Dyson Multi Floor Vacuum Review: 6 Months Later

A 6 Months Later review of the Dyson Ball Multi floor vaccum cleaner I’ve owned for well over 6 months. We’ll take a look at some of the main features, performance, maintenance requirements and reliability of the Dyson multi-floor upright vacuum.

Link to Sir James Dyson episode of NPR’s How I Built This: https://www.npr.org/player/embed/584331881/584565789

Photo credits:

James Dyson photo1:
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First early vacuum cleaner:
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Cyclone technology
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Dyson second image:
By Michiel Hendryckx [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons


Scale Modeling USA says:

Dyson is snake oil. Overpriced vacuum cleaner. Nothing to see here. It’s just clever marketing like Yetti coolers. Just brand loyalty.

Robert Bradford says:

I have a Dyson 17 Absolute I guess about 7 years old. It does a decent enough job on carpet but does not SUCK on hardwood well at all and by that I mean it sucks in a bad way on hardwood. I dont know if current Dysons are better but I do imagine they are still expensive for what you get.

Juan J Rios says:

Refurb? Costco sales new ones for $200

blakaeg says:

It is marketing BS! I had Dysons for years and when to SEBO and it’s so much better. The dirt pick up is nothing special! It’s cos the Dyson has a clear bin. A bagged vacuum would have dirt inside. Also your video is inaccurate, you were demoing a DC25 that DOESN’T have an Active Base Plate! Why are you giving the wrong into!??!!

Steve Robertson says:

Great review, I should use my Dyson more often! They are good value if you suffer health problems from allergies and dust, Cheers Josh

Joe Wilder says:

I found the ball design awkward to use. Also, I think every vacuum should provide more cushioning at the areas that could bump furniture. That includes up higher on the vacuum. For instance even the handle could hit the bottom of a table skirt. I’m always nicking things up.

Michael Cox says:

The Dyson DC23 has a retractable cord. So they do learn…

Cozmoplex says:

It looks like you have the same model as me. I bought mine refurbished from Woot! and it’s still going strong 4 years in. My only complaint might be how messy it is to fully empty/clean it.

Gabriella says:

i got some socks stuck in this vacuum. i don’t think it’s in the tube area but if anything like this happened to you someone hit me up please

Lucas02 says:

It’s crazy how you can’t have more subscribers! All your videos are so professionally made and very thought trough! I’m 16 and don’t want a vacuum cleaner but the videos are so good so I still watch all your videos!
Keep up the good work!

Edit: I’ve been looking online and now have a few options that I can pick from.

Michael Cox says:

Wouldn’t mind seeing a review of the new Dyson V10 to compare. Thinking about getting one for light cleaning.


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