Shark Apex Vacuum Review: Best Pet Hair Vac?

The Shark Apex with Zero M and Powered Lift-Away technology is supposedly one of the best pet hair vacuums on the market. Today I put it to the test and compare it to the Shark IonFlex.

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beez1717 says:

I’m wondering if the Ion Flex just isn’t sucking hard enough to get the hair off the bristles?

Eddy Equihua says:

Try the dyson v10. Even though its a little pricey.

Personified Regret says:

I love you and your dogs so much


I have this but I only paid 270 for it. It’s best vacuum for bare floors but not that great on carpet.

Open Windows III says:

Sharks are awesome.

yurisuika says:

I find the Shark Rotator is pretty cheaply made, as various parts on ours have snapped or severed such as the hose, which, as you’ve pointed out, does not expand nearly enough. It still works somewhat; meanwhile, our expensive Tristar canister has a motor overheating shutdown issue (from assumedly ingesting a lot of diatomaceous earth), but at least it has lifetime replacement warranty. The Apex looks nicer than the Rotator aesthetically, but it may still be just as chintzy. Instead, we are thinking of replacing our Shark with a Miele Swing H1, a high powered modular stick that is much better made and looking than a Shark; the only real downside from a full-on upright is the capacity.

Danny Toney says:

I use a rainbow vac at home and it does really well for pet and human hair. At work I use the bissell pet hair eraser and it works really well for pet hair too. I haven’t noticed any hair wrap around the roller on the pet hair eraser.

N 7 says:

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the best for pet hair, it also cleans hard surfaces.

Cath Armstrong says:

OMG it is all about that new logo!!

Cath Armstrong says:

Time for hardwood my friend

Mary Chang says:

The apex brush is very similar to the Dyson 65 animal, which is what I have. Great for picking up after my 4 pups. It also comes with a handy furniture tool.

Tucker Dennis says:

Arma 3 Alex legends

MattDelRey1 says:

I don’t even need a new vacuum but I love your reviews and Bailey!


Now we know where Donald Trump gets his hair from.

Jason Torres says:

you got two Shark vacuums!

Candice Adams says:

I have a vacuum similar to this I bought last year. I can’t tell you about cleaning pet hair out because I have long hair and it’s always a headache to clean.
It’s a great vacuum though. It actually rose over $100 since I bought it new. All they have left to perfect their vacuums is make the main brush roll removable for easy cleaning. 4/5 stars.

Agusta Sister says:

There is no pet hair vacuum thats perfect…I’VE tried them all…BUT…MAJOR HELPFUL HINT:



Angie Mayer says:

I have a shark and I love it

Jacob BAMBAM says:

Your carpets need a good Cleaning. Buy a 100$ shampooer at a store. Watch some Youtube vids.
1- Thorough vacuuming.
2- Pile / Nap lifting.
3- 1 again
4- shampoo then let dry
5- 1 again

uTubed007 says:

Great review. As soon as I saw you with the dog I said to myself that I’d like you to kiss her and tell her thanks at the end…..IT IS EXACTLY what you did hahahaha! I’m a dog lover also

Lars Sveen says:

Now try one of those Oreck hotel vacs and see how that compares.

Kara Allen says:

I feel like the apex gets less than my Navigator did, but im unsure really, it just seems like it doesn’t get full as quickly…. with having 6 dogs the Navigator got full within 10 minutes (and yes i vacuum daily)

Pete Esposito says:

Love the show but in this one Bailey steals the show… Adorable!!! That device is definitely worth looking into even though it is a bit pricy! Absolutely love the show!!!!!!!!

Tamia Brown says:

The lift away feature also allows you to use your vacuum wand to reach under all the furniture since the canister can’t get in the way. I love I can reach under my couch and bed without having to use a wand tool or move anything! They also make a canister roller base so you can turn it into a canister vac and roll it around behind you!
I absolutely love this zero M technology! I have long hair and I shed enough but I also have 2 dogs And 3 cats! I HATED cleaning the roller, I had the ion and I screamed YES when I saw the zero M technology! I love that I no longer have to clean a roller!

Rick D says:

Wow that is a a lot of hair.

Ruth Beaty says:

Honestly, as far as pet hair goes the best I’ve seen was a Hoover that was demonstrated on a clean carpet (supposedly, lol). It was done five times in the same spot until there was nothing left, it picked up everything you couldn’t see was still there. Just wish I could afford one.

Personified Regret says:

Please be my dad

VGMStudios33 says:

You crazy Americans and wearing your shoes in the house. Smh.

Gentle Dracula says:

dirt devil is the best! you should tilt it a little bit and it will vacuum like hell!

Jen Honey says:

Thanks for the review! Might would wonder how I might could offer up a laugh about vacuum cleaners today but here it is…Ahahaha. Short story is this: didn’t get my first upright til I was 18 (that’s freaking) years old.

Lisa Vanvalkenburgh says:

I have been using the Navigator, then got the duo clean flex…whoooaaa what a difference! I just bought the Apex duo with Zero M… haven’t used it yet but my guess is I’m going to LOVE! The best thing about these duo head vacs is the user interface. With Dyson I was so sick of having to shake rugs or fight with any attachment to get from each floor surface. Sharks duo head has sold me in this alone, but that duo clean, first roll practically cleans a hard floor, as in wipe down and everything!! I cleaned houses for 20 years and this vacuum is by far the best I’ve ever used. With the Apex now you get the same suction of the Dyson with WAAAAY more flexibility and no more fighting all that suction to do rugs. Either the motorized bush attachment gets the really flimsy ones or the duo head takes care of business without changing a thing!! Compared to Dyson for the money… this thing will pay for itself in lack of headache meds in a month’s time!!

JT says:

Who vacuums with shoes on?

Prophet says:

Please try a real vacuum, I can’t believe no one else has suggested this. There’s a few vacuum guys and they all swear buy a few companies like Riccar, and Miele. You should definitely test on one of those bad boys, it’ll blow you away.

Carlton Wilson says:

Junk. Everything Shark produces is garbage. The floor nozzle motor is no more powerful than the average beard trimmer and the power supply PCB that regulates the voltage going to nozzle motor and LED lights fails prematurely more often than not.
Bagless vacuums are terrible for households with pets. Far better to have a bagged vacuum from which the bag, which holds about 200 times as much debris as a dust cup, can be removed and thrown out in the trash, along with pet odors.
Bagless vacuums are filthy germ distributors.

ladybushranger #2 says:

I was going to ask how it handled human hair……………… as any person who has long hair knows, you find it everywhere

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