Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review (And Why Most Toxic Vacuums Don’t Really Work).

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Spaceman Rick says:

I disagree, not OK to blow dust back into the shop, or a client’s house.
They do make certified HEPA wet/dry shop-type vacs.

Chris Johnson says:

One number get rid of the carpet in your home.

Beedy KH says:

I have it. I like it. It works as intended.

Curtis Sanchez says:

Used to have a vacuum shop, by far the best vacuum out there. My favorite vacuum to use but the worst vacuum to fix, very technical especially when putting all those components and aluminum fans back in place.

Frances Ehrenberg-Hyman says:

I bought a Rainbow in 1985 and I still have and use the same one. It’s better than any other vacuum I have tried.

Joel Almemdarez says:


Amy DiDonato says:

i fucking hate this machine it is horrible do not buy this machine please

Prasanth Selvadurai says:

100 dollar vacuum cleaners have self coiling power cords, but rainbow doesn’t. It does the job, but at the cost of impracticality

Lib Rom says:

After using all kinds of vacuums for more than fifty years I can vouch for the rainbow. I am so grateful I spent my money in it. When I die is going to one of my children.

Sam says:

I can make this with with a bucket and a shop vac.
This is such hippie bs…

Edwin Guingab says:

Nice presentation. Thank you – we love our rainbow! Other than the main feature in cleaning the carpet, the accessories are nothing but awesome additional benefits. My cars has never been clean inside as they are now and those car scents, gone! the aroma oils, super!

Bruce Bailey says:

I don’t disagree with any of this except that there must be a reason that Rainbow added a Hepa filter to the recent models. The water does a great job, you can see it. Maybe the hepa filter is for when you have clogged up the water with hair and fluff and there is dry stuff on top of the water?

mintsiez says:

If a water filter is so great why did rainbow start adding hepa filters on the new model ?

Amy DiDonato says:

i fucking hate this machine it is horrible do not buy this machine please

Markus Patients says:

All item not seen here are sold separately like a long handle so I don’t have to crawl around on my knees in order to vacuum the floor and given the cost of these vac’s are they just for people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates ?

chargermopar says:

I have a central vacuum system. It simply exhausts outside

Kasnya Berry says:

I will NEVER stop regretting selling mine for pennies on the dollar when I got tired of dragging that heavy thing around, hitting my ankles! It’s a heavy vacuum, it’s clunky, but it’s the BEST vac out there.

sara cabello says:

Be wary of the program!
The rainbow is great really. However, we entered the program and sold like 7 out of the 12 demos we did. 7! Unfortunately, the fine print stated we HAD to have only 4 renters for the demos the rest had to be home owners. So, even with our 7 sold. We didnt qualify for completing the program. They waited 2 months, until yesterday, to tell us this info. Now, we have 1 week to find 1 more demo, who fits their demographics. Even if they buy the vacuum it wont count towards our program unless they fit into the specificiations.
This is so misleading in many ways. We did do a 13th show literally last night. Hoping to finish the 12th qualifying show. Today we get an email from the rainbow company stating the the county records are not updated. And because the homeowner recently purchsed the home in june it does not reflect their name, it just says it was sold but not to whom.

I had no plans to ask all my friends wether they own their home and show proof. If i would have know this i would have opted out. They are worse than pushy salesman cause at least you dont get ropped in and do all the hard work taking them to all your friends houses and in the end having to foot the bill for a very expensive vacuum.

Len Williams says:

This machine is a piece of junk. Definitely not worth the price. The salesman dancing around on your carpet or the office selling this product might be paying a distributor less than $300 and turn around and charge you $2800. Do not buy it. You’re better off with a high-end upright. What Bullshit!

Jack Gioscio says:

Shut up these things are great my mom sells them and there great

ima piledriver says:

water pipe shot gunner

Daddy421 says:

there is absolutely no way this machine can remove humidity. if Rainbow is saying that, it’s pure snake oil. it would need a refridgeration system or dessicants to remove humidity, two things it does not have! it can only ADD humidity!

MegaVoltrix says:

Why am I watching this at 3AM? I should be studying

R B says:

Is it good for tile floor

ima piledriver says:

there made in the usa

Troy Remy says:


Electrolux lad says:

Tbh they don’t work central vacuum work the best.

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