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This is a review of the ProTeam Backpack Vacuum. I currently use this in my cleaning business. I go over the pros, cons, things you should avoid and finish off by giving it a rating.

I hope you find this video to be of assistance to you.

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jean Green says:

Thank you for the info. I am considering buying a Pro team vacuum, so I appreciate the review on this product. It will make it easier for me to decide if this is the vacuum I want.

l-Tony-l says:

mine broke engine died says:

thanks. So Where I can buy this good flexible hose for vacuum?

Jens Tori says:

What’s the best for hardwood floors

dnvziblone says:

Good video. Can you use the Sanitaire hose with the ProTeam vacuum to get the best of both worlds?

Jamie Hanson says:

What vacuum would you recommend for construction cleans?

riri52363 says:

A number of comments.. I own 3 of these in my cleaning business. Each one cost a little over $300 via Home Depot online with free shipping. All came with the floor brush attachment and purple head. All came with the snap wand and I purchased my last one a year ago. I actually never saw the wand you have but am interested in purchasing one. Not sure if you mentioned the filter on the bottom inside the canister and the muffler underneath? It’s important to mention it is not for sucking up liquids and not to sit it on the floor while it is on. Very correct on the hose and extension cord issues. The vacuum needs a place to hold the cord while vacuuming as it tends to drag along debri as you move. The lid comes loose often while vacuuming. The smaller ones have latches on the lid. But the smaller ones aren’t as powerful suction wise and the wand and bristle aren’t as nice. Any tips on keeping the cord from getting bent out of shape and have you made a hook for your cord that you can show me? Thank you for the video. It was informative even after 6 years of using them.

genomicmedicine says:

Hi…thanks for the video…I have an aviary with large Macaws…so there are pieces of wood, walnut shells, dust from the birds, pieces of food, the floor in the aviary is concrete…so each day I lie sheets on the floor…and each night I throw them in the washer…so I typically vacuum in the morning and the evening…I also want to use a backpack vacuum to vacuum tile, Persian rugs, and granite flooring. I looked at the Hoover that requires batteries…but the cost is too high and the CFM is not that good…any suggestions for a vacuum would be appreciated…even one with a power head for the Persian rugs would be nice. I have been using a shop vac for the aviary and a Miele vacuum for the rest of the house…but finding one vacuum for both would be awesome!

Brett Hagelee says:


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