Dyson Demo | Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum vs. Hoover Air Pro vs. Shark Rotator | Upright Bagless Vacuums

Dyson DC65 Complete Vacuum Review: http://www.smartreview.com/dyson-dc65-animal-complete-upright-vacuum-cleaner

SmartReview.com met with Suzy Traynor, Dyson’s spokesperson to get a full extended demonstration of Dyson’s Best Bagless Upright Vacuum, the DC65 Animal Complete. It has 25% more power in the cleaning head than last year’s DC41 that it replaces. This vacuum is great for those with pets, as it easily handles pet hair, and the vacuum has been approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

This video shows some of the Dyson DC65 main features, and compares the DC65 against the leading bagless vacuums from Hoover (Air Pro) and Shark (Rotator Professional). Testing by Dyson includes Suction & Pickup, Manueverability, and Durability.

SmartReview.com Vacuum Buying Guide 2015-2016: http://www.smartreview.com/vacuum-cleaner-buying-guide

Dyson Vacuums Reviews & Comparisons


jaiizwaii89 says:

Range of motions isn’t important

Dannial Williams says:

If you pay attention the shark and hoover have there brush rollers off like you should on hard floors but go to the Dyson and listen carefully and wow what a shock Dyson had there brush roller on. Which makes a different with the crevices in the floor because the brush is getting down in there and cleaning. Try it with the shark and I’m sure you’ll see the same results as the Dyson. I have the shark and I know this is rigged because the shark works better than that.

1Fom says:

My OLD Electrulux would have passed that test so easily.
It is more than 20 years old, has everything that is needed onboard and not running off to get attachments etc. Power head plugs directly to the motor so fantastic suction, the On/Off switch is on the hand piece of the wand and so is the 6 selection power for the suction etc etc etc …
Have thought about getting another lighter weight barrel/ or stick (due to back problems) but my old one will NOT DIE!
Like they say get what you pay!

Mon S says:

That Hoover looks a lot like the very first generation dyson dc15. What a shame Hoover copied an older model and selling it, shame on Hoover!

Jacob Backues says:

Bought a Dyson 20 years ago and it still works like the day I bout it.

Aurelia Blakney says:

you get what you pay for just like my blender my vitamix I am saving for a a dyson I would not mind paying for something that will last a long time and the warranty is great

William Brown says:

Think back YEARS ago. Remember when our parents and grand-parents had a vacuum that lasted forever? Now, to duplicate that, you have to purchase a Rainbow, Kirby, ect., which cost thousands. Don’t look at current reviews for Dyson first; look at their durability record over the years. There isn’t really a brand or model that can stand up to Dyson. I live in America, and think the British have us beat on Vacuums.

bmwcb4419 says:

Dyson has a great vacuum cleaner and shark has the best steam mop

fattyz1 says:

I got a Dyson ball vac several years ago it is hands down the best/easiest to use tool I have ever owned I will never buy another brand of vac.

Where We Eating says:

Comparing a $400 vacuum to ones under $200? Yeah fair…

Nameless_Ghost says:

I bet she’s got some suction power. The vacuum, that is. 

violian5 says:

People say – “buy the Shark and save a ton of money.”. But they forget about durability. I have this Shark Rotator – bought it in September-2014 and the chrome paint started peeling off on its own after only 3 months. Because it looked ugly, I hid it in my closet when not in use. Yesterday, when vacumming, some fish bait line got intertwined with the roller and guess what! I wasn’t able to get it out because apparently, you cannot unscrew the bottom base to get the bait line out as there are 2 rollers that are permanently fixed that obstructs 2 screws from being unscrewed. I attempted to open it and the plastic just broke into 3 pieces. So yeah, durability on the Shark is awful – about 12 months of use.

Huston Charles says:

the dyson sucks put it up with a Kirby and watch how the Kirby makes the dyson feel sorry

Sam Mielke says:

Wow only ten years, I have a kirby that is 30 years old and still running great

Luke Bentivegna says:

Dyson is the best vacuum there is

California Phantom says:

2 twice the suction and 3 times the price….

Zapdos says:

Comparing a $600 Dyson to a $200 Hoover/Shark. Yeah.. ok Dyson, nice comparison.
 Also, that’s not the Hoover Air Pro (UH72450) that’s the Air Steerable (UH72400).

zmanifest says:

And in how well they perform!

IamUncledeuce says:

Well that seals the deal for me.  I’ve been up on DogChat etc… and believe me:  Dog people have a lot of experience with hair.  One respondent has 12 Irish Setters and a Dyson.  But there were others throwing around the other models as viable alternatives.  I need the HEPA, I need the attachments, the turning radius etc… I need the whole package as I have been using budget uprights for years and now have realized after a hiatus with animal hair that the new girl dog is causing  hair issues and this time I’m going to take care of business.  Thanks Smart Review! 

Keith Johnson says:

I worked at a MAJOR hotel chain and have used/paid for just about every type of vacuum available-from el cheapo to expensive commercial types and ,frankly, the Dyson’s put them all to shame. Not only do the quieter Dyson’s start with and KEEP far more suction as the canister fills up, they are even more durable than the $1,700 “commercial” ones that are made of metal and weigh a TON!! The Dyson’s are made out of the same material that motorcycle helmets are made of and designed SPECIFICALLY for maximum performance with minimum care. If needed, you can disassemble almost the entire unit with a COIN! They’re designed to do that as tools are not usually available in most households! A 5 year warranty is unheard of in the vacuum world and when we had to send one in for a repair that was ,frankly, our fault ( the Dyson “accidentally” fell down a flight of concrete stairs) it was quickly repaired – completely torn apart, cleaned, repaired, checked and reassembled and sent back in an original box!-all at no charge with a follow up call from a real person to see if the repairs were satisfactory! Their customer service is unmatched and when you figure in the cost of all the belts, bags, filters, ( IF , and that’s a HUGE “if”..you can find the right ones and NONE of which the Dyson’s will ever need) over the life of a vacuum, their initial price seems like a bargain. Customers around the world must love them because they outsell virtually EVERY vacuum between $200-$700. I’m a convert for life!

Torch TV says:

2:45, Dyson has picked up ALMOST all dirt from the crevices. Video notes 100%…which one is it?

Ben S says:

sharks are not durable. stick with the Dyson. It’s higher quality.

Owen Dale says:

Dyson is a great hoover 
Sweeping the markets
Good on all types of floors
And loves putting out dirt out of all types carpets
Mr Dyson is truly please
Cleaning up every home globally with ease
In the process making real honest cheese
Frequently like the movements of honey bees
Standing tall like a humble giant
Flowing, glowing, growing with wisdom and good deeds 

Written by Owen Dale a humble wordsmith

brandon genthner says:

That’s the Hoover air steerable

Half A Mind says:

Going off the looks of it. Cause I never owned one yet. It looks like that vacuum she has can not go under that chair.
Meaning it wouldn’t fit under a normal bed that’s low to the ground like that chair is. It’s the ball that prevents it from doing those things.
And on most vacuums not just this one. On most they have really small buckets so you’d have to change it for a normal sized home.
I’m just saying I’d like to see bigger buckets where the filters don’t fill most of it. Your left with half a bucket.
Going to the tests where it shows all three vacuums with the salt. What setting were the other two vacuums at ? This would make a big difference in the suction and not allow it to pick up as much. Was the Dyson set at the lowest setting so it would pick up the most and the others set to a higher setting not allowing all there potential suction ? Alright thanks.

James Bly says:

Seems more like an ad for Dyson than a competent comparison.

Brent Thayer says:

I have had three Dyson Vacuum cleaners over a 12 year period (top of the line Upright Ball model, Canister, and Cordless) . I was always sold on how well they pick up; however, I have found all of them to experience quality issues. Frankly, they just don’t last as long as you would expect from a vacuum given its cost. I would not recommend and will no longer purchase any Dyson product. I feel they are more of an excellent marketer rather than a great builder of vacuum cleaner.

Quang Nguyễn Ích says:

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum vs. Hoover Air Pro vs. Shark Rotator good

William Brown says:

I own 2 Dyson’s. Love them compared to a Kirby, my second favorite. Question and biggest gripe : Why no illuminated light? After all these years, why do all the competitors feature a simple light to illuminate the the surface to be cleaned? I’m a DC15 and DC24 owner. This is my main issue. Send me “headlights” for my 24 and I’ll be a happy sweepererer!

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