Quantum Vac | Water Filtration Vacuum Review

The Quantum Vac is a water-based filter vacuum cleaner that features bacteria-killing micro silver technology, protecting your family from toxins, pathogens, germs & more. Watch the review to
see just how much better than our mid-priced vacuum cleaner it is. Much more than just a vacuum cleaner for your carpets, the Quantum Vac Pro also vacuums hard floors (both wet messes and dry), dusts, removes pet hair, acts as an air purifier, and can even be used as a leaf blower!
The Quantum Vac household vacuum is the perfect vacuum for people with allergies.

Check out my full review of the Quantum Vac (and get a coupon code for $50 off your Quantum Vacuum!) here: http://bit.ly/2eg1Vkf

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Quantum Vac Pro (1) – http://amzn.to/2kU1gqX


Mike Dunn says:

Does the Quantum have a HEPA filter like other water filter vacuums? If it does,doesn’t it weaken the suction when it gets dirty? One other thing: does the power head swivel? I enjoyed your thorough review,by the way!

cristiano camacho says:

Shame on them for talking about the Rainbow, which is the best and guess what… It was the first product to use water on a vacuum cleaner, not to mention it has 4 certificates internationally and it ends up receiving a certification on every country where it gets comercialized. It is recomended by doctors as well… Even that Quantum vacuum design looks like the D4 Rainbow (launched in 1990)… Rainbow is the pioneer on vacuum cleaners and the HEPA (the real HEPA that Rainbow uses) doesn’t clog cause it is there to filter bacteria and germs…. the actual dirt and dust stays in the water. Rainbow costs 2500 plus dollars cause it is a high quality product with over 80 years experience in the field, sold door to door. Not a cheap quality plastic vacuum with that “amazing” silver bullshit technology sold in the TV because 3 people say they own it (well… do they actually?) and it is awesome. Oh please… And the warranty? 5 years for Quantum… Rainbow gets 8 years…

Ivan Hoe says:

Nice informative review. 2nd time I heard of water based filter vacuum cleaner. 1st time was this Monday when I was cleaning a client’s home.

RyanSellman1 says:

Does the Quantum use a geared belt for it’s power nozzle?

kode1996 says:

how did you get this vacuum? If you check out my YouTube channel I have tested a lot of vacuum cleaners and carpet washers and floor care products. not one of my machines have been sent to me by a company for product review. i have bought all of them.

John Smith says:

is it a loud machine? I’m considering it over a rainbow because of cost. but I’m worried I won’t be satisfied. plus it doesn’t shampoo or do nearly as much as the rainbow. but it’s cheaper

Vacuum Cleaner Collector/Fixer says:

Oh So Savvy Mom
Do you still have this and still use it?? If you do don’t you think it’s a lot of hassle rather than a Dyson because on the Quantum you have to wash the bin and change the water whereas a Dyson all you have to do is empty it and wash the filters once every three months. Also with the Dyson you can clean the stairs with ease as you have a stretchy hose so you can get to the top of the stairs without carrying the main unit. I have a Dyson and it’s great on the stairs but I also have a Numatic Henry (https://www.numatic.co.uk/product-view.aspx?id=366&r=4&sr=1) and a Kirby (http://www.kirby.com) which obviously I did not pay a lot of money for the Kirby only £35 (second hand)

mark40511 says:

Honestly, I have a rainbow and a sirena. This looks like a pretty good vacuum. I’m sure it has a separator which is a good thing. I would not want a water filtration vacuum that doesn’t have a separator. The only problem would be parts in the future. You’re not really sure the company would be around in 5 years or 10 years. But at least it doesn’t cost a fortune like rainbow. It doesn’t have a hepa filter to trap non wettable dirt, so hopefully no one would try to vacuum flour, talc powder, ashes from fireplaces, or things like that. Otherwise, it should be good. I recommend putting a couple of drops of jet dry rinse aid in the water. It makes the water wetter so it can catch more dirt. You can also put essential oil in for scent

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