Dyson V6 + Cordless Vacuum Cleaner HONEST and UNBIASED Review

Honest and Unbiased review of Dyson V6 Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Weight – 2.1kg
Suction Power – Max 100AW
Bin Volume – 0.4L
Run Time – 20 mins
Charge Time – 3.5 hours
Dimensions (HxLxW) – 1214 x 220 x 250 mm
Cyclone Technology – 2 Tier Radial™ cyclone
Filtration – Washable lifetime filter
Cleaner Head – Wider Motorized cleaner head


wastedbandwidth says:

looks like you need to change your diet poppy seeds and flour

Gloriamae60 says:

Excellent review. Down to business and covered everything I wanted.  Thank you

el_chino_778 says:

Great review and demo

Roman R says:

Excellent review. Very clear and easy to understand and thorough as well. Like how you showed each attachment and how it worked.

Ash W says:

Look at all you butt hurt Dyson fan boys.. “Shoulda used blah blah, Shoulda vacuumed blah blah”

I’ve got a $200 Chinese POS that would have vacuumed all of that crap up in one go. Glad I saw these before I wasted $700 on this wank.

Dave says:

Is look like its scratching the floor

chris sowerby says:

you need to use the fluffy head on hard floors

Jim Whitley says:

This man is using the CARPET attachment. He should have used the HARD FLOOR attachment. If he had used the HARD FLOOR attachment on his HARD FLOORS, then the experiment he created may have yielded different results.

G Meißner says:

I appreciate the intelligent and demonstration-rich review, thanks. It was helpful.

Nadra Moritz says:

Great review. Thanks.

Kobra54321 says:

good review keep up the good work

Parwaz 786 says:

The Dyson V8 is new and it has 40 mins runime, more powerful suction, a fluffy head for hard floors, less noise level and it’s just a better vacuum overall

Doug Chaney says:

with larger particles sometimes all you have to do is PICK THE HEAD up and put it on the other side and then pull BACKWARDS … You have to actually put a little thought and effort into something …. how old is the unit, is the head CLEARED of fibers etc is there any blockage etc ….see that is the problem with a lot of these videos you are stuck having to PRESUME that the person HAS a correctly functioning unit and that the circumstances are skewed in some way I am pretty darn certain I could have made that vacuum LOOK like it performed flawlessly simply by steering around the granules and then vacuuming backwards ….which you either never think of or refused to do to make it look less capable??

surtigal says:

good review

MiaJulisse A. says:

good review,not alot of Blah Blah Blah like others

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