Hoover Purepower Toy Vacuum Cleaner By Theo Klein Review & Demonstration

In this video I unbox and demonstrate the toy vacuum cleaner based on the Hoover Purepower upright vacuum cleaner.

After a guided tour of the toy, I fit the batteries and demonstrate the cleaner sucking up the supplied polysterene balls before showing how to empty the dust container.

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dooyoomember says:

Great video yet again. I gave mine away to a local nursery. Eventually they just glued the door in as it was too tough on little fingers.

connor kern says:

is it liscensed eh ibasaic

Doge- Gota says:

and i listen to mowtown the carpenters fleet wood mac and the beetles as i hate music after the 80s and im only 11. my parants think im mad i colect vacuums and listen to old music and watch old tv shows

Olivia Morton says:

Do you have a bigger PurePower

Jack Striker says:

Nice,I have 2 Dyson toy machines that actually suck up dirt ! why have I got them I hear you shout.

Doge- Gota says:

brilliont loved it as always yes i agree there scale modles pleese pleese keep on making theese videos to this quality as i am goinh to a school called hanson its realy rough and full of kids wh can not talck to ower level of standerds as we talck propper englesh any way im verry uppset to go there and ill definately get bulled as im quite posh for bradford infact verry posh so ill get bulled so when i come home ill watch youre videos and forget about lifes problems

Jack Ledger says:

Still better than a dyson lol

John Foley says:

Do you know where I can buy this online? I know it would be coming from the U.K.


Buddy your the best at reviewing vacuum

Ben Liestman says:


Leigh McGowan says:


Jovian Heng says:

I am 8 yr old and toy vacuums are not enough for me I only play real vacuums.

Mrs Z Raza says:

Was s

Ashton Carlson says:


minara begum says:

Can I have as well the Henry toy vacuum cleaner

Jovian Heng says:

Well I actually pray for real vacuums and my father keeps saying no.

minara begum says:

Can I have it were so d you buy it from ?????????????????

sorcerer101567 says:

that’s actually very cute and a good likeness! I had a toy Turbopower when I was little, then a toy 550. I upgraded, you see 😉

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