Dyson Vacuum DC65 – A Review after 10 Months

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It is now 10 months ago since I bought my Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner. This is a video review of my DC65 after 10 months of use. This video shows that after 10 months the Dyson is still performing like new.

Check out my videos about the Dyson DC65 from 10 months ago and compare them with this video 10 months later.

The unboxing of the Dyson is at: http://youtu.be/CRCi8bXgIpI
The removal of the sticker is at: http://youtu.be/nXeM-0YLhU0

Invest in a better vacuum cleaner. I went with a better vacuum cleaner, a Dyson to be exact. Was it worth the price tag? Read and see the video to find out.

Over the years, Dyson’s managed to vault its line of household suction beasts into the world of enviable gadgets — a rare feat for a home appliance. Because I don’t have a car I took my Dyson home by bus and I got a lot of envious comments on my Dyson.

The Dyson DC65 arrived with Dyson’s new V6 digital motor that hits 110,000RPM to get at those fine specks of dreck that have settled into your floor’s nether regions.

What is a Dyson?

Remember those obnoxious commercials from a few years back with the British accented gent complaining about the “lousy suction” of his current vacuum cleaner? That was James Dyson, creator of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. What makes a Dyson different from other vacuums is that it’s bagless and uses centrifugal forces up to 150,000 times the force of gravity. (Do I know what the means? No.) The Dyson DC 65 has a motorized brush bar with bristles to help remove the hair from the carpet and a mini turbine head for harder to reach spots like your car or stairs.

How did the Dyson DC65 perform?

As they say, the proof is in the clean carpet. The Dyson DC65 did an amazing job at cleaning the carpets and floors in my apartment – so good, in fact, my carpets looked as though they had been washed and my floors actually shined.

I am embarrassed to admit how much hair and dirt the Dyson picked up the first time I used it. That’s one of the reasons the Dyson is certified allergy and asthma friendly.

The Dyson is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The nozzle attachment is great for the floorboard where dirt likes to collect. It picked up so much dirt and dust to make my home cleaner and healthier.

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Vacuum Cleaner Collector/Fixer says:

Think this is a good vacuum look at this http://youtu.be/_TZ_yPkBzCU

But GREAT vacuum review

Bass Player says:

My first Dyson, I snapped the handle right off of it. I was twisting it a little bit to get it to climb over my plastic chair mat and it snapped off. (DC33).
I bought another Dyson four years ago and because it has a self adjusting height brush head and I have very low pile carpet it sucked itself down to the carpet and was very hard to push or pull. I gave it away.
I just tried the DC65, now called the multi-floor and it felt like it was going to break any minute, it twisted and creaked as I was using it. This is the most cheaply made vacuum I have owned, I can’t image it lasting five years. It’s in the box to be returned.
I also bought a new Shark Rotator liftaway XL that I’m keeping. I really like it a lot, it’s made better and has a lot of versatility plus it steers better than the Dyson.
The best vacuum I have ever owned is a Kirby, yeah they are heavy but metal is heavier than plastic and it also seldom breaks, plus it’s self propelled. I have two Kirby’s and have had a total of four over the last 45 years and the only reason I wanted a bagless is because I have three German Shepherds and use a HEPA bag a week which seems wasteful.
I will use the kirby every other time I vacuum now.
I have all three sitting right here, a new Dyson Multi-floor, a New Shark Rotator liftaway XL and a three year old Kirby. The Kirby is unquestionably the best but I really like the Shark, I can hold the canister in one hand and vacuum using just the head, it came with a caddy to hold the canister but I like just carrying it.
Kirby’s are expensive so buy a used one, you can find them that have had very little use and look like new… My experience and two cents.

Chevy Be revving says:

Nice video thanks for the information

Beverly Best says:

Thank you, I liked the review. I just got a used Dyson DC65. I love it. I don’t have a Instruction Booklet, so I thought I would look on YouTube. Your’s was the first one I watched. Good Job! Hazel Park, Michigan

DB Cooper says:

bet his landlord would just love this video.

Lillian Tusk says:

Hey Woopnik, thanks for the video. Its good to see it working after 10 months. Defs going to buy one now. I think my girlfriend has a little crush on you and your voice btw… me too. Love the shirt 😀

EricJrSEC 83788 says:

How much does this vacuum cost new?

Auxwind says:

The brush roll was on on the hard floor

Rachel Wells says:

My only complaint is I hate grout. LOL

Lacey Martin says:

If you are looking to invest in a carpet cleaner, may I recommend Bissell Big Green.

GoodDay says:

lol is it brain in front of you

PhotoMusicMan says:

What is that brain on the floor? Can we see the head in the fridge? 🙂

Dank Memes says:

every dyson i have encountered has pushed and ground stuff in. a kirby is the best cleaner

Neeta Raut says:

would u do a review in nov 2015? is it still going good?

Darriane Mabry says:

i love this vacuum .. just very expensive

northernlitez1 says:

I have had my Dyson for 6 years. It is used EVERY day. I have 2 cats and a dog that sheds a lot. I had a few minor parts over time that needed replacement and Dyson sent them asap, no questions asked at no charge. I bought mine on ebay. Brand new for much less than any store was selling them and got it registered right away for the warranty. I will NEVER have anything else. The landfill is the last place my Dyson is going!! Thanks for the review….by the way, is that a toy brain on your floor? I noticed it followed you to the kitchen lol

slobberbone slobberbone says:

How great it is stil are better vacuums on hard floor and carpet never a dyson is the best. 

Zamfir Channel says:

now the dirt is at the base of the fibres which the vacuum can’t get at

Jen Harper says:

I was cringing when you stepped all over the carpet dirt. Lol glad it all came out!

Garrett Dodson says:

That’s awful! Potting soil is very damp! So bad for carpets and bad for the vacuum.

Paula Anders says:

Just had to say I enjoyed your review and am so happy to finally have another Dyson… word to the wise… NEVER trade your Dyson in for a Kirby… You WILL regret it!

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS says:

I have a DC07 DC25 and DC50 animal bought them new never had a problem they fantastic ps so is my Shark

Indraneel Phadke says:

Working the dirt in the carpet… YES! This is how any vacuum cleaner should be tested, thank you for doing this!

Jay Harvey says:

thumbs up for your shirt –

countmein33 says:

Would you do a quick video on how to adjust the height for carpets?  I have a carpet that seems to bog down the machine to the point where I can’t move it, and thought raising the height would help.

eazy doezit says:

I work with vacuums and any cheap vacuum with decent Suction and a rotating floor tool will pick up dirt from carpet and hard floors. Even with his Dyson I was surprised at how many times it took to go over the same area before it was clean. If you want something better and cheaper get a machine that has a motor driven rotating floor tool and you will pick up the dust on the first pass.

blakaeg says:

You are supposed to switch off the brush when on hard floors!

Dank Memes says:

I don’t think this is a dc65…

Harry Bosch says:

Great review. Thank You

Vacuumtests says:

Nice to see that your Dyson is still working like new. It also seems to perform very well. Dyson seems to finally come up with the effective brushroll. Earlier models had a bit weak brushroll compared to the other quality upright vacuums.

55Bijoux55 says:

I really enjoyed your review! Very informative and helps me to defiantly go with Dyson.

判官地獄 says:

Support!!!dyson is great!!!

cephalopoder says:

Just bought one of these, best vacuum I have ever used. Sucks like crazy.

Jordy Santos says:

will it lose suction after 3 years?

Ryan Barnes says:

I give you thumbs up for your accent:)

jaden adessa says:

the haters say that cause there jeoulus cause you have a good vacuum

Mandy McLeod says:

Not sure if your camera woman has long hair or not, but have you noticed any problems with long hair (or hair in general) getting stuck in the beater bar? Looking for a new vacuum, particularly one that I don’t have to cut my hair out of lol. Thanks for your video!

Dianna A says:

I can see its great at sucking up the dirt. My issue is that some vacuums always fall over. Top heavy. Can’t stand up and stay up. My Shark died 2 days ago so I am looking for a new one. I was thinking maybe the new dyson cordless but that’s big money. thanks again. great video

Irina Zhuravleva says:

Thanks for the review!

bballlifewade33 says:

This vacuum pick up long hair though? Will it get tangled…? I’ve always had that problem with vacuums.

Neeraj Vasudeva says:

How is your experience with regards to dyson cleaning / picking up human hair ?

PhotoMusicMan says:

Fantastic video. Please do more!

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