Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

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Here is my full review of the Numatic Hetty HET 200A bagged vacuum cleaner. Well made, very quiet with a long hose and cord, but not the best cleaner for carpets. Get the optional Turbo brush to improve carpet cleaning performance or look at the Henry Extra, John or Lewis variants. (John & Lewis available only from John Lewis stores or online).

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Misty Stiverson says:

I wish I could have it

juankeny88lives says:

would 30 bags and 15 filters cant last long time,? i wanna buy a henry hoover hvr200-2 not the newer lower wattage numatic cleaners.

tribefenatic says:

You look hilarious with Hetty’s face, I would invite you to a Halloween party this summer

Ester Hernandez says:

Roger she looks hideous without eyes

Sean Turner says:

I have a hetty and I got a turbo head of amazon  from Sean turner if you have one please contact me sxxx

Amelia Violet says:

this review did me good Coz i came a cross a Hetty with is 1 with a green flower on her hat its a model het-200-12 she’s a (20 20 v & a 6 wat she has the parking brake on her back) never insisted trying it coz the dam bag is full & the Hetty i came a cross is in still prisine condition i carnt even resist staying with her

Chewy's Bro Aquatics says:

Why do they not sell them in the UK anymore

Adam Pope says:

you are funny

H MAN says:

My conclusion: People that are happy to use a Henry and claim it’s the best. Also like the illusion of cleaning, rather than actual clean.

Luke Davies says:

Is Hetty better than Henry?

sydney coper says:

lol i love your acent you souldrecord the acsent  spoo someone

milletboy says:


Nock Wist says:

“she is a heavy girl especially if she’s got a lot of muck inside her” I am fucking crying!!! great vid

richardlee1985 says:

I’ve never liked those Numatic carpet nozzles. The old style single pedal ones seemed much better.

Brenda Mason says:

Do you have the code for the hose

Shane Waldo says:

i think it is so funny when he says “hi, i’m Hetty and i want to clean your house”

Max Mc says:

This would have been a good review if only you hadn’t made basic mistakes. For your information, all cylinder vacuums of this type are made to suck in air and exhaust them. It is obvious that in order to pick up debris of the kind that you were attempting, you must use the correct head for the job. All you were doing was pushing the bigger bits of debris along by not raising the head so that it can pass over. That was a ridiculous thing to do. I don’t have a Numatic but I do use cylinders and uprights and I can tell you that even with my industrial cylinder the same occurs and I have to raise the head for the big bits. Someone of your apparent experience should know these things. It did appear that instead of reviewing the product, you were actually trying to find faults. 
This machine appears to be a general purpose machine, which is favoured by builders, offices, trades men, and I can’t see that they would waste their time using something which can’t pick up, as in your demonstration.
You knocked it for being heavy to carry on the stairs, well guess what? If someone wants to do lots of stairs, then they either do as you did and get hose extension, get one of those vacuums which can fit on the stairs or get a very light vacuum. But here’s the thing, motors are made of metal and the more powerful they are, the heavier they are.
How is this vacuum bulky? What’s a normal shape vacuum cleaner?
My suggestion is that anyone wanting one of these types of vacuums should look at the different types of tools and accessories which will do the job that they want it to and use a little common sense while using it.

719 Siuray says:


Oliviah Macollng says:

look at the manual rewind  i don’t like manual labor Jeremy Clarkson would say(top gear present)

Animal Crossing forever says:

AWWW Daisy <3 😀

RustySkull Productions says:

Haha I don’t think I’ve seen this one yet, you crack me up in some of your videos. Good work you’re a good man sir!

Luke Davies says:

These machines are excellent for cleaning cars

ᗪEᐯIᑎ J says:


Luke Davies says:

Yesterday I used my 2013 Henry HVR-200A on the stairs in my nana’s old house just the hose on it and I walked up the stairs after vacuuming them and the pile was restored. I am thinking of buying the Numatic Airo Brush. Would you recommend I get one?

GLITZYGIRL8011 says:

Can I buy this In the us

Ian O'Callaghan says:

I have the extra hose to

Elephant Gamer26 says:

Some Numatics did come with the carstor wheeels and no fixed back wheels.

bilal hussain says:

Great video in detail

Shane Waldo says:

i was wondering if you could unbox and review some Shop-Vac(R) brand vacuums?

Alex Parker says:

I have got the Henry version of that. Pretty good.

mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

Thank you – a very generous review… I am looking at hetty considering…. but argos have a dyson dc19 on sale… so not sure now… So are you saying I cna buy the turbo brush seperately for hetty?

numaticrule29 says:

Hi rogef can u reveiw a cheap wet and dry workshop vacuum please

Silver Cymbal says:

You must have the cleanest house in the UK! Great videos!!! Keep up the good work.

Forest of Dean Poems says:

did you find that the high button does not work as well as it use to

The Lord hears the cry of the poor Clara says:

I love my Hetty hoover, wouldn’t be without her.

Samina Yusuf says:

Hetty HET 200-A2 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Vs Henry HVR 200-A2 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner??

frankieboysgirl says:

Thank you so much for this video it really helped me, I was on the point of taking my Henry back to the shop when I watched your video and realised what I was doing wrong.  What an idiot I would have felt, so again Thanx…

Kaiser Edwards says:

can u do a unboxing of a hoover jet wash 1500 carpet shampoo machine

Ventrack RAC says:

I’ve got a Hetty. And I used it for spring cleaning.

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