How To Use Vacuum Cleaner At Home / Review LG Vacuum Cleaner

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner At Home / Review LG Vacuum Cleaner
In this video I reviewed LG vacuum cleaner and I have showed how to use vacuum cleaner at home. After watching this video many of your confusions and questions will be resolved. It is a how to use vacuum cleaner at home – step by step process. This way you can clean your home fast and I have shared easy vacuuming cleaning tips and ideas. Also easily you can clean carpet or fabric sofa with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to LIKE and SHARE the video. Much love!


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Prameela Tapal says:

How much cost

nasdoc1 says:

Very good review. I’m really impressed. You are a smart female. You have explained things that no one explains. The filters and the dust collecting area and how to clean them also were explained beautifully. Just what I was looking for. I have a eureka forbes iclean. It has a dust bag which is so difficult to buy from the market. It’s not available anywhere. Anyways, great video. Keep up the good work.

sonali bhattacharya says:

Thnx fr dis very useful video ….. am planning to buy one bt was superrrrr confused as there r so many options available in the market …. hope I wil b able to zero in on one very soon !!!

Mamta Sharma says:

kya eske sponge dubara mil jate h

Anjum Sultana says:

Very well explained. Thnxz mam.

shreya Nagar says:

Hey dear.. Amazing and informative video.. Can u plzz suggest a nice water filter to buy??

Nirmala M says:

Eureka Forbes has horrible service ethics. They always want to sell n not give service if it concks. I am very upset with their cheap marketing tricks

Sumathi Thangam says:

Thank u for sharing sissy… can u tel its rate…

Sandhya Gangarekar says:

what is price of the vacuum cleaner .?

Syed Bilal says:

Very helpfull .A video about dish washer plzzzzzzz…….

DR Sarah Thomas says:

Very informative. Thanks a lot.
And if you plan to buy a new one, which one would you go for? Heard you saying that the present LG one you use is not available.

Dhrutiu4bytv Patel says:

Can we clean fans and tubelights and spiders web with this vacume cleaner and can it reach to celing ?one which you are having

priya mehra says:

its a grt video thanks for this…i need it most….. million thanks

Bala Bala says:

What is the name of the model

sony kitchen says:

How much

M Chintapalli says:

Hi Madam, My mother 70 years stay alone, wanted to buy easy to clean home. Home only stone floor and no carpets ..Please suggest sweeping easy and clean stone floor. Cost doesn’t matter. Please Madam

Sayantani Sen Ghosh says:

I think I should buy one…bcs previously ppl stopped me from buying…but now I’m confident that it’s a very effective household product

Sindhu Sanal says:

Madom, I am looking for a vaccum cleaner suitable for cleaning inside the car, sofa, carpets and small areas of cupboards in the house. could you please advice me a good vaccum cleaner for this purposes. I have not any idia about it.

zsid shah says:

i want to buy vaccume cleaner…bt m lill confuse..which one to buy wet or dry Or only dry?

Alpaba Jadeja says:


Vaishali Hande says:

Thanks sister

M B says:

Do you know any vaccum cleaner for bedsheets i mean these vaccum cleaner have very high suction power

Anoop Avarachan says:

Is it vc 2316 lg????

Zyi Ha says:

Mam weekly cleaning routine pe video banaen plz

rashmi agrawal says:

Plz use Hindi little bit

Alsafa Alsafa says:

hi di, I’m ur new subscriber:)

Ratna Kiran says:

Are you a south indian or north indian please tell

mohd saleem says:

How much cast

parul gupta says:

You should start a Hindi channel also

Tina Ghosh says:

Which brand sink did u put

uditi Saha says:

V useful vdw..

Rama Lakshmi says:

Very useful video please post video s on dishwashers

haider ali says:

Thanks for the good information

Rashmi V Radhakrishnan says:

Saw your video now and it’s good one…(am a new subscriber and sorry for late comment)

Would like to know your review comments on steam mops

Deepa Ravi Kumar says:

Hi Jaya very good morning

Mallika Vemula says:

What about ceiling fans?

xy z says:


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