Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum Cleaner Review

This 14 lb. Shark Navigator Professionial Liftaway never loses suction. The upright vacuum features a unique detachable and portable canister that lifts away for effortless cleaning in and around the home. The extra large capacity dustup and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology traps over 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. The unique and innovative Dust-Away bare floor attachment with 1 reusable microfiber pad makes everyday cleaning on bare floors quick and easy. Swivel steering provides complete control to maneuver in and around obstacles and furniture and the motorized brushroll can be turned on or off, providing superior performance on both carpets and bare floors. Premium pet power brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool provides versatile cleaning throughout the home. An extra long 30 foot long power cord provides maximum range for cleaning large spaces quickly and easily. You can buy about 3 Lift Away Pros for the cost of one upright Dyson. Cleaning performance is comparable (I had 3 Dysons). If you have never used a vacuum with suction this good, you may be surprised how much dirt comes out of your carpet. Assembly is stupid easy. The Navigator Pro also has a HEPA filter.


Deon DeLong says:

Great video bud keep up the positive attitude and thanks for the review

Katie W says:

No joke, I have been trying to research vacuums for a while. Want to invest in a good one. This video DEFINITELY helped.

lawnmower repairs and tornado siren fan says:

I have the same one and it was the worst thing i ever baught

lawnmower repairs and tornado siren fan says:

And mine kept loosing suction

Misty Edilson says:

Thanks Felicia.

deangelo webster says:

Thanks for the review I’m going to try. I have a dirt devil and it’s not picking up well any more lol

Susan Chavez says:

you didn’t cover the floor attachment

Computer Care Clinic says:

We killed our Dyson with wood dust and tiny screws. Guess we should have bought a Shop Vac, but we ended up with a Roomba!

Marguerite Witt says:

How DO you get the bottom plate off?

WDN Health says:

The Shark is impressive for its price.

Aquatic Start says:

Looks like a good buy. My current vacuum lacks Great suction. And I have to pass the vacuum over and over again to get it cleaned. Will take a close look at this guy

Kyle Thoms says:

Gay sunglasses and video.

dodobrowns says:

A professional would have read the manual before making a fool of himself and wasting people’s time figuring out the vacuum in this useless video.

Awesomesauce says:

Had three Dysons. One died just out of warranty, one stopped sucking, and another one never sucked to begin with. Gonna try a Shark. Thanks for the tip – you are AWESOMESAUCE!

Tracy Broomfield says:

Re: light on vacuum. I love that there is a light on the vacuum. It allows you to see any small shards of glass in the dark as the light will reflect off the very tiny pieces of glass and can be sucked up by the shark vacuum. Yay .!!

valentin constantin says:

If you do a REVIEW,take the fu@ing cord off,so do a REVIEW !!!!!

Joshua Dixon says:

Just got that vacuum, absolutely love it. We have 2 dogs and it handles there hair really well. I’d give it a 10/10. Very happy and impressed with it. Think I’ll vacuum the floor… again

photomedium says:

Geez.. first 20 seconds of your video and your irritating….

Olivia Black says:

What’s up guys! Nice review on the Shark. We’ve replaced our two Dysons with Sharks.

Greg Logan says:

Try using a dryer to dry your foam filters….

Barry Cohen says:

URGENT! Don’t get ripped off purchasing cheap, low quality, leaky Chinese, YES CHINESE made HEPA vacuum cleaners from big box stores! For great information on the best 100 % sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners (Made In The USA) for true dust and allergy control, see the website at

Joseph Youde says:

Thanks for the vid, have one on the way and pretty excited!

Ari Est says:

i have a question. how come it dosent pick up my dogd hair on bare floor?

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