Salon Vacuum Review // Does it suck?

This is my newest addition to my in-home salon and I LOVE IT!!
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OriginalTailhunter says:

Awesome …….  

Big Boii Mudda says:

do a video of your vacuuming your feet please

Larissaispumped says:

I have one of these in my in home salon/room I do hair in. Just a tip: keep it on manual instead of auto. A spider creeping by in the middle of the night set mine off and almost gave me a heart attack!

Big Boii Mudda says:

do a video of your vacuuming your feet please

kim says:

I have this in ths salon, it is awesome. No more bending over with the dust pan!

godrocks2107 says:

That is awesome!

Impitch Foty Fibe says:

How does it feel if I were to wave my dick in front of the sensor? How would that make me feel?

Sage Stewart says:

What is the best hairspray would be good to use for something like a prom hairstyle?

Lauren Coughlin says:

Happy birthday!!! Very cool 🙂

Spiritlady 78 says:

Oh I love mine , found it in a store bought mine for $40 and love it .
and make sure you turn it off (auto setting) at night so it doesn’t go off , I forgot a few times and we ran around the house wondering what the hell was going on.

jennimv says:

LOL!! “It’s sucky and I love it.”

Serket OG says:

Fucking copyers

stephen oconnor says:

clips of you blow drying hair please

Bebot's Life says:

Yay, to sucky vacuums! Thanks sooo much for sharing, gonna order me one for mine too!

Glockzin Craze says:

Go Davey!!!

vita dulce says:

My mother owns a hair salon. I started doing hair right after highschool licensed and worked for other salons before she opened her owned I told her I had to have this!!! Lol so worth it !! Every client gets amazed and kids have fun with it. Love your videos !

ray Cuevas says:

April Always a joy watching your cut’s & styles..  Ray Cuevas

Clarissa Lopez says:

I love your lil salon and I absolutely love how the sink is right there right under your station , where did u buy your salon equipment ?

Sandrea White says:

I think my grown kitties would run from the noise. Awesome demo. I’m getting one for my sewing room.

lacieinthesky04 says:

What broom is that you have? I can never get all the hair off my floor!

Jane Fleet says:

Everybody needs one of these.  Thanks for sharing.

artistik1979 says:

Your hairstyle in that video is my fav!!!

Bryan Melikian says:

Hey April – Are you still using this? Do you have to empty the bin after each client or are you able to last the whole day without having to empty in between clients?

rahil kapadia says:

Please upload long haircut with side bang haircut video in white cap and hair on floor.
Thank You

Johanna JH says:

I LOVE how informative your videos are. Where did you get your station from? And can you do a video on how you set up your salon?  Thanks a million 🙂

maria rodriguez says:

i love it! i sooo want this!

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