Emoji Crumby Mini Vacuum Review

Crumby is a 12,000 RPM min vac, and this is the new Emoji version. I put it to the test, including my Taco Bell “field test.”

I picked this up for $10 at a local Fry’s.
You can still get the original Crumby online: http://amzn.to/2kuWjpq
Or this similar item: http://amzn.to/2xQLFf6

Written review: http://bit.ly/2zeIWj5

My Camera: http://amzn.to/2kzxH9P

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Blue Moon says:

could i use this to pick up bugs???

Angel Munoz says:

I rewired mine and I used a 9volt battery it works alot better! Didn’t last so long when the motor burned up! But best 3mins on my life!

Cam Good says:

What about crumbs that are greater than a quarter of an inch??

noob gaming says:

Z z I’m a kid and I don’t eat like that you’re exaggerating it a lot like a kid would

Richard Mika says:

pretty good emoji likeness

jacob blinkhorn says:

im sorry but anybody that would use this is some lazy just get a wet cloth like any normal person would do

Silverwolf Gaming says:

Bruhhh he does look like the dude from mythbusters

Corinna T Roberts76 says:

You eating that taco, made me hungry.

yako okay says:

You know children can get their hair caught in that motor…

Crazywaffle5150 says:

You’re a mad man and I love it.

Chillwalker Official youtube Channel says:

You are 10 times faster on cornerless surfaces with a good old traffic sheet. Or a proper hand vakuum. What a dumb waste of everything.. 😉

cuqui Alfonso says:

As a crafter this is idea for glitter


“Goodnight?” Lol


The taco bell part was the best!

Kelly Clark says:

Funny video… Crappy product

cheryl meredith says:

Taco Bell test was priceless!

rocknrollermann says:

dont they make mini vac anymore?

Smashbar Smash says:

You’ve been around kids quite a bit.

Cam Good says:

Crumby, you say?

Andrew Mcphail says:

James, I personally think it did better than “pretty good.” From all your tests it looked to of done an 8/10. You should rate on a number scale rather than say good, bad, or pretty good. Those words are too vague. Great job on your review though.

How to basic says:

Hey sir not really approving of the product in its current form. I had a battery powered car vacuum that I modified to run off a USB and they now sell USB vacuums which are way better than the vacuum that run off of shity double a batteries because you get a lot more amperage out of a USB than a double A battery which determines overall power of the vacuum because you can trade that amperage for voltage as well as amperage will determine how many components can connect in series without losing wattage or voltage.

Joseph Marciniak says:

I really like the idea of keeping it in the car for quick cleanups in between thorough cleanings.

Vilaphone Chanthavongsack says:

I might buy one, thank you for Review

Tommysaurus Rex says:

Does he have fake teeth or has PERFECT teeth??

Jen Christiansen says:

I bought my brother one for Christmas and he keeps it in his car. He loves it. Works great for the little jobs

друг at The Void says:

If there was a way to like a vid twice

David Fitzsimmons says:

Judas Priest

Miss Amanda's world says:

Anyone with preschooler needs this small spills are a constant issue at that age. Any one witch child 3-5 years old knows what I mean. And probably good for bakers t as flour and sugar like to get everywhere no matter how careful someone is

Star Porter says:

Hahahaha, loved it !

Jason Hatt says:

Wow I am dumb! I could not find where to put the batteries until you pointed it out.

Judith Wilde says:

Uh-hum, Too funny, Meat in your seat, I digress………

Acacia Blue says:

I really enjoyed the more personal experiment with you going to taco bell and humor that came with it

Lazyvideogamer 2 says:

6:11 Yes he not trying to look like Jamie Hyneman. But I’ve been wondering if he was, you should dress up as him for Halloween

Anne Carrick says:

Field test was awesome!

April R says:


Steve Polverini says:

The Emoji Crumby sucks!

Terry Sutherland says:

Freakin’ hilarious review, James! Thanks!

Lydia Buser says:

I love how far you’ll go for your videos! This one was hilarious by the way.. loved it!

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