Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaner Review

This Karcher NT 40/1 Tact TE M professional M Class vacuum is a thoroughly good machine that does three jobs for me well, first it’s a really good vacuum for cleaning in general, from construction dust that includes sand, sawdust, small masonry fragments missed by the broom to fine dust from flat surfaces, second it is a really capable dust extraction unit that I connect to various power tools from circular saws to electric planers the hose is nice and long and the machine itself is stable and on good castors so it moves freely as you work.

The third use is its wet vacuuming function this is particularly useful for plumbing jobs and site spillages, and it is simple to remove the dust bag to ready it for water etc. The machine is M class and this is something we have to have to comply with building site regulations. The controllability of the vacuum is done by either selecting automatic or dialling the variable speed control and adjusting for different diameter hoses or attachments.

This vacuum its robustness and uses justifies the purchase price, it is a one-stop solution for construction professionals and cleaning contractors alike. One final mention is the useful elasticated toggles that enable the hose to be stowed away around the top of the unit and then the metal tubes with the floor tool is located neatly over the rear wheels. Looking forward to spotless workspaces!


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Thanks to the new fully automated filter cleaning system, our 40/1 Tact Te M wet and dry vacuum cleaner sucks up quantities of fine dust never before achieved whilst simultaneously guaranteeing filtration efficiency of 99.9%. The device uses sensor-controlled electronics to provide optimum filter cleaning at all times and therefore maintain consistently high suction power. Together with the large, robust 40-litre container with metal castors the device can not only handle very large quantities of hazardous fine dusts in dust class M, but also coarse dirt and liquids. The NT 40/1 Tact Te M features a power outlet with auto-start feature as well as a full antistatic system including conductive accessories. It is therefore ideal for direct suction on power tools which produce large quantities of fine dust. Dust that has already been deposited on the floor or on machines is safely removed using the newly developed accessory kit comprising a 4 m suction hose, stainless steel tubes and a wide floor nozzle. All accessories are stored securely on the device thanks to clever storage solutions.


Technical data

Air flow (l/s) 74
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 237 / 23.7
Container capacity (l) 40
Max. rated input power: 1380W
Standard nominal size: 35
Sound level: 68dB(A)
Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
Voltage (V) 220 – 240
Weight (kg) 15.1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 560 x 370 x 655


Suction hose: 4 m
Filter bag: Fleece
Wet and dry floor tool: 360 mm
Crevice nozzle
Connector for electric tools
Automatic on/off control for electric power tools
Antistatic system
Eco filter system
Flat pleated filter: PES
Sturdy bumper
Safety class: I
Caster with brake
Filter cleaning, Tact Filter Clean
Dust class: M

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Bum Custard says:

Is it powerful enough to hurt an apprentice though ? ah yes, the good old days, when you could punch someone and it would all be sorted.

llamedos R says:

Not as handsome as my Henry

Priit Kralla says:

Festool, Bosch, Starmix, and so on …everyone has a M class vac in the same price, what’s the difference? what type of box can I but on top of the vac (systeiner or L-boxx)? is this a antistatic hose?

superchip010368 says:

Rubbish I have an H Class for asbestos, it does not have an alarm or a bag.

david smith says:

Nice bit of kit

dirty girl says:

Nothing beats MIELE .

Marko Bosnjak says:

Roger! In my professional opinion there is none better than FLEX dust extractor! What do you say?

Stakker Humanoid says:

Excellent review ! In terms of filtration I thought L class was 99% and M class was 99.9% ? That 0.9% does make a difference to what is chucked back in to the atmosphere. I agree with the point about audible warnings to make it a true M class.

Good to see this review as we can compare to the power tool manufacturers’ dust extractors (e.g. Festool/Metabo etc..) that we all know well. I would still go for a Festool/DeWalt/Metabo extractor.

Smurphenstein says:

Great machine but I prefer bagless. I bought one of those cyclones that fits onto an older Nilfisk vacuum cleaner. Works really well and the amount of dust that stops before the vacuum is amazing. It’s only for occasional home use though and not industrial.

Panda Plumbing says:

Why has it not got a 110v socket on the front, if it is for professional use? Bag less would be better, as you will have to keep buying bags, this looks more like a vacuum cleaner for DIY use, that they hope the trade will buy., by simply putting the word professional on it, would have expected better from Karcher.

Stakker Humanoid says:

1st. I wasn’t using mine much. So I sold it. It was just collecting dust.

Ben Chippy says:

It’s about time these companies done their faithful customers a good turn and released reusable bags for the dust extractors. I know festoon do them but they’re priced well over £100 a pop

Paul Rossiter says:

Mmmm! Can’t see me buying karcher or Dyson again. Over rated in my opinion. My karcher vac is a pain in the posterior.

reek says:

What’s up with the cat at 5:20?

Lord Ba'al says:

Do they want my left or right kidney for that?
That is so damn expensive.

jankesss123499 says:

Waste of money 50quid vac will do the same job

adamandlorraine says:

Price vs festool?

IS YT says:

Should have tried some fire ash. I’ve never seen a Hoover be able to do that without getting blocked within a minute

Al Al says:

240 ???? 110

Stakker Humanoid says:

Important question. What is the Maximum Depth of Cut this tool can do?

Diddy Wright says:

£780 for a vacuum cleaner? That sucks! Cheers Roger

Jason Kerr says:

Great video roger looks like a good vacuum what was the face about on the saw horse at 5:20 in the video haha

justicecase19 says:

700 odd quid, no chance. Makita m class 400 ish with 3 year warranty, I know what I’ll be buying. Good review though as always, thanks.

Scott Johnson says:

Thank you for the dust extractor review, Rodger! I hope to see more, as I am in the market for one to compliment my new Mafell MT55cc. Hopefully, Mafell will send you one of theirs for review.

Sean Coles says:

Any Hoover that requiring bags when dealing with dust etc is no good, it’s an unnecessary cost that doesn’t benefit anyone but the maker! Even that posh overrated Pratt James Dyson realized that….karcher need to up there game with that one reason plus, need to make the machine useable on both 240v and 110v on the same machine with an auto voltage detection so it’s as simple as plug and go.

Andy C says:

Karcher shite. Never had any long lasting quality out of their pressure washers if that’s anything to go by….. I think I’ll stick with my Henry at £99

Lloyd lavender says:

Pretty pointless on site it’s 240v FFS

Tim Vogel says:

Can you review the karcher nt 361 eco premium ?

Ben Chippy says:

Are you sure that there’s no difference between m class and l class? I was lead to believe, by the marketing from manufacturers, that m class filters finer particulates? That’s pretty sneaky if it’s not the case cuz they definitely lead u to think that

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