Roomba vs. regular vacuum

Roombas are magical little robot vacuum cleaners. But are they better than a regular vacuum? Lauren Goode breaks it down.


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David Robinson says:


S TR says:

Roomba+Hand held vacuum is all u need for a clean house

Clinton Tang says:

I love the girl on the right. She’s halarious

Outlet Season says:

Well I love Roombas vacuums are the past, plus my son Camelot, doesn’t poop inside … so for me Roomba rocks!
Roombas get all the missing little hair he loses … try to do that with a vacuum cleaner … plus messing with cables me been 6’5″” is crazy!!! I hate cables everything in my house is wireless!!!!

Dominique Dredden says:

lol Bcuz I’m a grown up Ya’ll are hilarious

David Angel says:

I like my house to be clean. I work in filth all day. I want to come home to a clean house. My dad spoiled me and bought me a dyson orgin ball. I love my dyson. I vac probably every second or third day purely because i dont know why but my floors get dirty or dusty very quickly. I have tiles and hard wood floor. But i am also very busy and cant keep up. I work two jobs and also have to mow the lawn. I want to get a robotic vacuum. I am in Australia and every thing here is expansive. The 780 is around $800 here. The 980 roomba is around $1300. Ive decided to put money away each week for the year. Come end of the year i am going to gey a roomba 980. I just need help with the cleaning. I would be happy of it gets a majority of the floors done

Berke Ersöz says:

Dyson <3 <3 <3

gundamzerostrike says:

Basic vacuum like the whores? I know what kind of vacuum you’re talking about there.

Nicolas Mango says:

Great video !!!!!

Malcolm Johnson says:

This format is awesome sub’d

kokalti says:

That face 0:57 You know she wants a “D”

Baller1 says:

some lazy ppl

Ramiro Estevez says:

With the new 2018 Dyson vacuum this would have been even worst

Matthew Archibald says:

get a roomba for every stair step and elevated surface lol!

Bibhakar Kumar says:

Yes one more job is gone you idiots

Tech blaze2 1 says:

A Dyson because I’m a grown up. Lol

psychic friend freadbear says:

I’d take the Dyson in a heartbeat

A1 Face says:

Just get both

Florisdays says:

your videos are good!

Donald E says:

Ok, there are not twin sisters here….I was fooled into hoping that a double dose of cute and adorable was out there somewhere…..

ana corporan says:

I would prefer a Roomba robot

Shahin Alam says:

hair color proves that they are really twin not visually edited video….right ?

Chillfax Tacos says:

It’s easy… I have a Roomba that vaccumes 3 times a week. And I have an old Dirt Devil that I use for spot cleaning. 

The Roomba doesn’t do your cleaning for you. It just makes your weekly cleaning easier.

Vinay Seth says:

So I chanced upon this series just now, and just love it! Love the fun way in which the comparisons are broken down. And got to admit- that’s some great acting!

Addison Turley says:

3:16 get owned

Alamin Howlader says:

Most beautiful, attractive and perfect design & working iRobot Roomba 652 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Purchase it so click and order: or or

Arian watts says:

Yeaah because most houses look big and empty with hardly anything in the way for the roomba. Nice echo in that empty house aswell.
Dyson all day

Melica LoL says:

Are they twins?

Addict to Stuff says:

Why do you use an old Dyson vacuum

b d says:

My grandma’s Roomba is named Rosie

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