Goblin Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

Here’s a full demonstration of a budget priced Goblin upright cleaner available from Asda. A very similar version is available in the USA as the Black & Decker Air Swivel and other versions are available in the UK under several brand names.

In the video I test the performance of the cleaner on pet hair, hard floor cleaning, general carpet cleaning and using on stairs. I also look at how easy it is to empty and maintain before summing up the demo at the end of the video.

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Archie Woods says:

Ooo another

Ábbéy Máddóx says:

have you ever considered doing a website so u can fecutre ur vacuums/videos/pictures etc? you tuber goldbricks has 1 for his Lego creations 🙂

rob w says:

Roger, this does look like an impressive cleaner, the performance is certainly remarkable for a budget upright. I am not surprised how well it did on floors even with the floor adapter plate off, I really do like cleaners that have that stationary brush behind the brushroll like this Goblin has. And I can also see the adapter plate being useful for Persian & Oriental rugs where you don’t want brushing action. However, a few little niggles….1. What’s their excuse for not including a wand & 2 in 1 dusting/upholstery tool? As it comes out of the box, it’s pretty useless to use with the hose unless you already have the tools from another vacuum. 2. Not impressed with the exhaust filter! Looks way too cheap, not surprised with the poor rating for dust emissions. In my mind, it should be law that ALL bagless uprights should come with HEPA Filters on the exhaust as standard equipment, especially these budget models with single cyclones. One can only imagine how much dust this releases back into the air, & that is a bad thing especially for families with young children exposed to this, don’t want kids potentially developing allergies as a result of vacuum cleaners blowing dust in their homes. However, one thing you could do since you own Miele canisters, you might want to replace the exhaust filter with a Miele Super Air Clean filter cut to fit, that should help considerably with emissions.

Troy Lewis says:

What bagged up right would you recommend . One you can still buy of course

Terri Bryan says:

it sounds like a bissell powerforce

Jake McIntyre says:

it reminds me of the hoover the one.

Greenstead says:

It is also available with the Russell Hobbs name on it.

Steven Hill says:

looks better than bagged​ vacs and with a clear bin you can see what is going in . and anything sucked up accidentally can be retrieved on emptying

RustySkull Productions says:

This one actually seems alright… Surprised me anyway…

Bubba’s Vacuums says:

My grand mother got a black and decker for $30

tankiman says:

you should try the Dyson ball animal 2

Thomas Brocklehurst says:

Great video ibaisaic I have just had an idea that goblin should sell separately as a extra a accessory pack with various tool and extra hose to get up to the top of the stairs and it could be put on a caddy like the hoover caddy vac

Lori Vattes says:

I might get this when I get paid on Saturday.  They have one at Target for $69.99 but it isn’t the red and white one.  Maybe I will check Lowe’s and Home Depot and Wal-Mart before I buy it. I’m using my Hoover MaxExtract to clean my pet messes on my rugs in the kitchen, bedroom and livingroom.  I haven’t vacuumed since I moved in two years ago.  I wasn’t sure that the MaxExtract would be easy to use.  It is but I need to go over it again maybe about three times because it’s pretty dirty.

Branden Adkison says:

I have a eureka power line and it world good and it was $41

numaticrule29 says:


ShrinkDavid 1982 says:

i like the new striped chair

Otis Conyers says:

Dyson do better than goblin

Qasim Mir says:

Why don’t you like bagless vacuum cleaners?

DanPlaysMCPE4560 / / DanPMCPE says:

7th cool

Andy Kirk says:

My eldest son rents a flat in Liverpool and his landlady left a Genie vacuum cleaner so he can vacuum the carpet, the Genie is very similar to the Goblin, which was demonstrated here by Roger. I was very impressed with the Genie, I had to change the belt but overall its a belter of a Vacuum cleaner, very cheap and powerful. So basic can be good as shown here.

John Seymour says:

I’ve wondered why modern upright vacuum cleaners no longer have a beater bar in addition to the brushes. Is it because of the additional noise and vibration especially in flats or maisonettes?

Sarah Duenas says:

What do you use for after the demonstrations? I would like to see what some of the vacuums leave behind.

Archie Woods says:


Tim Joseph says:

The motor and brushroll sounds similar to the newer Hoover and Dirt Devil vacuums sold in the USA.

jeannie rumberg says:

Good video and i like them Colors to gather

thesmashingguy 125 says:


dysonobsessed says:

now this is being sold in the states under the black and decker brand, black and decker airswivel

funnynet1231 says:

I’m buying the Black and Decker pet version of this vacuum and I’m rather excited for it.

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