Mi Robot Vacuum Setup & Review – Automatic Vacuum Cleaner It Works!

Mi Robot Vacuum Review this is a automatic Vacuum Cleaner. I got this from Gearbest website https://goo.gl/eoP2nD Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum : https://goo.gl/2PwpRj You can use the Discount/Promotion code : XIAOMIVAC

This Vacuum cleaner has built in AI and can map your room automatically and clean the same it can also be operated remotely using the smartphone app as it connects to your network via WiFi and I share my experience in this review.


I Turn says:

I wish some Indian company will come up with this kind of innovative stuff..

Williams Harry says:

“As you can see” count = 15

Manu Muralidharan says:

Happy to see these kind of stuffs are reviewed. Bring out these kind of products let us know about all these.Thank you

Mayank Bhura says:

could you also review irobot cleaning machine please.

Prakhar Mittal says:

Anki Overdrive ?? Ranjit can you review that ????

The Palmistry & Astrology House says:

If possible..PL review/provide updates about robot maid which was launched few years back

Jinu Thomas says:

Please review amazfit pace


Nice to see different products sir..plz include in ur review list in future also sir..very nice review and also the product

Akash Ghosh says:

Please keep on reviewing this kind of products..

Ajas Govada says:

Yes.. Please let us know some services like this

Jainam Parmar says:


Akhil Singh says:

Ranjith sir I think you Forgot to mention it’s Cost

Mohamad rahmath ali says:

it looks like its meant only for dry vacuum, what happens of there’s a water spill ?


Yes please review this type of products

Revi kumar c says:

Worst product……

mohit jain says:

why dont xiaomi sell all their products in india.. they’d do so well.. but have to be quite well priced!!

Mangan Meitei says:

Dog dock Robert robot wtf

Madhav Bajaj says:

Can you review one available on amazon as 4 in 1 including UV sterilization

Vishal Chopade says:

Plz review thus kinda stuff…. good luck ranjit

Dennis Shii-Cho says:

This one is too loud, there are other companies which make silent cleaners..

Shivanshu ParmAr says:

That “Robert” though

Vedant Palit says:

Does it work on Apple phones like the MI home app

Naman Bajpai says:

How much custom charges did you have to pay ?

Aditya Sharma says:

“Me Robert Vaccum”

Akhilesh Sooraj says:

Sure… We need more reviews like this

Harshad Patil says:

wall e

Varun Malaviya says:

Geeky bhai aapse kuch ho nhi rha sahi se guruji toh kahan nikal gye!

vishvjit chavan says:

This is nice

Satoshi Q says:

Not sure if its just me or your pronunciation of “robo” sounds like “robert”

Arijit Gayen says:

This is good.


I love it . Please continue to review like this interesting products.

Jahanzeb Shayan says:


Nikhil Aherwar says:

nothing new already saw this in Jesse Pinkman’s house in Breaking Bad.

Nadeem Khalani says:

Have a maid instead may be this gadget won’t suit your home’s corner so easily so worthless for indian home

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