Numatic Harry Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

In this video I demonstrate the Numatic Harry on different surfaces using different types of dirt.

I test how effective the cleaner is at removing pet hair and general dirt from carpets, hard floor cleaning performance and how far the cleaner will reach up the stairs.

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cars and vacuum cleaners says:

there is a bertie now in bandq

T_W says:

were did you bye it from

Arjun Singh says:

Great video, how did you get the bag of filth in a perfect shape when you put it down?

BeanHeadGaming says:

Hello, which would you say was best for dog hair. The miele c3 powerline, karcher wd4 premium or henry? I would appreciate it if you could answer, thanks!

Joshua Tiberi says:

Ya me my self I don,t have a Henry yet but I do have to turbo brushs and they don,t work that well because if you push hard on the turbo brush it stops the brushs

Freethinker says:

I bought this hoover and it’s garbage! Hardly touches even a thin layer of pet hair

Paulie Jo Mama says:

Daisy is always so cute

Crystal Yonut says:


Vacuum Cleaner Collector/Fixer says:

Would you ever get a Numatic Charles?

Jools.j Fantastic! Well done George says:

Hi, is it possible to buy the activated micro fresh charcoal filter separately & fit it to a Henry Xtra? Hoping this might be a solution to the awful smell from hoovering labrador dog hair with my Henry Xtra. It’s quite effective dog hair wise, it’s just the smell that’s off putting.

Nate 1994 says:

Is the turbo nozzle motor-driven or air-driven?

NpMusic says:

Are Royal and Kirby also not available in the United Kingdom?

Alex Parker says:

Maybe you should buy a new numatic Charles

Harry Winter says:

i hav the saim name

NYG Joe says:

Just wondering, what is your favorite numatic? Mine is James.

Dad & Jake's Videos says:

Great demonstration 🙂

sara Price says:

+ibaisaic It’s left two “lines of shame!”

Steven Hill says:

not the best of vacs pet hair is the ultimate test it should pick up first pass . could of had a wider tube

mark89474 says:

which wud u say best for daily use harry or vax 6131

Arjun Singh says:

I’ve always loved vacuums ever since I was wee

lindseyryan82 says:

Numatic cleaners should really make a power head model…they have great suction it could really be awesome

Greg Bouchard says:


Huw Clements says:

I would say it 50% good not disappointing on the harry turbo brush.

Joshua Tiberi says:

You should of tryed the hario brush on the carpet for the big mess test

cars and vacuum cleaners says:

when are you going to demonstrate the electrolux 560 electronic

T_W says:

the model number on this is HHR200 isn’t it that used to be the good old henry hounds model number

Alex Parker says:

My nan has a standard Henry and she has the airo-brush. Get the HHR200A2, HVR200A2 and the HET200A2. That
might do a little bit better.

Misty Stiverson says:

I bought one new and when I turned it on and it did not work.

Steve Speck says:

Hey Roger – no Kenny Everett comparisons today but my last comment was all in the best possible taste. Just one thing, you describe your channel name as I-bay-si-ac but surely it’s I-bays-ache. Are you transposing the i and the a? God, I’m a pedant. Great channel, entertaining and informative videos – who could ask for more?

RustySkull Productions says:

That hair pick up was shocking, you need a Kirby.

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