I Tried a $700 Dyson Vacuum…

Check out the Dyson Cyclone V10! https://goo.gl/NfWu7m
At $700 the Dyson V10 brings some serious tech to a vacuum cleaner.
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LegendaryF 2006 says:

It have v10 how fast could it go

angel qwerty says:

billy mays?

Alex Kostoff says:

Heyyy guyssss, its Austin. Today’s new Dyson product is called the “channel Killer”. Press this cool button and boom, your youtube PC-tech Channel is sucked away!

fallrightintoplace says:

A battery powered vacuum sounds like a bad idea.

Light says:


Kurk says:

Dyson is the Apple of Vacuums

Baconface McGee says:

The frame rate seems less than 30 FPS….

Jack Ngo says:

Did he said it’s the next generation of vacuum like it matters

mathue accia says:

I don’t think that vacuums are boring

Aidan says:

Nope, goodbye.

frollard says:

I just picked up a V7 a few weeks ago and that thing is awesome. Finally a cyclonic that can handle long roommate hair tangles (no touchy dirt, it just falls out)…and the power head disassembles for super easy detangling. Yes, it’s worth the money, but definitely surf for a sale.

trevor johnny says:

What did i just watch

Os H says:

Im glad that not a single tech reviewer im subscribed to, has made any god damn vacum review / ad.
Lame ass tech channels like this would’ve been dead if it wasnt for 12yo kids.

CJMitchell says:


Parker Hero says:

“Hey guys!!! this is sponsored”

This should be your new intro

awychoi says:

How much do they get for doing this I wonder? Is it really worth the potential backlashes and lost of subscribers?

Jason Cheng says:

so much fun

strikefighter137 says:

I love his sponsor videos

Cory Precise says:

Use it as you would as a normal vacuum for a while and do this video again. Of course they always work out of the box(excluding some occasional faulty products) but what people want is longevity.

Christian Bushart says:

Sell Out Apple Fan Boy LMFAO!

Sam SungTab says:

Wow. U actually made this…

Guess Who That Is says:

If I pay you more than Dyson did, will you suck miy dick clean?

Urmil Shroff says:

Sponsored AF

aaron miller says:

But does it suck?

Tinfoilpain says:

Gamers Nexus had a better review.

Chessy Strikes says:

why people disliking all of these vacuum videos?

taxiuniversum says:

Yea. The video sucked.
Fake information, that is really a paid ad.

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