Milwaukee M18 Compact Handheld Vacuum Review

The new Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum (0882-20) nicely splits the difference between the company’s M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum and their M12 Vacuum. Priced the same as the Wet/Dry vac ($99), the new M18 compact vac presents another cleanup option for Pros.

There’s no doubt that Milwaukee filled a space with this new compact M18 vacuum. They now have three models that fit every small-job need. At $99, this vacuum is certainly priced right (and identical to the Wet/Dry). It presents a “no-brainer” purchase for those already on the M18 platform. This also begs the question as to whether a larger full-size model is in the works. It’s anybody’s guess, but we imagine it would need to use a couple 9.0Ah batteries to really pull off the run-time. We’ll let you know if that turns up anywhere in our travels. For now, I’m handing the Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum back over to my son. He’s eager to get back to earning his allowance!

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Daft Hands says:

Great tool. Drains my heavy duty M18 batteries quick.

Joe Framer says:

The rigid system is more compact ,less money and more powerful… must be getting these tools for free

perfectdiversion says:

Your right this is a real no brainer. I am hanging out for this to be released in Australia! We only just got their Surge impact and screwgun. Great review and channel

Jesse Burrows says:

Is this the motor reversible? I’d like the option to use this to blow up and take down air mattresses or other inflatables. I’d like a newer m18 tool that does that.

Ryan Gehrke says:

My 4 year olds love vacuuming w/ “dad’s” tools. I have all 3 of Milwaukee’s vacuums and this one is my go to because of the power and easy to use. The 12v vac is used a lot because of the size. Excellent review!

Mark M says:

I just picked this up today at HD, $139 Canadian. Tried it out and it works great. The quality is there, you will feel it and see it if you get one. It is definitely a no-brainier if your, like they say, already into the M18 line with battery’s. I was looking for a small compact cordless vac like this, dewalts was too big, ryobi, too big, this one is just perfect size for the workbench, small cleanups on the shop floor, and the vehicles. I always hated just lugging my shopvac out to the car to clean the inside, plugging it in, taking it back. This thing, just grab it and go. Im on 3 platforms with dewalt, ryobi and millwaukee and dont plan on changing, as I have quite a few $$ invested in these batteries. I would recommend if you already on the M18 Line.

Pete Slonka says:

I picked up one of these and love it on job sites to keep tidy. Good review but you didn’t mention the trigger lock so you don’t have to hold it down all the time to use. Very hand tool. Thanks

Janie Newell says:

Great Video

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