Dyson DC33 Review – A Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner With Super Suction

The Dyson DC33 Review by VacuumWizard.com.
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The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner does an excellent job on small particles. We used flour to simulate dust. It sucked this up easily, but we had to go at the edge with the side of the vacuum. For large particles we used oatmeal. The Dyson DC33 Multi Floor cleaned these up right away. As you can see, this was cleaned with ease. It doesn’t do as good of a job with pet hair. Some pet hair was pushed around and matted into the carpet after one pass, but was sucked up eventually.

The Dyson DC33 vacuum did a great job on the hardwood floor cleaning up the small particles. Make sure to turn off the brush bar for hard floors. We once again used oatmeal for the large particle test, and this was sucked up right away as well.

It is pretty simple to access the on board tools. You simply pull out and up on the wand to extend it. Then you detach the wand from the main unit to use. Attach the on board tool of your choice for cleaning any surface. You can use this wand for cleaning stairs. You can also detach the wand and just use the hose if you prefer.

The noise level for this vacuum was about average at just under 80 decibels. The suction power was incredible at over 100 inches of water. The filtration system is top of the line emitting zero dust particles in the air.

To empty the dust bin, you press the red button on the container. Then hold the container directly over the garbage and press the same red button. Both filters are located below the dust bin. Detach them and wash them with water every three months to make sure your Dyson works correctly.


Rick M. says:

Good review. Answered my question about the wand detaching and just using the hose,

Luke Davies says:

Can you do a video of the dc07 ?

RyanSellman1 says:

Walmart sells it now for $199.

Ken Dow says:

I am disappointed in this vacuum. It is very heavy and difficult to push around on carpets, The head is too large to fit under almost any piece of furniture. Due to the stiffness of the hose the attachments are not just difficult but actually impossible to use. In fairness I will say, the suction is powerful.

VacuumWizard says:

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll try and find some thick carpet to torture our vacuums on…

Darren78 says:

@zunehdrocks I have a dc25 and I prefer it over the dc33 because I want a dyson ball

zmanifest says:

Err, Can you do a video of your Dyson DC33?

Daniel San! says:

Excellent review. 🙂

claudees says:

Nice and honest review. Above all I liked the comments posted by viewers below. Very interesting and helped me a lot. I was in two minds whether to purchase a DC 33 or DC 41. Now after seeing this video I better go for DC 41.

SewVacuumIdahoFalls says:

Very well done review of the Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner. Oatmeal is a novel idea. Not a bad looking vacuum cleaner.

You make the vacuum cleaner look easy to use.

RyanSellman1 says:

Thank you for this video. I just ordered this vac from Amazon.com, and I can’t wait to use it! Again, thanks for your help.

RyanSellman1 says:

I finally have it!

DemonofChaos264 says:

Thanks, I couldn’t figure out how to detach the wand.

david garton says:

At last a properly made review

TheDavePhan says:

why is the suction on the vacuum uneven?? I just got this model and the entire left side off the vacuum without the roller brush spinning has very little suction, not even enough to hold a piece of copy paper. for almost 400 dollars i expected better….. should i return it?

Peter Productions says:

my family has this vacuum it works very well and cleans our carpet very well too

Elevated Tours by Nick Schaller says:

I have a DC33 and it’s really good. It beats the crap outta my Bissell Power fart!

Thedarkslender says:

I mis the old stile of the machines, not the ball ones, this is the last vacuum dyson made with this design. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It was first introduced on the dc07 which is the best selling dyson ever!

Dr. Aftab Parwaz Phd says:

@panaclean775 what does waterlift mean?what does it do

DVDfeverGames says:

2:25 – mine’s stuck and won’t open up. Anyone any tips on how to resolve that, please?

PersonaG31 says:

I will never forget the first time i used i dyson. I took the canister off and was like “i wonder what this red button does”….lets just say i had to vacuum again!Lol

HERMANiC00 says:

I’m so excited to get this vacuum cleaner

Mary Thorne says:

I like the suction of the dyson, but what I hate is that you have this long hose but you can’t get the full length without someone holding the end closest to the vacuum. I don’t know how many times the vacuum fell on the floor because I tried to stretch the hose and it just flew back!

dirtdevil7bo says:

Do a riccar

RyanSellman1 says:

Ha ha ha. Powerfart. Good one man!

Mike E says:

ill take a miele…

Eric Caira says:

*Amazed at how great this vacuum works.>>>**t.co/MJI7OVVozM**   Would never have guessed it vacuums so well. Great for pet hair*

Luke Davies says:

Dc41 please

LadyInRed says:

thanks, you saved my life¡!

Swooshswish says:

Now this is what you call a FRICKIN REVIEW!!!!

IOK Wasamatau says:

“Don’t forget to turn off the beater bar (on hardwood floors)” Why? Where did you come up with that tip? This is not a Dyson tip as I just looked at their user guide for the DC33. I have always used the brush on hard floors. Is this something you personally decided to do or did you get this as a tip from Dyson or some other manufacturer? Very curious. Thanks for the video!

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