Ryobi ONE+ 6 Gallon Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum P770 Review ALL NEW

Ryobi ONE+ 6 Gallon Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum P770 Review ALL NEW 2017
Get yours from Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-6-Gal-Wet-Dry-Vacuum-P770/302775352
HOME DEPOT SKU #: 1002707936


Wayne Coote says:

When will Ryobi be selling this in the uk

billybike57 says:

Awesome vac system, only one recommendation, they should have made it HyBred like some of their other tools

Greg P says:

Thanks for this review. I looked at that today at Home Depot and was thinking about buying it. Figured I’d check out a few reviews. I think I’ll get it to add to a 15 year old big Rigid vac that still works, but is kind of a pain to lug around because it doesn’t have handles and the toggle switch broke off so it is always on unless unplugged. The Rigid has been a great unit in all but this looks way more convenient since I have three of the One+ batteries and about six of their tools.

C_ Farther says:

I would buy this but no hepa filter. What a mess.

brad d says:

wish it used the 40 v battery. I love their products. just don’t want to by new batteries

Joshua Vanbuskirk says:

Thanks for this review!!! This thing looks amazing. Any long term feedback on it?

Michael Moor says:

Does it suck up nails framing nails or say 1″ deck screws?

Tundra, Tools, and Tech says:

Where can you even buy this? HD doesn’t have it.

WikdSeafood says:

It sucks…literally! lol I just bough a Ryobi cordless drill. I like it.

Cheng Liu says:

How is the battery life on this?

FlyingWldAlaska77 says:

“feels good in the hand”

Thisthatandtheother Chan says:

Ryobi batteries gave me buyers remorse.

Bryan at BG's Model Workshop says:

ok, this on my christmas list.


Run time?

Dan Drew says:

What size diameter hose does it use?

Cheng Liu says:

This thing looks awesome. I have been waiting for years for Ryobi to release a shop vac. I was expecting a small 2 gal. one like Milwaukee has. Never in a million years would I have envisioned something like this.

Master Shake says:

I hate you Home Depot has been dicking me around saying they have it on Black Friday I allready purchased it since October waiting for it to come in, then they say they can order it online so over an hour of waiting just to tell me they won’t have it in and don’t know when.

Liz Wynaco says:

Yes, this should be dual powered, that would make me buy this.

joquirk840 says:

That was avery good practical review.  Covered what I wanted to see.  Looks impressive at first glance.  The key will be how long it can run, and how well it performs a year from now or three.

mario mlinka says:

I like how you smack it around to show it is sturdy. Chinese junk would already fall apart in first minute.

heavy feather says:

Cool review will definitely consider buying it, how long can you run it continueously before the battery runs out?

jlustig83 says:

How does it compare to the Milwaukee m18 shop vac?

J C says:

I hate the ryobi color. might as well put a sign on it that says “please steal me”

James Doerr says:

Thanks so much for your review. Ordering one tomorrow.

classicplastic101 says:

Nice vac, super review!

mfaria99 says:

Nice vac, great review. I have the old one that tips over and man does it drive me nuts. I’ll have to look into this one!

vince King says:

How come it is not completely gutless ?

Rock44260 says:

Thanks for all the Ryobi New Tool videos!

scott l says:

I own it. The 80 cfm is adequate. It is the best deal out there.

Fernbark Frist says:

You lucky dog, I want one of those badly. I might have to give Home Depot more of my money.

Stinky Cheese says:

Frankly they should have set this larger vac up to take 2 x 18V batteries to be a 36V tool, with the side option of also using their 40V packs.

Stevmstng 516 says:

I’m impressed


This is one that should be dual powered by a battery or AC. 🙁

Chris Plank says:

On my craftsman shop vac…it has an exhaust port. Where is the exhaust port on this model?

Brandon Scoots says:

This would be perfect for construction cleans ups like saw dust and debris when cleaning how cool!

Chris Plank says:

Subscribed! Thanks for the brand new tool review!

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