Miele Blizzard CX1 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

In this video I demonstrate and review the Blizzard CX1 Comfort Powerline, Miele’s first bagless vacuum cleaner.


ShrinkDavid 1982 says:

Nice and quiet. The video was very professional.

janeanstone says:

so there is no powered head with beater brush?

Maciek Rydzewski says:

Best bag less vacuum cleaner under 550euro???

The Oscar Report says:

Good video.

Jon Patrick McConnell says:

Great video Roger!! I had an idea.. could you show taking the full dirt bin to the trash an and the basic steps to empty it?? I’m assuming this Miele is going to be messy to empty and time and labor consuming. Anyhow, just a thought, NO criticism as you’re videos are amazing! Hugs and so kind of you to vacuum your Moms house, hope the sale goes through for her and best of luck on her home change. You are a great son!!

1Fom says:

I never expect a vac to clean up to the edges thoroughly, I either take off the head and use the wand or attach the crevice tool.

ABigOneLikeDaddys says:

great video
(I have a Miele Silverstar, since new)

S Greenslade says:

Hi Very useful video. Has anyone else found the bin falling from their hands when they hold the internal handle to the extra filter? This happened to me and now it is broken as it fell on my tiled kitchen floor!

Rusty Andres says:

I’ll bet if you got the Miele Turbo nozzle (air-driven) it would work great!

Flo Jo says:

Thank you, we were puzzling how to remove the mesh filter …. just pull hard on the damned thing, fair enough!

camisolaverde says:

Hi Roger. Just bought one without the remote. Started using it. All looked very promising. Did living room. But with brushes protuding by accident. Did kitchen and bathroom and some stairs. Then yellow comfort light came on. I didn’t know what it was and what the noise was. I thought I better empty it because it looked quite full. Went upstairs to do bedroom and almost immediatley started to go to minimal suction. Kept going to yellow comfort light and then red comfort light. I read instructions. Cleaned the dust filter. Didn’t seem to make any differmece and was clogged up straight away again. Then i read more instructions and cleaned the pleated filter. All drying off now. I think with using the protuding brush on the head by accident and not checking the level on the dust container before it got too high and that I hadn’t hoovered for a while as I’d been away I may have overloaded it. Anyway hoping it works well tomorrow once it’s dried out. Any suggestions if it doesn’t? I can’t be cleaning it after every use. That would be too annoying. Bought it at curry’s. Do you think they would change it if I don’t want it??

Joey Wiegand says:

Roger do you feel that this vacuum would benefit from a multi cyclonic system? Like a Dyson?

Karina Fletcher says:

Bought one as my daily cleaner for downstairs on mainly hard flooring and dusting, Just got myself a electro C3 with the 228 powerhead that I’ll use on the carpets only, I’ve put away my 2200W s8 cat n dog now, as EU won’t allow us to have amazing powerful vacs anymore so it’s only coming out on special occasions lol.

barrieuk says:

Worthless. To compare with a bagged machine, a Miele one and a Dyson. That would be useful.

VacMaster1991 says:

That is what happens when a grandpa vacuum company tries to make modern technology LOL.

Jim Sims says:

The really special part of this vacuum is the HEPA filter. It is a hydrophobic ptfe filter medium that can be full of garbage then completely cleaned by passing it under a stream of water. Like Gore’s Cleanstream filters.

Calvin Wai says:

Would you recommend this over a bagged Miele Cylinder?

Jeryl koh says:

how much is the miele  cx1 bagless vacume cleaner

kismet valk says:

My Miele (delivered today and same model) will NOT switch on!  I went to curries and same there!  Any advice??  Maybe I’m missing something..

Rich P says:

At least you dont have to clean up after making this video

Jeryl koh says:

where did you buy the miele cx1 bagless vacume

Amit Kumar says:

very comprehensive and neutral review. thanks.

Eric Soto says:

What’s this– no street-sweeper out front… no mischievous Daisy… no shirt ripping?? I feel this review went far too smoothly, but I enjoyed it all the same 😉 TGI…baisaic!

Lin Ger says:

this video shows why NOT buy Miele ?

Patrick Dawson says:

I’ve been told that the Blizzard will be debuting in the United States in 2018, and I’m excited to get one, assuming they sell it with a power nozzle. Even if it’s not perfect, Miele doesn’t do a poor job with anything, and it’ll be an amazingly fun vacuum to use! If they don’t offer it with a power nozzle, I won’t bother with it at all, though.

Chrys Perez says:

can you do a video of the comfort clean feature?

Matthias Bergemann says:

Vorwerk Vertreter ?

Vacuumtests says:

Professional review like always.
Some notes about the cyclone system. My Electrolux/AEG UltraFlex has very similar cyclone setup. I have done a lot of real life tests with it + heavy mess tests.
It performs well in real life tests + even in some more demanding tests (like yours).
However when the bin gets full (over the max line) same thing happends to it. It clogs up.
This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need a multi cyclone vacuum.
I still feel like bagged Mieles are better.

jagodek02 says:

Recently, I had the possibility to watch it in one german mediamarkt store and the space under the bin and around connections was very dusty, so I suspect it’s not hygienic vacuum at all. Thanks for review.

Ilgin Beaton says:

Thank you so much for this. What I great and thorough review. I bought this last week and having looked at the instructions I couldn’t quite work out where the filter was and how it’d be cleaned, now I know. Thank you:) I’ve always had a Dyson so it’s the first time I bought a Miele, I thought before the 1200W powerful models disappear I’d better get one, it seems nice but I was expecting a spectacular clean from Miele, I’m a little disappointed I must say……

SheerSquirrelTV says:

It looks quite modern and stylish, but as mentioned a little heavy.

FAUguy23 says:

Not available in the US yet, but it needs a full powered brush head to really work well.

Bettyboop711000 says:

I was expecting better from Miele. My old Cat and Dog Miele copes with just about anything, including clearing up after builders. Thank you for demonstrating the Blizzard. For now I will stick with my old Miele and my new Shark which as we know picks up kitchen dirt without mound in to the front of the brush head.

Matt Thompson says:

I’ll stick to my bagged miele so much better then this bagless crap

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