Numatic Henry HVR 200-12 Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

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Unboxing video

In this video I demonstrate the latest version of the popular Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner with an energy saving 620 watt motor. Can a machine using almost half the energy of the old 1200 watt model clean just as effectively? If you watch this video, you will find out.

In the first part of the demonstration, I give you a guided tour of Henry and show all the cleaning tools that are supplied with the cleaner.

I then show how well Henry removes dirt up to the edge and on fitted carpets using a variety of dirt and dust. I then show how effective Henry is at cleaning a hard surface.

The video then shows how far henry will reach up a standard flight of stairs

Henry is tested on carpet cleaning performance, edge cleaning, hard floor cleaning and stair cleaning. I end the video by summing up the new low energy henry.

Specifications for the new Henry are below.

The Numatic Henry has a big 9-litre capacity and is an extremely robust vacuum cleaner. A massive 9-litre dust bag means he can take plenty of hard work in his stride.

Comes complete with a range of accessories ideal for cleaning upholstery, shelves, skirting boards or your car. The 10m power cord’s handy storage system keeps everything neat and tidy. The 2.4m hose and three-piece stainless steel extension tubes also give you all the reach you need.

Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee
9 litre dust capacity
3 piece stainless steel tubes
Combo floor nozzle, dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool
Includes 4 x new style HEPA flow bags
Rubber bumper to protect doors and walls
Four HEPA-style flow bags included
10m power cord
2.4m hose
Weight: 6.6 kg
Energy: A-rated
Carpet: C-rated
Hard floor: C-rated
Emissions: C-rated
Noise: 74.4dB


Eugene J says:

Most of Hotel in New Zealand use henry — made housekeeper job extremely harder… I don’t know why managers keep buying Henry for heavy commercial cleaning.. that machine maybe good for house..

Daisyandchlo says:

I had a Henry about eight years ago. I’m fairly certain it had what they called a boost switch at the time. It wasn’t high or low power. It was powerful in it’s standard mode, but the ‘boost’ switch just made it even more powerful. I tried the boost switch once, but found it too much as it lifted the carpet up. It was a great vacuum cleaner just using it’s standard setting. I didn’t know you could buy spare hoses, and when mine split a few years ago, I threw the Henry away, as I couldn’t use him.

LollyPoppy girl!! plays msp says:


Greg Bouchard says:


Steven Holt says:

This sucks!

dave sandy says:

Thank Boris for #Brexit

Dave C says:

Depends what floor head your machine came with. There are at least three I have ,rang factory in Somerset and they have had several complaints of difficulty using a certain head on thick carpets so they sent me an aero head free of charge

könig123 says:

Numatic makes the best Vacuum Cleaners.

Jack Toyne productions says:

No it’s not ! James Bingham

Esmae Mason says:


dragoncraft says:

do a vid of a 90s henry

Oliviah Macollng says:

now now Henry calm  down don’t be upset little feller  ignore them retarded bullies tell ur family from me that you’ll be still u even Roger(ibaisaic) will look after u just  show or tell Roger u trust him

Grace Old-Orchard says:

Yes I have one of the old Henrys, they are excellent.

Brian matty says:

that was a good review 🙂

hansonsux says:

I lost it as the first cheesy transition.

ShrinkDavid 1982 says:


1671 gaming says:

I’m not sure if I want to get the u.s version of this vacuum or if I want to get a hyla nst vacuum give me your opinions please

Dank Memes says:

I really want one, but I’m in America.
It would be really funny if someone modded Henry’s face to le Lenny face.

Dave C says:

nice but ridiculously hard to brush a thick pile carpet with

William Thomas says:


Arron Baddeley says:

the rice just flies about

boby botttom says:

I love all your videos

Olivia Morton says:

The intro is so funny I’m peeing myself

M22OHIO says:

The EU sucks I’m glad you guys in Brittan voted to leave that stupid thing. Cheers from the USA. I have a Henry as well btw.

James Bingham says:

It,s crap

Boobs Sexy says:

It’s not crap

dragoncraft says:

ive got a stretchy hose like you get on uprights on my henry {s}

Funtime Fredbear 1987 Funtime Magee says:

How much did Henry cost? When I got I did not know what price it was because my nanny bought it to replace it with my broken henryxtra.

Space Monkey says:

Hurrah for Brexit!

sorcerer101567 says:

I must admit, having had the current model of Henry in use at home now for a few weeks, I haven’t yet had to use it in high power at all. It does a very good job on low.

sorcerer101567 says:

Roger, do you still have Hetty? It would certainly be interesting to see how the older style floortool does on the new style machine. Potentially a test for the future?

Samuel Brooks says:

I’ve watched and enjoyed quite a few of your videos. However, you never seemed to have tested a Bosch. Is there any reason for this and will you test one in future?

My Bosch cylinder GS40 is the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used. It’s kept continuous suction in two years. My Vax Air upright lost suction power after only a few months! The build quality of the Bosch is also excellent

Jim bob says:

it’s a load of dung

ketmaniac says:

It’s been a few decades since I was ten years old. Do they sell a model without that stupid face on the front?

dragoncraft says:

could you do a henry xtra please?

Benji Cheshire says:

witch shop did you buy it

mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

My goodness mate you are bloomin’ funny!

Roger i wanted to say a big thank you but will go onto the Hetty review page of yours

Olivia Morton says:

Henry used to be bag less

s Tabz jr. says:

I just bought one today.

boby botttom says:

how much were your Henry

Raining Stars says:

I still got my old Henry extra, I bought him in 2008, I call him my little smelly shit!

Luke Davies says:

I am pleased with my Henry HVR 200-12 and I like the new floor head but it doesn’t like sticking to the carpet sometimes but I rarely use it on carpets and I tend to use the airobrush on carpets. To be honest I don’t think it does the best job ion hard floors. I use it for my hard floors and it does about 90% of the job. Have you found your Dyson DC40 doing a better job on floors? My Dyson DC55 does a really good job on hard floors and it has a longer cord than Henry. It has an 11m power cord. I mainly use the Dyson for stairs and carpets. Henry is the main machine I use for floors. Also have you noticed the curved tube slips out of the straight tubes? Mine seems to do that.

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