Roomba i7+ Self-Emptying Vacuum (iRobot): Review and Unboxing Setup

iRobot’s Roomba i7+ Clean Base Vacuum Review! iAdapt 3.0 and Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum i7 Reviewed and Unboxed in this 2018 Setup Video. Featuring Automatic Dirt Disposal, Imprint Smart Mapping and the iRobot HOME App.

Purchase the iRobot Roomba i7+ Clean Base, Starting at $949:

Quick Specs (i7+ Reviewed Model)
Clean Base: Holds 30 Bins
Suction: 10x Older Models
Connectivity: iRobot App
Navigation: iAdapt 3.0
OS: Custom iRobot firmware

Complete Roomba i7 Specs:

Last iRobot Roomba (980) Unboxing & Review:

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for additional coverage on iRobot’s i7 Roomba and other products!


Note: This is the latest 2018 Roomba i7+ Clean Base from iRobot


Joshua Mitchell says:

Totally interested in this vacuum the iPhone Xs give away. Can’t wait for the follow up review. I was hesitant to buy one but I like this docking station with auto empty. Legit! Thanks for all the awesome videos and work you ICU.

Артём Патрушев says:

My mum cleaning for free > $1000 vacuum

Shimon Chakma says:

What a cool device

sniperammow says:

Vacuuming is not that hard, plus that is why you have children.

Zack Katz says:

People who have OCD should use this product.

kamryn G says:


Jo Winner says:

That’s a great introductory video! We are waiting for our i7+ to arrive in the next few weeks. Fantastic technology.

sonictonic says:

Wow. This thing is smart! I was surprised to see a vacuum review from you, but I love all your vids so I watched and actually really enjoyed you showing this thing. 🙂 AND now I am adding this to my personal “wish list” of tech to get at some point. Keep up the good work, Tanner!

Peter says:

Next step: irobot for stairs!

JennJenn says:

Great review, first video of yours I’ve seen, I’m definitely subscribing! And who doesn’t love a giveaway, especially when your phone is on its last leg, LOL.

fufu ufuf says:

at ~17.40, you skipped showing voltage and frequency requirements. would you add video to show voltage and frequency requirements as it is written on the device and where it can be seen on the device . thanks.

nicoo__m says:

When Will you jailbreak the roomba???

Its Dopeyyy says:

8 advertisements in one video? I just stopped watching

zLee-HD says:

$1000 damn you’re ad revenue must have paid off

jeremy vega says:

Instead of paying $14.99 for set of 3 just reuse the bin. You save so much money .

Nightrider RV says:

The cleaning bots are taking over; we have the 980 it runs great you have to empty the bin but thats part of it, really like ours. Awesome news on the giveaway!!!!

Jeffrey Obadal says:

So… How does it do in the dark? Does it finally have a better battery? Or is run time still only 1 to 2 hours? The bag doesn’t look environmentally friendly… Is that hard plastic? Last but not least, that looks like the same air filter on the e6, is it just as tedious to keep clean in dusty environments? I originally upgraded to the 980 because of that… Hope they didn’t make the same mistake with the i7.

supra2nv says:

^v^ I want one so bad

ArabicTrickShoter says:

i hope i get the iphone

fufu ufuf says:

dear, what is the adapter or device or charger or automatic clean base input voltage and frequency? is it 100~120v 50/60 hrz or 100~240v 50/60 hrz? can you include pictures in your reply. thanks

CodGaming1999 says:

Old phone is broken


I want the Xs because I’ve had an iPad mini for about two years and it has 16 giga bytes so

J C says:

Now that the Roomba has “i” in front of it, please show us jailbreaks on it! Hahaha

After all you’re icrackyouridevice!

dysonobsessed says:

i love to watch your irobot reviews, they are so thorough. keep it up!

Mw2m12 says:

Would love to win , I’m still on an iPhone 5s and desperately need a new phone however the costs of the new phones are so high. I have been watching your videos for a long while now and loved seeing you grow.

Cruz Ortiz says:

That voice is annoying!

TrickWithAKnife says:

It’s really nice, but $1,000 is unrealistic.

fufu ufuf says:

I need to see voltage and frequency information on the roomba i7+, check this example video

Kechto says:

Great video, also eager to see the iphone xs giveaway 🙂

Shiv Patil says:

Hope i will get giveaway for the first time☺️

Dion Slater says:

Says he’s gonna do an iPhone Xs giveaway, so puts about 20 ads in the video

Dylan Luigi Canning Garcia says:

I would love to have a IPhone Xs, I have been with an IPhone 5 for the last 5 years. I love the features of the X models

Ayeru says:

this is my favourite jailbreak tweak


❤ iPhone

kljunatic says:

New and improved I7 compared to the 980 not. The battery of the 980 is a 3300 milliampere hours and the I7 is a 1830 Milliampere hours. The smaller filter actually isn’t better. The Bin capacity of the 980 is 0.158 gal and the i7 is 0.1 also the i7 is taller but smaller diameter. Why couldn’t I robot just add the new Navigation to the 980. It would really help with battery life and more efficient cleaning

based says:

Cutest air filter I’ve ever seen lol

Pieman16 says:

But the thing everyone wants to know is can it be jail broken?

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