Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

In this video I demonstrate and review the base model Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner. I first show what you get in the box, before my first demonstration on pet hair

I then test the Dyson’s performance on general dirt on carpets before showing how you empty the cleaner. That is followed by a pick up test on a hard floors and a look at how convenient the V6 is for stair cleaning.

The final part of the video shows a few maintenance tips, followed by my summary.

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The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum gives you Dyson suction power without the hassle of a cord.

Motorised cleaner head cleans all floor types
The Dyson digital motor V6 creates the most powerful cordless vacuum
2 Tier Radial™ cyclones capture the most fine dust
Balanced for cleaning up top, down below and in between
Up to 20 minutes of powerful fade-free suction
Max mode gives stronger suction for more difficult tasks
Docking station stores and charges the machine so it’s ready to use
Hygienic bin emptying – just push the button to release the dirt
Wand detaches easily for handheld cleaning
Click-fit tools for all round cleaning
Built from the strongest materials available to ensure durability
2 year guarantee


Erik Star says:

very good job…allows me to make a better buying decision. Thank you.

Stillyreed says:

Thank you.

Chris Nash says:

1 point to criticise,
when vacuuming, you are not trying to enter a grand prix race, you have to allow the vacuum time to do its job,,
e.g although the machine did push the rolled oats forward, when you vacuumed the whole mess, you were throwing the machine around like lewis hamilton,.
Other than that, i enjoyed the review thanks

David Banks says:

hello and thanks for the review – would you recommend this or the vax u85 lift (with the two batteries)? I’ve seen this for £199 and the vax for £129.

sue hempel says:

Thank you so much. Best one I have seen. Cleaning the purple bit of machine was the hardest. I used my other vac cleaner to suck all the dirt out from the purple filter cannister. No need to remove the cannister now

Luke Free fall says:

would say this is the best value cordless vac to buy? thanks 🙂

Love Machine says:

I just want a review of the motor, is it alien tech or just chinesium wizardry

duhamelbob says:

Love those socks

kyle miles1233 says:

can you get a dyson v8 because it has a better suction

d33dub says:

Great review, i just bought this in a deal for £261, i was just wondering if you noticed that the long neck when attached was wobbly? i find it quite annoying and wondered if mine has a problem or if they are all like it

Anime4 Mii says:

dyson V8 has the soft roll meant for the hard floor….
even on soft-hard carpet

Ramon Quiray says:


Thomas Hilborn says:

We’ve had ours over a year and it’s absolutely the best we’ve ever owned. Suction is unbelievably strong. Even on the regular setting. The way it maneuvers, we can get it everywhere. We’ve never been able to do such deep, complete cleaning with any other vac we’ve owned. As far as picking up the black hair in your video. Try coming at it at a different angle. I vac embedded cat hair off comforters and find that different angles get it.

PremiumGamerRS says:

Why didn’t you get a V8?

N Xmilar says:

So your like a vacumm gangster?

jay tank says:

Rodger please do a video of the Dyson V8 cordless

The Fluffy Rooster says:

how in the world are your stairs so clean??

PhotoMusicMan says:

The Direct Drive cleaner head on the V6 Total Clean would have picked it up no problem.

Shareen Kazmi says:

This video has helped so much. Thank you!

Matthew Harvey says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Deborah Elizabeth says:

You move the vacuum back and fourth way too fast. You create so much extra work for yourself when you try to vacuum so fast. I was always taught to move steadily and not so fast. That way you only have to go over one section once. It’s a waste of time being so frantic with it. Even a cheap vacuum will do well if you don’t move it around like a racecar.

The Complete Wife says:

And this is exactly why I won’t buy myself a dyson. My parents have one of the fullsize bagless machines and my $100 parana from Kmart does a better job. You have to think practicle, I want my vacuum to be picking up stuff like oat meal, larger crumbs and dog hair. If I have to pre sweep every time I don’t see the point in owning a vacuum. This just doesn’t proform for me??

Yahya T. says:

i dont WANT to buy it now xD

Bruce Solomon says:

It’s a good way to clean the ceilings of stairwells but I think that I could find something just as easy, less messy and something that doesn’t cost 300 bucks.

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