Today I am doing a Dyson vacuum comparison between my Dyson v6 animal and my Dyson v7 motorhead. I will explain the differences between the 2 and explain why my favorite is actually the cheaper one! 😉 I hope you all find this video helpful! ❤️
My Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum: http://amzn.to/2zigudT
My Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum: http://amzn.to/2xAaboO

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The Dunavants says:

We LOVE our Dyson! We got it as a wedding gift, but we have been thinking about whether or not to get the V6 Animal. Thanks for making this video!

Stacey Voigt says:

I absolutely love my Dyson as well! Best investment.

Autumn Bartels says:

Thank you! I’m a huge fan and I’m looking into getting a cordless just because I’m about to have 3 in 3 years … the Dyson I have now is almost 8 years old and still working fabulously

Michele W says:

I have the Dyson V8 Absolute. Has a 40 minute run time and incredible suction. Retails for $600 but I got mine on sale at Best Buy for $500. It’s super quiet, charges fast, and feels lighter than 5 pounds (definitely not more than 5 lbs). Came with a ton of attachments too. It vacuums up large hard pieces of dog kibble with ease. I love this thing!!

Carol Baker says:

Loved the video but please be careful if you order from a discount website. Some companies will not honor the warranty unless you purchase strictly from them. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

Crafty Carla says:

Thank you so much!! I needed this video!!

kelley chiang says:

I adore mine as well. Really enjoyed the comparison video

Tara W says:

Wish i could afford one of these

ashley clarkson says:

Every year my husbands work gets a Christmas gift from his boss valued at $500. He told me its going to be a vacuum cleaner and I literally shrieked. I asked him if it was a dyson and he said yes. I don’t think he expected me to be this happy over a vacuum cleaner lol!

Donna says:

Hi Meg! Do they both have the same power head?

Intentionally Made says:

I have an older traditional dyson that’s great and a hand held one “car and boat” is what it’s labeled as but I really wanted the cordless so I splurged on Black Friday and got the v6 for $249. I opened it last night and the main floor part had been used!! I purchased at target and was so shocked. So I am going to take it back and get a brand new one. Bummed I could not use It lol. My hubby thinks I’m crazy for having so many but we have a two story and I’m justifying it. Hahaha

KearstinMichele says:

i’ve been debating on the two of them for the past month, that i haven’t bought one yet.

theheidis says:

Are the attachments interchangeable between the V6 animal and the V7 Motörhead? (Can I use the crevice tool that comes with the v6 on the v7? Since the v7 comes with fewer attachments and I already have the v6, wondering if the attachments would continue to work with the v7)

Stephanie Buzzella says:

Can you buy a spare battery?

younis ali says:

Hi…..i love your videos….

Tara W says:

I can get the v6 animal at Kohls for under 300, v7 399.00 idk what to get

Gretchen Gonzalez says:

Yeeeeass! I’ve been waiting for this lol thanks Meg!

Åsa Blomqvist says:

Must see if they have them here, in Sweden. Or a similar one. I can´t use a heavy one.

Hannah's Happy Home says:

I’m defiantly buying a Dyson someday! Would love to have a cordless vacuum!

Candy * says:

Hi Meg, Do you know if there are any differences in the filters?

pizzolo g says:

Nice Review . .   thank you . . !!

Kimberly Gathings says:

I just came across your channel and wow love your videos I’m a Carolina girl born and raised myself . Best wishes to you and your family from Kim in North Carolina

Emma Palmer says:

I’ve had Miele, Hoover and Vax, and now have the Dyson Origin stick one. All the others are so crap in comparison! I don’t even care about the limited battery life. The tiny weight and cordless factor, and sucking power more than make up for it! Best vacuum, and I didn’t even get the top of the range one. I can only imagine how good the new V8 one would be!

Happy Humble Homelife says:

I cannot wait to get my dyson! Great job hunny!

Ashley Wilson Vick says:

My husband bought me the Dyson ball multisurface vacuum for my college graduation and I LOVE it. I’m never using another brand again.

Mommy Homemaker says:

I was so excited when I saw this video come up!! I have always wanted to buy a Dyson and am planning to purchase one soon. Thank you for your review. I have decided on the V7 Motorhead. 🙂

Oh Srđana says:

Shark woman here, Will watch this, but love my Shark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerrie Rebmann says:

I have the v6 animal and LOVE it on my hardwoods, but I have trouble using it on my rugs. I see you use yours all the time. Any suggestions? Do you not have any issues?

S Hartman says:

I’ve been thru 6 Dysons in 10 years.  They’re awesome when they work but a big waste of money when they break.  I buy mine at Bed Bath and Beyond (You can use a 20% coupon!) because their return policy is so good.  The last time I returned one the employee at the returns desk said that they get them returned all the time and that they send them back to Dyson.  She thinks they fix them and sell them as refurbished.  Hmmmm.

Bee Silva says:

This was very helpful & thorough review. Thank you!

Lisa Bucher says:

Meg I am trying to decide between these two to purchase one. If you could only have one which one would you choose? Please help my delima! Thanks and your video was very good.

Elizabeth Barrett says:

My husband surprised me with the Dyson V8 Absolute and I LOVE it! It’s so easy to clean with and light weight! It works awesome with long haired pets!

Nancy Firth says:

Have have 2 full size dysons one on first floor the other on 2 nd floor. Love them both. I also have one of the first battery hand held that the company put out for quick clean up

Craig Reel says:

What about the v8

Savannah Hancock says:

Does the v7 work just as well on dog hair?

chelcie harrison says:

Oddly enough I finally got one yesterday. It’s a gold animal. The guy said it’d be the bet for pets. I used it today and I absolutely looove it!! I ran the battery quick because I was so excited I forgot to flip it to extended use;; lol but i love it! I do want a second one for upstairs but this will have to do for now 😀 I’m moving up in the world xD

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