Sebo Professional G1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

Here’s a demo of the Sebo Professional G 1 upright vacuum cleaner, also known as the Essential G in some countries.

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Parwaz 786 says:

Can you do a review on the Dyson DC41Mk2? The new one which beats the carpet and has 700w

annacomputerwiz says:

So dumb. Why can’t the world stick to one specific type of plug?

TheSololobo says:

I just got the x4 and when I vacuum it keeps readjusting itself on the same leveled surface which kind off concerns me. Is there anyway to over ride the automatic height adjustment?

Terry B says:

Just search up rainbow e2 seller great vacs and go to the description and click on wear it says global voltage and and click on wear it says to view all dual voltage products and there

hoover boy says:

I love golden retrievers

dooyoomember says:

Good review as always Roger! What a shame the G1 does a poor pick up on floors – same with my X1A. 

Nicholas Paley says:

This is yet another bad design where your suction is coming from on the far side of the agitation brush roll. Always buy a vacuum that suction is centered on the brush roll. Also input tube looks tiny recommend not to vacuum larger objects like leaves will clog.

sorcerer101567 says:

great video, Roger! Do you still have the X5? It would certainly be interesting to see the G1 and X5 put against eachother

Ollie Charles says:

How much do these cost to buy?

delegend81 says:

i was wondering can you import or look on the internet for some philips vacuums, i really would like to know your opinion about these vacuums, i really like them and they are very powerfull and very strong build
like your vids

Nathaniel Aranda says:

Kirby says a product for those who appreciate Quality / Reliability and performance ! They are made of die cast metal and feel like a tank almost indestructible !

Dre G says:

Looks like Hoover made a licensed copy of this in the US that they’re selling as the Commercial HushTone. Some small cosmetic differences but a huge price difference! The G1 in the US goes for $699, the 13″ hoover is 270 and the 15″ is $245. Add a few bucks to each for the intellibelt sensor. Hmmmmm. I may need one of these! 😀

juankeny88lives says:

Can i use a uk cleaner for my country . I live in santiago,chile

steve mundy says:

Also at the very bottom of the vac bag body there is a button that you press to release the vac body away from the motor brush head so you can gain better access to the lower suction pipe when a blockage occurs.

The Quickster says:

Can you do a review of the Hoover windtunnel and a Oreck graphite? (If they sell Oreck vacuums there)

juankeny88lives says:

In my country for the volt we use is 220- 240v – 50- 60hz and we use two pin plugs and in the plug of my vacuum cleaner 10a 250v

Terry B says:

Try to get a rainbow e2 I know u can’t get it in the uk however that does not mean u can use it in the uk find great vacs on ebay and that seller has rainbows that r 220-240 volts. Yes I know its from the u.s but save up on money or sell vacuums that u don’t want or vacuums that u have tested and been there done that no good and there

1timby says:

Your thought on the following:

Don’t canister vac’s have more suction. If so then why get an upright?

I see a lot of folks stating that Sebo is’t as good at cleaning the air as Melie. IS this so?

If money was no object what would your dream vacuum be?

How about recommendations for a vac for those that don’t have inordinate amounts of cash.

Enjoy the vids. Thanks for all the work. It’s greatly appreciated. 

Brony T says:

Looks just like a Windsor

Raymond Fowler says:

for general cleaning…would you suggest the sebo….or a dyson

James Pitt says:

how does it compare with miele s7 thanks

squirrelscuba says:

i bought a G2 after seeing your original video on the G1. it makes vacuuming carpets easy and its lovely to use. i think it looks great, love the colour scheme, i use a cheapy miele s771 for hard floors

milletboy says:

Can u do an update for the sebo g1 profesinial

Olivia Alwen says:

18:25 there’s bars lol the creates of the shame line + id follow your facebook page but i can not due to my facebook being locked temperately 🙂

dave sandy says:

I would love to see you reviewing a Kirby.  Probably need an hour a time

RyanSellman1 says:

A dog’s silent fart is always nasty. Lol

Ian Meen says:

We have the Euronics Red Sebo X1 Automatic and I have to admit it would be good to have a manual height adjuster to be able to lift the brush off the floor when using the tools.

SaiTech says:

That did amazing.

Olivia Morton says:

Why do you hate half term

milletboy says:

Why does the g1 have a two pin instead of a 3pin plug

The Quickster says:

I saw a slight “LINE OF SHAME”

Antolin Antolines says:

Hey ibaisaic can you do Bissell bark bath

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