Kirby Avalir 2 Vacuum Review 2018

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Kirby vacuums are pretty much the undisputed champions of Airflow, nothing else really comes close. For example at the floor head we measured 5079 fpm of airflow, or 132 cfm which is just amazing, for context the Dyson Ball Animal 2 which is one of the best regular consumer vacuums in the airflow category measured only 2126 fpm That means the Kirby has more than double the amount of airflow of the most powerful model in Dyson’s lineup, which is pretty crazy if you think about it.

That basically means the Avalir 2 pretty much sucks up everything in its way, and can do things that other vacuums just cant do because of its crazy amount of airflow. .

In canister mode, with the hard floor attachment, the airflow is reduced somewhat but it still measured 2736 fpm, again for context the Dyson V10 which has the highest airflow of any cordless vacuum we know of measured 1929 fpm at the cleaner head, so the Kirby has about 30% more airflow than they Dyson V10 even is canister mode.

Another thing that Kirbys are really good at, and the Avalir 2 is no exception, is carpet agitation. Kibry’s powerful motor, combined with a sturdy wooden roller with stiff bristles means that the brush roll agitates debris that hides all the way at the bottom of carpet, and the aforementioned airflow then sucks it all up. Its basically designed for deep cleaning carpets. This is why they have been successful in a door to door sales, because they can have people vacuum their carpet with their old vacuum, then runs the Kirby over the same area and show them how much dirt their old vacuum missed.

The third thing that Kirby’s are really good at is being incredibly versatile. Its an upright vacuum, but with the right attachments it also can convert to a canister vacuum, a carpet and furniture shampooer, a hard floor polishing machine, a blower, a paint sprayer a handheld vacuum for mattresses and furniture, a mop, a tile and grout cleaner, and more.

As a carpet shampooer, it uses what’s called a dry foam technique which allows for faster drying of carpets. It took me a minute to figure out what I was doing, as I had the foam up too high and the height adjustment all wrong at first but when I did figure it out I found that it cleaned all the mud off our test carpet and dried by the next morning. The setup wasn’t too bad, especially once you know what your doing. I plan on more tests with the shampooer in the future but for now I will just say that I was impressed, and I look forward to see what it does with tougher stains.

Alright, lets move on to the cons.

Kirbys are heavy, to be fair Kirby has lightened the load over the years and added things like a self propelled transmission where you can put it in drive and basically its like pushing a an incredibly light vacuum. I have no issues with that aspect, and found it worked really well, but even in canister mode it weighs about 18lbs, which again to be fair only comes into play when you have to carry it up stairs, because as a canister it follows you around pretty good, but if you do have a lot of stairs the Kirby’s weight would be a big con.

Another con would be that its not great for hard floors in its upright mode. As long as you turn the brushroll off it does a pretty good job on hard floors but if you encounter a lot of bigger debris you need to adjust the height a lot, too low and it pushes it around, too high and it wont pick it up. And because in upright mode the Kirby doesn’t have a hose you can pull out for larger debris you are stuck with adjusting the height to get the debris. Kirby does have an attachment which I don’t have but it basically snaps on to the bottom of the Kirby in Upright mode and apparently makes it much better on hard floors without switching to canister mode.

Still though if you have a lot of hard floors the Kirby in canister mode is what you want. It takes me about a minute and a half to switch it over.
The super powerful airflow can be controlled with a switch on the handle.

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RavenKL20 says:

im going through training to become a salesman and these vacuums are what im selling.. I honestly have never seen a vacuum do what this thing can

Danny Palarchio says:

Hey can you review a sebo 300 mechanical

EvilKlownz4u says:

Well it looks as though you’re pretty impressed with it. I almost never use the “portable handle” for anything aside from handheld mode, putting it on just to use the hose seems like a waste of time to me.

Daniel Ortego says:

My Kirby is about 5-years old now, and it was expensive! However, it cleans soOoo well, I wouldn’t ever consider anything else. I also have a Dyson which is broken again after some dust clogged the cheap plastic internal flappers.

HooverLux says:

I have the plate to convert for hard floors and it’s really really good.

Tia Williams says:

We have one and it works great.

Matthew Mallicoat says:

Yeah, careful with that paint sprayer. It is primarily used for dispensing soap onto stairs and other surfaces. If you do use paint, don’t use an oil based one. It can be risky to use a flammable liquid next to a live motor.

Steve R says:

Can still have the upright handle on & put the hose on. I have had various kirby’s for years. It takes 15 seconds to switch over. Once you get the hang of it so simple.

Elena Cavazos says:

I bought a generation 3 in 1993 and finally the first time ever I need to get it serviced

Steve Jones says:

Good review. The best thing about the fact that Kirbys have been pretty much unchanged in their basic design since the “Generation” series started in 1990, means that you can pick up a decent, second hand G7 from around 2003, or even a G4 from around 1994, and its essentially the same thing as an Avalir 2, with the only differences being mostly cosmetic, like bag design, handle design, and the G4 and G7 will lack the LED headlight, having a standard bulb instead. The G4 and G7 can be bought second hand for very cheap, and with a bit of maintenance and a clean up, it can perform just as well as a newer Kirby, as they have the same power assisted drive system, and they all have the ability to hook up to a Kirby shampoo system, which can also be bought second hand – although many post 1990 Kirbys often get offered for sale complete with their original shampoo kits.
They are not the most convenient and not the best choice for a quick whip round, which is where the Dyson handsticks come in very handy, but for your weekly deep clean, if you have a lot of carpets, you can trust a Kirby to get deep down in the pile where the Dyson cannot. I have a Kirby G4 and G7 in my collection, and a couple of Heritage 1 models, and also a V6 and V8 from Dyson. I keep my G7 downstairs for periodic deep cleans, but tend to use the Dysons more for daily quick whip rounds to clean up the pet hair my cat leaves behind and other light dirt.
If you want a really good deep carpet cleaner, that groom and raises the pile extremely well, and you dont mind its bulk, then a second hand Generation series (1990 – 2006) Kirby makes a good buy indeed. Sentria models (2006 – 2014) are a bit more money second hand, but look a bit more modern, having a LED headlight and re-designed bag and handle. The Avalir is what followed on fron the Sentria in 2014, and prices for these tend to be fairly high still, with the most recent Kirby being the model you demoed, and prices for these are still fairly high.
Its never a wise idea to get a brand new Kirby from a salesman though, as many will take you for as much as they can get out of you as they get a commission on the sale. What a salesman starts at with his price to you, can very often be haggled down to something much more reasonable, but you;ll really need to twist their arm to get the best price.

Sobra says:


Liad Bar-EL says:

The vacuum cleaner is only as good as the management/service. From my experience, Kirby is a krook. After a couple of years, Kirby told me to get a free checkup which I did but then I had to pay a 2,500 NIS bill for an engine overhaul and parts. Also, I couldn’t buy one vacuum bag but rather had to buy 6 bags for 600 NIS which was a few years ago. A short time ago I asked for a price on a broken hose part/attachment and was quoted a price of 250 NIS. I could buy the entire hose including that part for 250 NIS via internet. Kirby has earned themselves to become a once “Mercedes” of vacuum cleaners to now a large expensive pile of kirby krap.

Martin Godinez says:

Kirby for carpets and rugs Dyson v10 for floors… There goes $3,000.

jbug 2017 says:

I’m here because of broustew

ca31 says:

Now that’s a nice looking Kirby

Adenrewaju Okupe says:

Can a commercial cleaning company use this? Is it good for commercial use (frequent usage)? or just personal use (couple of time weekly)?
I’d appreciate a response to this question.

Jason Meyer says:

You don’t need to take the handle off and turn into canister mode for bare floors R-Tard. You just take the carpet attachment off and put the hose on. Done.

Benjamin Salazar says:

One word. Rainbow.

Shawn Capps says:

I have a Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition Starship Care System cleaner machine. it does do ultimate deep cleaning very well. I really like it alot that I do.

Nate Sizemore says:

Rainbows are better

HooverLux says:

Wow!!!!!!!! Sooooooo awesome. I’m glad you’ve done this video. I have the Av 1 and it’s so good.

cjhawk67 says:

Do they still have the Drill,Jigsaw, Buffing wheel, and grinder accessories for Kirby vacuums?

Orry Bennett says:

Just got my Avalir 2 in today. Can’t wait to test it out.

580678 says:

They good for deep cleaning but that’s about it and its heavy and really not worth what they are asking for one. I have mostly bare floors and i like them much better then carpeting.

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