Hoover WindTunnel Air UH70400 Vacuum Review

Lisa reviews the Hoover WindTunnel Air UH70400 upright bagless vacuum cleaner.
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Make sure to activate the brush bar on the Hoover Windtunnel Air for cleaning carpets. We poured baking soda on the carpeting and then vacuumed it up to see how it does on small particles. The Hoover did a good job, except it doesn’t clean well right up against the edge of the floor.

With larger particles, it did a good job except against the edge of the floor. From the side, the Hoover air doesn’t clean well. You have to go head on with this vacuum to get the edge clean.

Pet hair was cleaned easily with this vacuum. It only took one pass on the carpet.

On hard floors, the Hoover Air didn’t do such a great job. The baking soda wasn’t all sucked up with one pass. The suction power isn’t evenly distributed on the head of the vacuum. On the left side, some of the debris isn’t sucked up.

Large particles were cleaned up nicely, and they fit under the vacuum head.

One very nice feature on the Hoover Air is the lower cleaning head can get under furniture and cabinets easily.

With this Windtunnel vacuum, the on board tools are a little complicated to access. First you have to detach the hose on the bottom of the vacuum, attach the extension hose to the bottom hose, detach the handle and then reattach it to the extension hose. Then you can finally clean. It has nice reach, and it works well on stairs, although the on board tools tend to not stay locked in place.

The noise level is about 75 decibels with the brush bar on, and a little quieter with the brush bar off. The filtration is excellent, as no particles escaped out the exhaust. The suction is just over 80 inches of water lift.

For maintenance, you have to clean two different filters every two months on the Hoover Air. The lower filter should be tapped to get rid of dust. The upper filter should be washed with clean water and then left to dry out completely before putting back in the vacuum.

Unlatch the green clip on the bottom of the dust bin to get out the debris. Some may stick in the bottom of the cup and need to be dug out with your finger.


Allie Husky says:

I LOVE YOU!!!! Oh my gosh.. I had this vacuum for 2 years and I had no idea I could pull the handle out!!!!!! I hated this vacuum just for that reason! I just tried and sure enough, the handle came out! Now I can reach my ceiling! Yay!!Thank you so much for the review!!!

Brian Middleton says:

That sucks.

Shabnam Nazir says:

Why did they copy vax?


im sorry but i cant stand to read/watch reviews on some vacs, im a repair guy for the vac shop located in ambridge pa, i have worked on thousands of vacs and rug scrubbers , that review was horrible and god awful ,im sorry and not trying to be ignorant to anyone but i feel the need at times to put in my PROFESSIONAL  opinion in when I feel the need to do so.this model does not  have the ability to properly adjust the cleaner head to allow proper air flow which results in the cleaner head getting stuck to surfaces and not actually cleaning ,alot of  suction ( water lift ) does not make a vac clean by itself , proper airflow and a good agitator are also required to properly clean carpets. This model also has issues with the pcb board failing , brush motor issues , as i have replaced alot of them , my shop is a authorized service center for many companies , hoover , dirt devil, royal , eueka/electrolux, sanitaire  , bissell , simplicity. miele, sebo , lindhaus, panasonic, powerflite,thermax,dyson ( DIESOON) , minuteman . PLEASE  trust the guy who works on them , not the people who dont. I have been around vacs for 20 years and I have acquired alot of knowledge 

Ron Okpisz says:


Nathaniel Aranda says:

info on Kirby vacuum please

Runner Gib says:

Very thorough review!!  Thank you!

Joe Forrester says:

can you review the dyson dco7 animal please

KonaSitkaRose says:

Thank you. Very helpful. For the life of me, I could NOT figure out how to combine the hoses without seeing this. ♥ Wish they would number or letter the ends.

Abu Sohyb says:

MY vacuum is suddenly extremely noisy.  No clogs found.

John D says:

Very good review. I own (and love!) this vacuum, and one thing I would note about the attachments is that when you’re cleaning a standard staircase, you can simply leave the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs, and the hose stretches all the way to the top! Makes it easier! Hooking up the attachments is a bit fiddly, but once it’s set, it’s really nice that they’re available.

blakaeg says:

Excellent review

TechHeadsL7 says:

nothing but more issues 🙁


can you review the hoover nano cyclonic?

VacuumWizard says:

No, there is no turbo brush included when you buy this vacuum.

Lorrie Nichols says:

Wow, excellent review.

brianminkc says:

Good review Lisa

RyanSellman1 says:

The wand setup with this vacuum is pretty flawed. With my Dyson, I just pull up on the wand, and press the latch on the wand to pull it off. Much easier.

Paul Dike says:

I bought this vacuum on sale during Thanksgiving Black friday deals. Recently the belt broke. Ive called several vacuum service centers around my area as well as looking for the belt on this model in the chain stores. No one has it available to purchase. So I call HOOVER service department and get some gal who tells me that i need to take it to one of the Vacuum repair places that i had called to get it serviced. I paid 75.00 for this vacuum which i loved until the belt broke. I can replace a belt myself thank you very much and i will throw this vacuum in the trash before i take it to someone else to replace a 4.00 belt. Oh it will void the warranty you say?? I could care less, I just want to be able to replace a simple belt myself without the added expense of gas to drive it to the repair shop. Some deal. NOT!!!

Shelly Giggey says:

Good review :),
I just bought one. It’s VERY powerful!
But I had a very hard time on the area rugs though.
I was hoping to adjust the suction if I could.
Is that possible, do you know?

Diane Bates says:

WOW! What  a great Review!!

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