look great. Whilst it made a difference changing the power, there was a lot of flicking of dirt going on and the first pass was terrible? I was hopeful for this but that has put me off, and whilst they have thought of everything, I wish they’d make them look a little less ungainly. I think if you have mostly carpet, you’d be better off with a more straightforward cleaner such as a Miele or Sebo model.

Brennan & Yolanda says:

Great and thorough review!!!

The Real Prince Club says:

Congratulations on getting the shark to review.

Advice With V says:

You always find the greatest vaccums love it❤

jferrell7 says:

I own the Lift Away vac and was considering purchasing the Duo Clean Lift Away, however, the carpet cleaning demo has given me pause. Unimpressed with that portion. Thanks for the demo.

Jesse Rizo says:

Great review!!!! It looks nice :)!!!

The Real Prince Club says:

I totally needs, I have long hair and a messy dog. She rips up paper all the time.

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