Hoover Windtunnel Air Pro vs. Dyson DC41 Animal – FULL vacuum REVIEW and TEST!

In this video, I review the Hoover Air Pro using the Dyson DC41 Animal as a comparison. The Hoover Air Pro has been getting great reviews on Amazon.com so I wanted to see if the vacuum was really as good as people have been saying.

The video has three parts:

1. Reviewing the features, specifications and functionality of both vacuums. 1:05
2. Testing both the vacuums on carpet and hard floor. 27:57
3. Conclusion. 44:41

Thanks for watching!


Travis warren says:

I used the Dyson several times and I hate how heavy it’s!

corinda Merino says:

Thanks for your review! This is just what I was looking for. All around your review had great demos and wealth of information. Again thank you for providing.

Darwin Simmons says:

Wow, are you dumb. I did go to a local shop and the owner did sell me both belts. However he also mentioned that it was a legal issue that he could get in trouble for because he was not in their circle of approved repair centers. Otherwise the repair shops that are warranty covered will not sell you the second belt that attaches to the clutch. They want you to buy the clutch which runs aprox $45. But if you have the required skills to disassemble the clutch assy. and put it back together properly one would assume that the factory option to just but the $3 belt would be nice.

RyanSellman1 says:

The Dyson’s hose is stiff when brand new, but it will become easier to stretch out with use. It’s like when you buy a brand new pair of boots. They’re stiff at first, but they get comfortable when you break them in.

Conor Selby says:

the hoover is beter

BrokenLifeCycle says:

I have a few counterarguments against some of your opinions. Albeit, most of your opinions are completely reasonable and unbiased.
The wand: Metal vs Plastic. We can all agree that plastics will be lighter. However, the plastic that Dysons are made of are mostly (if not entirely) out of the same polycarbonate that riot shields are made of. On another note, metal will dent and bend more easily where as plastics will just flex. 
The hose: I find that the Dyson hose is mainly stiff due to being stored in the compressed state as such and being deployed when under under pressure. If you pre-extend the hose to full length before turning the machine on, it should alleviate the issue, but that could also be considered a downside as well.

Kef103 says:

Whatever I owned both . And the Hoover while it might not have the bulky ball and the lock stand is more reliable . That’s the only areas the Hoover won . The dyson is hands down better

princesspandoraa says:

awesome review!! super helpful

ttelwoh sirod says:

Oh and did You see how shit the air pro did on the hard floor hhahahahaha lolol! And living up to the dyson name the dc41 pick up all The dust

Cavemaaaan says:

I have the design answer for your “don’t like” @13:45. I’m older and have used a lot of home vacuums over the years as a repair guy and orpaned-vac sorta collector. The reason your (and my recent free but dusty-as-Sahara) Hoover don’t use a captive lock for the crevice-tool/brush is that it allows an infinite-rotation of the small attachment, in a wedge-fit fashion, to accommodate ANY angle that we want to use without having to apply twisting-force on the hose to obtain what we want to do easily. A captive-clip seems like better quality in your mind, but you had already stated earlier that the Dyson hose is stiff to begin with. Actually the Dyson NEEDS the infinite-angle wedge-fit to make it a better end-experience for the user. My late-60’s Filter-Queen canister-vac that I inherited from my parents has a captive crevice and brush tool – it is fine though, because of the supple hose-material and the long length of the hose. Cheers 🙂

Zachary Shin says:

Vacuum nerd? What the fuck?

Sou Mathavong says:


Robert Provan says:

On the test on the hard floor I did not see the Hoover brush turning.

Юрий Огородников says:


Pass The Mustard says:

My parents are actually friends with the hoover’s children 🙂

DownHooligan says:

Who else watched the whole fifty minutes?

Kasey Aggar Indoor Skydiving Kid says:

Wow Fantastic Playlist

Ryedady says:

50 min video and you couldn’t of tested the attachment head?

mmacat says:

Old review but relevant in deciding on getting another DC41 Animal for my sister, or go with something else. Including things like removing screws to pull brush head were helpful in my decision. Thanks for taking the time to do the video. I’d disregard neg reviews from people clicking on this expecting a professionally done, concise, non-bias, review. It says the length of time (50 minutes) on the video… did they expect a concise 20 minute review and an episode of Who’s the Boss?;)

Nick P says:


White Kita says:

after so many years of all kinds of bagless Vacuums, I actually prefer bagged vacuums again…… I hate dealing with all the dust that gets into you eyes and nose and smelling the fly away debris when emptying the canister, …..it just isn’t hygienic….and now I have a Miele Dynamic U1……its the best and most powerful vacuum I have ever owned, I could not be happier…..its like driving an Audi R8 in your living room….lol

Tommy Roman says:

I think the dyson are way better than the Hoover air pro series with no comparison

Sou Mathavong says:

Dyeing is a lot better

Cavemaaaan says:

I’m sitting here lamenting a bit for U.S.-male-kind. At 15:23 he shows a bleeding knuckle. I immediately had the thought years ago of my Uncle Bill wrenching on his ’67 Camaro, and I thought gee did you knock that knuckle on the head-bolt while changing the spark-plugs on the 350? My Aunt never really cared for all of the restore-the-car-business in the garage after work B.S. as it was assumed, by her demeanor, when things were discussed. But given that, what has the U.S. male come to when the common male-mechanical contraption is a Chinese-made-piece-of-plastic-sucking that costs somewhere between a used Samsung SIII and a new Apple, and has become the new sexual-grease for the U.S. woman? WTF?!?

I write this as a guy cleaning this dust-vortex for my workplace and drinking happily at this point as I don’t have to wrench on it again for another48 hours hehehe 😀

Cyranod77 says:

This was a sucky demonstration.  Thanks!

mikesb69 says:

As expensive as the Dyson is I expect it to be made in either Germany or Japan.

Zollie Berliner says:

Very impressive demo! And great job measuring the amount each machine picked up! That’s the way to show which vacuum picks up the best. Hoover steerable 91%. Dyson DC41 86% Incredible! 🙂

XHaand Ha says:

This is NOT a good comparison. I own a cleaning service company and I have to agree with the others who say to you — that you have left the brush bar rolling OFF on the hard floor with the Hoover. I have used both of these vacuums and I gotta say there is not much difference.

IF you turn the brush bar on to roll for the hard floor that Hoover WILL pick up your four ounces of baking soda — hands down.

Also, with a Dyson there are times when you will have to lift the vacuum a little bit to suck things up from carpet. I havent had to do that with a Hoover. (yet)

You should re do the comparison on the hard floor with the brush on for both.

I gotta wonder….. are you getting paid by Dyson?

silverdragonfire205 says:

Thank you for your demo! It was very helpful and unbiased. I think i’m going to go with the hoover based on price. I don’t think a vacuum should cost $500 or $600, even if slightly better. If the Dyson was comparable in price, i would choose it for it’s hard floor pick up, but the price is just not practical.

Darwin Simmons says:

Just be prepared to PAY for replacement parts!  I have a DC33 and after a few years needed to replace the belts.  It has two belts.  You can only legally buy one of the two belts as a belt alone for under $5.  The other one, however, has to be purchased as part of the clutch assembly, which cost $45.  Generally the product works,,ok. Nothing to rant about though.

V Scott says:

flexability doesnt mean its going to break, it just means its going to bend. and besises, the plastic material isnt cheap. its made out of abs poly carbonate (im talking about dyson) – same stuff used for the production of football helmets, and police riot shields

Bernard Rossouw says:

slinky beats everyone with flexibility


After watching this video,  I’m glad I bought the  Hoover

mike hunt says:

I too have a vacuum fetish 

zarish74 says:

dyson are the best and always will be ..yipeeee 

Oleksiy Miroshnyk says:


Mon S says:

Great reviews. It’s better buying a used dyson than the most current model if price is an issue. I’ve had older versions of hoovers and Dysons. The Dysons are a lot quieter and easier to use, the hoovers are mere imitations, loud and messy.

tomtalker2000 says:

I’m in the market for a new upright vac. As I currently have a Eureka AirSpeed Gold AS1001A model vacuum which has given me years of excellent cleaning power. Considering i literally use it every single day to clean-up after my 6 parrots. And anyone whose a bird owner can completely understand the copious amounts of messy seed husks and other debris these birds are noted for making…!!! However, it’s reaching the end of it’s life thus why i need a new vacuum. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated  this comprehensive review on both of these machines. Especially, since these two vacuums are at the top of my list right now. But i must say that while i enjoyed the overall review i feel one of the tests wasn’t quite fair and that was the “hard floor test”. As it was quite apparent the brush bar on the Hoover was clearly NOT engaged when it tried to pick-up the mess on the hard floor surface. Where as just the opposite was shown using the Dyson which makes one think if the brush bar HAD been engaged on the Hoover would the result for that specific test have been any different…?

Jctcom says:

Very impressive review. Even though the reviewer had a fairly obvious bias towards the Dyson products he was still very thorough and impartial throughout the majority of the review and was very careful to point out advantages and flaws in both designs with equal passion. I see a few other people commenting that the brush was left on for the Dyson and off for the Hoover. I can tell the Hoover brush was turned off but I can’t honestly see for the dyson. But I feel confident that the reviewer would have turned it off to make it a fair comparison as he did everything possible to make the rest of the review fair.

RyanSellman1 says:

Both machines filter out allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

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