Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Review (BH50010)

David and Lisa review and demo the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick BH50010 vacuum cleaner.
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This lightweight vacuum is a good machine. The battery life is only 15 minutes though. This is about enough time to clean two larger rooms. You have to charge the battery for three hours to get it back to a full charge.

It’s performance on carpeting was overall pretty good. It did a solid job cleaning up both smaller particles like the flour we threw on the floor, and with the larger particles as well. There is a little swivel in the neck of this vacuum, but it isn’t nearly as mobile as some other swivel neck machines or ball vacuums.

We liked how well the Hoover Linx cleaned up on hard flooring too. It cleaned up all the flour and crushed up cookies, even to the edge of the floor. Some of the larger particles didn’t fit underneath the head of the vacuum right away, but there was enough suction to get everything up off the floor.

For cleaning stairs, the Hoover Linx Stick BH50010 was a little awkward. It was hard to get into all the crevices of a staircase and wasn’t easy to hold, although it is pretty light.

The maintenance of this machine can be a bit tedious. First you have to empty the dust bin when you see that the clear bin is full of debris. Once you open up the bin, make sure to take out the central red tube because hair will get wrapped around this piece. It’s kind of a messy job to clean out the dust bin. Hoover also recommends that you wash out the filter every time you empty the dust bin. Wash the filter under clean water and let it completely dry out. They recommend at least 24 hours of drying time for the filter before you put it back in.


222walid1 says:


VintagePowerSport says:

Hoover Linx is the WORST cordless vac I have ever bought, Hoover should be ashamed for selling this piece of junk under their brand name. Expect carpet fibers to clog the power head roller bearings and brushes .. the plastic housed bearings then over-heat and the plastic melts destroying the power head bearing mounts and the brush roller … only took 3 months for mine to die. And its not intended for customer cleaning of those fibers, since it takes a high skill level mechanic to remove a dozen screws, unsnap stuff and dig out those fibers … 15-20mins of work. Then as the video shows dumping the collector is a pain, cause the filter must be cleaned to get enough vacuum power to make it even seem like a vacuum cleaner. Its really the Hoover Junx …. stay away from this high priced disposable vacuum cleaner, it isn’t worth 5 bucks.

Van Nguyen says:

I’ve been watching lots of vaccuum reviews and this is the best one ,.

Chris Cork says:

Love your review.  Good basic measured information(what a concept).  Using some method to gauge the review really helps.  I just bought this as a back up to a more robust vacuum and your review really helped….thanks and please keep it up.


could you review the swivel sweeper g2? and the shark vx3?

Al F says:

performance wise its great…until the beater brush stops working. Its a known manufacture “weak spot” , you can see many comments on this issue on Amazon reviews. After less than 1 year, the brushes stopped spinning. Had it repaired under warranty (still cost me 30 bucks), and it worked another 3 weeks. Happened again, brought it back (at no charge but they accused me of miss handling it, not true I baby this vac) and it went dead AGAIN.

Raining Stars says:

I Subbed.

Wizerd says:

do you have to buy this vacuum or dos vacuum wizard seand you it

wewex7 says:

Great review!!! i just bought this thing.

Rickey Reed says:

Thumb up for the nice looking demo person…

Roberto Godfrey says:

The commercial version of this vacuum is slightly better.

mattheviewer says:

Good review, though apparently the final stage filter was missing (small disc of plastic webbing sits on top of foam filter) which might account for poor emissions.  Battery charger can let battery run down while awaiting usage.

Larry Thwaites says:

Electrolux Ergorapido Power EL2030

Singingmom23boys says:

I wish I had seen this review before purchasing from Amazon. I absolutely hate emptying the filter and having to clean the hairs, etc from the tube. It is a messy, dirty and an allergy sufferer’s nightmare!!! I thought I could just push the button and empty, as many of the advertisements show. Buyer Beware!!

William Todd says:

Everyone thought that having all vacuums go bag-less was such a great idea.  Now people are realizing how stupid it was as they’re cleaning out the dirt bins, filters, etc.  I’ll take a vacuum with a bag any day.  A new filter every time you change the bag, don’t have to worry about pulling hair out of filters, or filters clogging.  15 minutes of battery life is pathetic given today’s battery technology.  Pretty stupid having to empty that dirt cup on any of these bag-less vacuums you are just opening up that container and potentially spreading some dust as you empty the bin…so in reality you aren’t exactly preventing any allergens from going airborne LOL.  Same can be said for bags too, but far less messy, simply remove the bag throw it away, no knocking dirt out of a dust bin, or trying to clean filters, etc.  

Kyle Blake says:

u guys should do the Oreck xl pilot lets see how that does lolz.

Watson Gibson says:

Great review, thanks!

Dave Villarreal says:

Please do another vacuum review

Tricia Moore says:

Oh no, I just ordered this… My 6 year old likes to help so I went with the cordless version so that she can take on some little responsibilities around our apartment. It’s about $150 so I hope that it doesn’t tear up on me too quickly 🙁

garrett undies says:

hoover linx cordless, tempo, and every bissell are all horrible vacuums in my opinion. bissells are cheap, both ways. i would definitely prefer a dyson. my dc07 lasted 5 years, my 2 bissells about a year or 2. if not a dyson, shark navigator or lg or hoover or miele or eureka. maybe electrolux

Dr. Aftab Parwaz Phd says:

I agree strongle, i had a g2 the handle snapped, and the joint to the basse and the metal wand even snapped i had to get rid of it

minniyoutubaster says:

Please can someone advise – for ages I’ve been seeking for Hardwood floors NOT carpets, a Low-Profile Very Affordable stick-vac built like the Bissell featherweight but NOT junk like the featherweight. The original Blue one which they made many years ago was quite good, and definitely worth the $20 paid at the time. But then they began outsourcing, so it’s now pure junk. With all due respect, David, I’m very weak and arthritic. None of the top rated vacs of these past years look like something I can handle. Not this Hoover Linx either! Maybe for you but not for me. Can someone point me to a QUALITY, SKINNY stick vac please? I read about the Dyson, but also saw some complaints about it. And what was wrong with that original affordable Blue Bissell? I don’t need bells & whistles, just suction and skinny-profile!

Mike McCurdy says:

I am appalled at what a piece of junk this thing is.  No suction in mine whatsoever.  I didn’t expect a Dyson when I bought it but I thought it would at least pick up the dirt that gets tracked in my hardwood floors.  I threw it in the trash then realized how much I paid for it so I’m going to order a new one as the warranty is up then return mine in the box.  Hopefully a new one will work better and I just got a lemon.  DO NOT ORDER.

Colton Brown says:

You sound like Mark Ruffalo.

Celesse says:

Best review ever.  You answered every question I had about this one.  Thanks for your review! 🙂

Glori Lefranc says:

Im staying at my daughter house and ask her for the VACUM CLEANER, and this is what she bought!!!. A TOY!!, is ridiculous that for 15 minutes job you have to charge it 3 hours!!!, and clean the filter every time with water and take it all out is disgusting!!!, What a piece of junk!!. for some more cash she can buy one that does not put back dirty particles back to the air!!, with a EPA filter that is a must and all new good vacum cleaners have them!! and what about the bag, No bags to throw away so it fell down and all the dirt was all over the floor!!, ..a disaster..As you know, Im sick today because I used it yesterday, and Im alergic, and it didnt cleaned at all!!..

Ben Gregoire Design says:

this is probably the best vacuum review I’ve ever seen. great job.

John Craftenworth says:

your wife is seriously hot

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