My Review of the Bissell 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum

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Akoben Renaissance says:

Thanks for the review!

Gucci T says:

Thanks for making this review I had to order one for my girls they love to help me clean

stormy magee says:

I do have the regular Bissell vacuum and love them.

chris jason says:

im buying one today

nancy coutlee says:

Bought one !! Love it …..thankyou

Ujii J says:

is this energy efficient vacuum?

Lori says:

Does it come with a crevice tool? Thanks:)

Tracy Myrie says:

Just ordered one waiting on they haven’t ship it yet

Naomi E says:

Thanks for the review really help me a lot I’ve been looking for a vacuum like this for a while especially for my room because i have a lot of cat hair and is annoying to clean it with the broom

Darlene Michaud says:

Please give me a thumbs up if you’d like me to do more reviews!

LitAfuseiCantStop says:

I picked up on your accent from the very beginning of the video & knew you had to be a fellow “Mainer” -Great video btw =)

lishde says:

if you disable to dislike bar i will assume this is a bad video and i will dislike and stop your videos from showing up in my recommended and side bar

Curtis Brady says:


Tracy Dababseh says:

“Skylar loves to clean” hahaha! Can I borrow Skylar on the weekends XD thank you so much for your review, it was as entertaining as it was helpful!

John Mac says:

very wise to the testing for heavier material! Thanks Darlene!

Lyndsy Bogart says:

that is my dogs name

Jennifer Edward says:

Thank you for the review. I bought one because I live in an apartment. Love that you showed how to take it apart, I thought it would be more difficult. Added to my favourite videos

msxmargo says:

thank u Darlene u helped me out

Fessel Mukhtar says:

Just bought one after seeing your video.

msxmargo says:

I was looking for a little vaccum for second floor instead of lugging up Dyson upstairs, and found u ,I am sold. I never would of tried cuz it’s so cheap( I thought if was way to cheap to work) we have only wood floors upstairs this will be perfect

Intel Core i7 7700k says:

Uh oh, looks like i’m on the wrong side of youtube again **laugh track plays**

Mark Dickerson says:

I actually prefer a cord, though this one doesn’t have much to work with. I’m leery of battery powered models since I spent $50 on a Black n Decker fancy shmancy dust buster from Walmart and the battery really has gone bad after what seemed like less than a year. It was never that long lasting to begin with.

I also wish there were attachments but the small rectangular opening won’t accommodate anything that I’ve been able to find and I’ve been looking everywhere, including Thrift Stores. I am resigned to having to improvise something if I can. (Used Vacuum and Parts store here went out of business which would have anything you could imagine.)

I also found that it doesn’t really lay down enough to get under things I think it should be able to. It could, but they just didn’t make the opening of the rotating piece long enough. Sometimes I wonder if they deliberately downscaled this product so as not to take business away from more expensive products!

Rachel Tootle says:

I have one to

Emily McNally says:

does it work okay on carpet as well?

barbie ray says:

thank YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. and aS USUAL i NEVER KEPT THE INSTRUCTIONS AND A COUPLE YEARS later I wondered if this thing came apart and usable as a hand vac. It sure looked like it was made to do so. I tried to pull it apart and was so afraid I would destroy it by pulling it too hard. Soooo in this online response to your fantastic video I have just showed my ignorance and fearfulness but I am so glad I can show my thanks to you. THANK YOU Darlene. Keep your vidos coming for us folks that do not have our crap together. 🙂

John Tootle says:

i have a gray one

Chase The Night SKYE says:

wow I bet thats great to have as a back up. I think I want to get one when I can TY for telling us about this I am a huge clean freak I love stuff like this that price is unbeatable.

Rachel Tootle says:

I love vaccines to

Bronze Hachi says:

i was really surprised on how good this vacuum works. Considering the price of it.

Mya Cusimano says:

glad you up sugar… i have a lot of sand because the lower end of the east coast. sand is everywhere. getting one of these instead of the swiffer vac.

Karen says:

Thanks for this review! I was thinking about buying this vacuum online for my dorm room and it seems like it will work great. I love how natural and sincere you are as well. Great review from a very sweet woman!

Bianca Tamayo says:

Thanks for this review. I’m buying one asap!

miller4hats says:

Sharing this to my daughter Darlene.

Melissa James says:

I loves mine i use it for light cleaning when i don’t have to sweep large amount of hair. I have cats and a dog, they do shed.

Diomedes01 says:

Thanks for sharing this review. I just bought a home with lots of hardwood and tile and I was looking at what vacuums would be good and keeping things clean. Looks like this one will be good value for my money.

Shub says:

After watching your review I have just ordered “Bissell Aero Vac 2-In-1 Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner”.

Yours is 3 and 1 and the one I ordered is 2 in 1 but I see no difference between both the products.

Robet Alequin says:

great review

Rebecca Arnold says:

Thank you so much for this Bissell 3 in 1 stick vacuum review. I just purchased the silver one at Walmart. Very cute examples.

Jennifer Herzog says:

We have a similar one. It’s by Electrolux (also from Walmart). It is battery operated and charges on it’s own little charging base. It’s basically the same thing as this, where you have a hand vac and a stick vac. Big difference in price though…it was about $90.

stormy magee says:

Mine didn’t work well at all. Maybe it was because it was carpet? In the end the thing just got hot and pffffff..died.

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