iRobot Roomba 980: A week with review

iRobot’s smart robotic vacuum cleaner the Roomba 980 looks good on paper, but how does it do in practical terms? Jon Porter captures a week in the life with a Roomba 980 to show you how it performs.


mala ramulan says:

Why did you disabled comments in the robotic zoo? that is the best music ever,

TheHound says:

Hey, millennial limey gender neutral fag…… don’t need to see you blabbing the whole time and showing your “made for radio” face all during review…how about showing it working and a voiceover vs. your self love vid??

Erick Umana says:

This dude should have rethought about doing this review. Posting your room on YouTube smh.. you had to know the comments were going to eat you alive.

John Sant says:

Wow, a big ask to try to get iRobot to clean your flat dude, it’s SO cluttered… iRobot will find my place a breeze compared to that!!! Did you EVER vacuum before installation?

Brian Edwards says:

so doing two levels of a home is not a problem ? great review

D0wnshift says:

This video is terrible. I have a 500 series Roomba. It does 3 rooms in my place no problem. I empty the bin once or twice a week. It keeps your floors clean just fine, you’re just a mess.

Dan Rigsley says:

What a piece of junk. iRobot charges a $1,000 premium price for a nav based model while charges you lower price on their lower non-nav model with technology that over 15 years old. You can get a nav based vac like a Neato for $300. Where is the logic there?

Angelia Sjobeck says:

Roomba 980 vs 805 – what are your thoughts on the differences – the 805 is on sale for $330 at Costco right now so just wondering if that one would be a good purchase or waiting for the 980 to go on sale?

Marcus J says:

few minutes with jon porter and never again

Srinivasa Reddy Muly says:

thanks for the video. any thoughts on what could happens when there are light weight stuff on the floor, like toddler toys? does Roomba move them and clean the floor or skip that area? Personally I’d like Roomba to move them and continue cleaning, though.

Viet Vo says:

Why it’s hairy twattter!

alexgabriel37 says:

Your house is a disaster, pick up your shit

Mj plays says:

Go to 4:04

Micah Modica says:

This is for MAINTENANCE… Meaning you have to have cleaned at one point and time yourself. I have this very model no bin issues and my first floor is 2k sqft.

Andrew Cross says:

Dude, you can see the layers of dust in your room alone, no wonder it struggled and was always full!! I have 630 and it cleans once a week and does a great job!!

Lado Nozadze says:

You will be #1 who Sophia from Saudi Arabia will confront and demand your explanation for robot cruelty. Your judgement day is not so far, messy 🙂

JD Griffin says:

Dude, your flat is filthy. Don’t blame the robot. Most of us start with a deep cleaning with an upright.

Alaa Jouaneh says:

Does Roomba 980 work on Sensitive Marble or it will abrasive it ?

Kimberly Kareus says:

I noticed that mine is having a hard time with my shag area rug is this common or do I have to raise the wheels?

Victor Pineda says:

Your room is beyond redemption. Might as well demolish it. I can’t imagine how can you sleep in there.

Adam Klukowski says:

do takiego chlewu się nie nadaje .

SP says:

The dude put his shoes on his bed…

lin hint says:

After it initially cleans the deep down dirt a good number of times, the bin will not need to be emptied in the middle of cleaning cycles. I had to empty mine many times, in the initial period of ownership. The carpet looked clean, but the Roomba always found a lot of dust, etc.!!! It was amazing! So don’t worry. Keep running it, and eventually all the deep down dirt will be conquered, and this problem (a small bin) will be 100% solved.

fosterslover says:

This is a similar experience to when I first ran mine. The rotating drums will literally beat years of dirt and debris out of the carpet. I think I ended up emptying it six times. Since then I only have to empty every other day

Sergio Díaz Nila says:

so far, its all crap, this robots are genuine crap they should clean themselves into the garbage.

Christian Teijón says:

Have you noticed some kind of “rattlesnake” noise that goes on top of the normal vacuuming noise? Here a video of mine doing it: It’s quite annoying since it’s non-coninuous (but it’s there 80% of the time). It’s interesting because it dissapears if you remove one of the rubber brushes.

Marius Langfeldt says:

crap review

briana nichols says:

4:31 nasty ass you cant expect a little robot to clean all that shit… clean your damn floors homeboy

Gladys says:

You don’t need a robot, you need a fucking miracle to have your house looking clean. It so messy and disorganized. Poor Nigel-roomba, if I were it, I wouldve keep jump down those stairs.

Trump2020 says:

Reported video for robot abuse

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